Pink and Poodle

Pink and Poodle is a fairly small agency that was co-founded by Wencke van Amstel. The agency’s biggest succes so far is for Jillz, a cider brand by Heineken, targeted at women. The integrated campaign, featuring four very handsome, bare chested men, was an instant hit among the target and helped the brand to become one of the most successful beverage introductions of the year. Pink and Poodle – referring to something that draws a lot of attention – is specialized in catching target groups that play hard to get (“angry young men, lazy teenagers and women”) and feels naturally at home online, because interactivity is in its nature.

Recent posts about Pink and Poodle

I simply want a mom

“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I don’t want you to call me a bottomless pit. I simply want a mom” – click to see the poster in full. Now that is a tone of voice for SOS Kinderdorpen (literally: ‘children’s villages’) that stands out! And what a great photo – made… More.


Jillz loves football – that is, football hard bodies

This Jillz commercial, clearly targeted at those who like football for different reasons than most men, uses the momentum of the World Cup in South Africa next month, to playfully start a movement against the rule that the players are not allowed to take off their shirts during the game. On a dedicated website, called… More.


The proof of the pudding…

If you think this great ad for Activia was made unauthorized by an amateur creative, trying to build up a portfolio; you are very right! The ad was made by Anna Komarek – or rather, advertising agency Pink and Poodle, that conceived Anna. The ADCN (the Dutch art director’s club) asked Pink and Poodle to… More.


Jillz: Not for men!

‘WTF?!!!’ was our first reaction when we saw this commercial for Jillz. Apart from the fact that we don’t drool on male hard bodies, we just didn’t know what to think of it. But after watching it a few times, it slowly started to grow on us. It has a Moulin Rouge over-the-topness and production… More.