Pool Worldwide

Pool Worldwide was founded in 2006 and is creatively managed by Erwin Kleinjan (former CD at Qi) and Paul Meijer (Former CD at PMSVw/Y&R and BeyenMeyer). We know them for their non traditional campaigns that always somewhat mislead the consumer and know how to rock the boat. We were most impressed by their work for TomTom with Darth Vader, Yoda, Bert and Ernie. They also work for brands like Simpel (mobile provider), SoundCircus, Greenpeace, Hyves, and production company LEV Pictures – the latter resulting in this Anonymous spoof.

Recent posts about Pool Worldwide

“We like to make the noise for the New Year’s”

What a crazy and funny film. Apart from the fact that it’s an original concept, we also like that it reveals how the Dutch generally speak English. Though Pool Worldwide wants to raise money for “One Big Fat Fireworks Show,” instead of spending “small, little Euros on… More.


Michael Middelkoop & Sharif Abdel Mawla

Michael Middelkoop and Sharif Abdel Mawla Partly Egyptian, partly Congolese and partly Dutch; from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Michael Middelkoop (art) and Sharif Abd el Mawla met during their Media studies at the University of Amsterdam seven years ago. The two friends first worked apart, then together… More.


Fashion Victims

To make online shoppers aware of the price that is paid for cheap fashion, Greenpeace and Pool Worldwide launched a website for the fictitious brand Fashion Victims. Though TV celebrity Zarayda Groenhart at first appears to be giving away 1000 blouses for free, her monologue changes into… More.


Eating noodles like a Boss

How to gain exposure as a brand new ad agency? You simply make a kick ass commercial, or rather a viral, for the fictitious brand Boss Noodles. And then you get hundreds of thousands views. Smart move. It proves this agency understands advertising. Khanna \ Reidinga… More.


Plan C: a theoretical viral

How to advertise the movie ‘Plan C’ about a corrupt cop? Mmm. We would probably advise our client to seed the trailer, cause as you know a trailer conveys the most (and sometimes only) attractive bits of a movie. But we have to admit, we… More.


TomTom records Bert and Ernie’s navigation voices

After TomTom recorded the voices of Darth Vader and Yoda – among others – this time TomTom has teamed up with Sesame Street to promote its navigation system. It’s literally the same ad concept as the previous virals made with Star Wars, but a very… More.


Tribal DDB wins 10 Lovie awards

The impressive series of interactive ads created by Tribal DDB Amsterdam in the past year has found the right award show to get fully appreciated; The Lovie Awards. Named after Ada Lovelace, an English writer who lived in the 19th Century and – believe it… More.


De Telefoongids is for amateurs

This is a bit of a complicated one – especially when you don’t speak Dutch. Pool Worldwide made a series of 5 short commercials for ‘De Telefoongids’ (the white and yellow pages) to communicate the header in this picture “You can all find it with… More.


Nike’s ‘Write the future’ wins gold in Cyber

Finally, Amsterdam wins its first golden Lion – in cyber. Nike’s ‘Write the future’, created by Wieden+Kennedy has already won a truckload of prizes, but winning in Cannes, is the cherry on top, of course. The campaign won in cyber, because it used social media… More.


John Cleese stuck in traffic thanks to TomTom

We, as a blog, always want to feature impactful advertising. This commercial for TomTom, created by Pool Worldwide, is indeed impactful. Not because it teaches us something about TomTom – if anything, we’ve learned that TomTom is a brand for being stuck in traffic. Not… More.


Eurobest: Two Grand Prix for W+K and A’dam WW

Amsterdam won two Grand Prix in Film and Design at Eurobest in Hamburg, last Wednesday. Wieden+Kennedy was awarded the prestigious award for its epic Nike ‘Write the future’ commercial – alledgedly the most expensive commercial ever made. And for the same film it won bronze… More.


Radio 538; crippled, but still potent

This is a bit of an odd one. So You Think You Can Dance – one of the many talent shows nowadays on the commercial channels – meets Radio 538. The latter is a radio station that recently introduced two radio helmets (in the colours… More.


May the TomTom be with you

Dutch navigation device manufacturer TomTom offers a very special set of new navigation voices in joint promotion with Star Wars. This viral – yes, we do consider it a viral – created by Pool Worldwide and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR), advertises Yoda’s voice –… More.


BeyenMeyer, B&E and Pool join forces

Three Amsterdam agencies, BeyenMeyer, B&E (Brands & Entertainment) and Pool are going to share the same office at BeyenMeyer. The new combination is a partnership rather than a merger. All agencies will therefore keep their separate names. It seems to be a smart move, since… More.


Philips’ Activa: not for winners or models

This is an interesting commercial for Philips Activa, made by Pool Worldwide and directed by Louis van Zwol. The Activa is a Nike+-like gadget – a running device that combines tracking, setting goals and matching music. We like the fresh look and feel and the… More.


U-Tune: broadcast your Auto-Tune

We’ll forgive you, if you didn’t recognize this as advertising. It is supposed to go viral and made by Pool Worldwide to promote a website (U-Tune) specially built for Dutch radio channel 538. On this website you can record your own song with Auto-Tune, a… More.