Red Urban

Red Urban is a digital agency that was founded in 2002 by Jelle Kolleman, Kees van Dorp, Merijn Jaegers and Sjoerd van Loon. In 2007 the agency was bought by Etcetera and became part of the Omnicon Group. In 2011 Red Urban was separated from Etcetera again. Today Red Urban is managed by creative directors Jelle Kolleman and Robin Pas, and managing director Koen de Groot. The agency tries to combine remarkable, innovative, and effective in all of its work and has worked for an impressive list of clients – among which Renault, Microsoft, Unilever, NUON, and Philips. Red Urban has offices in Amsterdam, London, Munich, Dallas and Toronto.

Recent posts about Red Urban

Dress to Undress

What is the sexiest thing about sexy lingerie – for men? Probably the moment when it’s first revealed, just after a woman has undressed herself. That’s exactly the insight on which this website (to be opened on your mobile or tablet) for lingerie brand I… More.

Ad of the Month

Promoting the House Promoter

ABN AMRO’s ‘House Promoter’ gives houses extra attention. To communicate this Red Urban (concept), WeFilm (concept and production) and director Joris Dommels came up with the idea to build a rollercoaster in a house – accompanied by an audio tour with extra info about the house. Not… More.

Ad of the Month

The UNfappening

Credit: Jennifer Lawrence covered up by DLNQC. As we all know last month the iCloud leak – known as “The Fappening” – revealed explicit pictures of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst. The private photos quickly found their way around the web, so the naked… More.


Share pink

Last weekend it was gay pride in Amsterdam, which means boats full of dressed up gays, loud music and quite some ecstasy sailing through the canals. Red Urban and Etcetera came up with a pink filter to be used on your smart phone around the… More.


‘Kofferbak’ wins at 48 Hour Film Project

Speaking of creative teams that create stuff outside their offices! The short-film ‘Kofferbak‘ (trunk), conceived by creative team Robin Meekel and Patrick van Haperen (both since recently Red Urban), won 5 awards at the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam. The short film was produced by “In Case of 48,” consisting of director Chris… More.


Meekel and van Haperen join Red Urban

Red Urban hired creative team Robin Meekel and Patrick van Haperen to work on their overall client portfolio. Meekel is coming from TBWA, and before that worked at Lemz. For IKEA’s Design your own life Meekel won, among other prizes, a silver Lamp (Interactive) and a silver… More.


Russian top-talent visits Dutch agencies

Apart from Putin, there was another group of Russians visiting Amsterdam this week; IKRa (their equivalent of the Swedish Hyper Island) – last year it was Barcelona, this year Amsterdam. The digital students were invited by MediaMonks to work on briefings and pitches for Red Urban, Achtung!, JWT… More.


Silver Fleet

What a nice ‘infographic’ (click to enlarge). It depicts the best agencies in town by comparing them with different ships. We shouldn’t take it too seriously, the introduction tells us, since it is not science and “therefore absolutely not measurable.” Glad we got that straight.… More.


Pepsi in the remix

What do you do as a digital agency when you are asked to translate the shittiest commercial ever into a digital ‘thingy.’ Well, you create this awesome online (Facebook) ‘Remix Machine’ with which you can remix DJ Calvin Harris’ track – made especially for the… More.


Tribal DDB and Lemz win big at the SpinAwards

We weren’t physically there when last night no less than 30 ‘Spins’ (rings, either gold or silver) were awarded to the best digital work of the Benelux at the SpinAwards. Instead, we were mingling with the lesser gods at the NewWork Pre-Party. After ten, though,… More.


Royal Club and Schweppes both use a white suit

Royal Club (Vrumona-Heineken) and Schweppes (Dr. Pepper Snapple) have quite a lot in common. Both soft drinks are not your standard soft drink, because of their distinctive tastes. And both are often used for mixing drinks and thus easily associated with stylish get togethers. So… More.


Say Hi to your Facebook behaviour

In March we wrote about the ‘Friends share everything’ ad, a funny film that showed how mobile phone provider Hi allows you to share a crazy night on Facebook. In the slipstream of this commercial Hi launched a Facebook tool that creates an infographic of… More.


Esprix awards; changing consumers’ behaviour

Last week the Esprix awards were divided between the Dutch campaigns that were most persuasive in changing the consumer’s behaviour. Originally the Esprix was a direct marketing and sales promotion award, but since these terms sounds old school nowadays, the institute changed its proposition –… More.


Lemz digital agency of the year

Thursday night the Golden and Silver SpinAwards were divided between the best Dutch digital and cross media agencies. For the first time the winners weren’t kept in suspense until the official award night in the Gashouder, because Adformatie (the Dutch ad magazine) by mistake distributed… More.