…,staat was founded in 2000 by Jochem Leegstra. The agency is headed by Jochem Leegstra, Julia Kortekaas and Martijn Tamboer. From day one, the agency told us, it was built on the idea that creativity should lead the way. The agency works with a core team of 30 people passionately on “branding, design, architecture, PR, digital, advertising and everything in between” – though the agency is primarily known for its design. Other than that …,staat will tell you that the work speaks for itself – “and it should.” The agency works with global icons and local heroes, such as Nike, Sonos, Google, LVMH and Bugaboo.

Recent posts about …,staat

Less interaction, more relevance

The paradox of the smart watch is that it doesn’t really make your life more comfortable. Sure, it makes communication quicker, shorter and easier, but also demands your attention constantly. So, instead of writing a long letter (read: email) once in a while to explain something in depth, you are constantly farting back and forth… More.


DDB & Tribal win 4 Lions

Yesterday Amsterdam was able to harvest 7 more Lions in the categories Design and Cyber. Four of them went to DDB & Tribal. In design …, Staat won Gold with their very impressive Nike interactive window displays at Selfridges – casefilm here. DDB & Tribal won two Lions for Heineken; Silver for Ignite (interactive Heineken bottle) and… More.


Life is an amazing journey to nowhere

That’s quite a philosophical phrase agency …, Staat came up with for Italian denim brand Meltin’ Pot. It sounds somewhat depressing, but is probably true. What we can learn from that? It’s all about the journey, not the destination – you could say it’s the opposite of what most religions will tell you. The brand… More.


ADCN annual 2010; made with craftsmanship

We are a bit late with this post, but only last Friday did we receive a copy of the ADCN (Art Directors Club Netherlands) book 2010. The annual, featuring the best (as in, most creative) work conceived in Dutch advertising, was accompanied by a little note saying “We look forward to receiving your review in… More.


MTV Shorts

MTV has a rich tradition of showing creative short bumpers that brand the channel with an edgy tone of voice. To give this some more awareness MTV asked several Amsterdam (production) agencies to give their interpretation of ‘Oooh! MTV’. Most times it was translated into ‘a tribute to MTV’. As from today the results are… More.