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SUE Amsterdam
Koestraat 5b
1012 BW Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 547 43 782

SUE Amsterdam is a creative marketing agency founded right at the start of 2012 by Astrid Groenewegen, Tom de Bruyne and Mirelle Janssen, previously known as managing partners of Boondoggle Amsterdam – just after it became Dutch interactive agency of 2011. Aiming to be the creative agency of the future they see themselves as designers of behaviour. Seducing, persuading, triggering and converting ‘on the way’ to develop smart ideas – not funny ones. The people at SUE are fond of brands that inevitably bubble up wherever people are looking for them. Oh, and why SUE? If you ask SUE they will ask you if you know this song by Johnny Chash. They want to be that good in telling a story.