Amsterdam Ad Blog was founded by Wouter Boon in 2008 as a platform to share his opinion on advertising. He slowly but surely surrounded himself with a team of industry professionals with an opinion about advertising. If you have an opinion about advertising, a catchy pen, and would like to contribute, drop us a line.

The End

After 8 years, Amsterdam Ad Blog ends its existence. In a letter to the regular contributors of the blog founder Wouter Boon wrote yesterday: “The blog feels more and more like a burden. I want to be able to put more time in other activities… More.

A good sign for gays

Energy company Nuon is supporting the Amsterdam gay pride (to be held this weekend) by illuminating its huge, distinctive power station chimney in rainbow colours – just outside the ring road West. The fact that corporate brands nowadays all try to claim some gay pride – in… More.

Fair enough

A concept that you can use for any product, really; showing the opposite of a product benefit and then, at the end; “luckily there is ….!” But if executed well (as in this case) it is easily entertaining enough to not skip the online ad –… More.

Extends your airtime

Skyn condoms use an innovative alternative to latex, dubbed Skynfeel. To advertise this new material – and the condom – Sid Lee Amsterdam teamed up with Pauline van Dongen to develop an adaptable long jump suit that not only minimizes body limitation but adds extra airtime… More.

Gracht beer

Not the most enticing advertising we’ve ever come across – have you ever drunk from a bottle with a cigarette bud inside? But an interesting concept nevertheless; beer brewed from canal water. While Amsterdam canal water used to be notoriously disgusting – you could literally see the… More.

Infected by Budweiser

The best branded content is the kind of content that doesn’t feel too much like a commercial and engages you for much longer than 30 seconds. Here’s an example, a video clip created by W+K Amsterdam for AB InBev, the exclusive sponsor of the Belgian festival… More.

Beyond hard targets and KPIs

Karin Sommerer and Reuben Alexander at the Stedelijk. Photo: Reinier RVDA. Before the summer, we were invited by Buutvrij to attend an evening at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam’s world famous museum of contemporary art), hosted by artist Perre van den Brink (CD at VICE). Van den Brink… More.

Down The Rabbit Hole

The Dutch festival Down The Rabbit Hole (a yearly festival taking place at the end of June in Beuningen), launched a competition half a year ago asking people to come up with a way to entertain the festival crowd. Thijs Biersteker and music agency Amp.Amsterdam… More.

The Light She Brings

Joep Beving performing at What Design Can Do. Photo credit: Leo Veger. A year ago Joep Beving released his album ‘Solipsism‘, a side project, next to his strategy/new business job at Massive Music. The idea was conceived in Cannes a few years ago when he casually played… More.

Bicky, named after Vicky

We like odd and quirky. Especially when brands are talking about products that don’t really have any interesting benefits. Since burgers can nowadays be acquired on every corner of the street, odd and quirky is what sets you apart. Brussels’ based Mortierbrigade is known for the… More.