Axel van Weel

Axel van Weel
After getting his master's degree in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, Axel started out in the advertising industry in 2000. He spent the bigger part of his career on the account side at agencies such as Sid Lee, DDB, Springer & Jacoby and Lemon scented tea, but recently he switched to copywriting. Currently he works freelance out of Amsterdam for several international agencies and companies, as well as for a number of on- and offline publications.

I’m getting too old for this shit

When Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel turned down a $4 billion offer from Google in 2013, I remember thinking he was a crazy person. As I’m writing these words some three years later, Snapchat is valued at around $20 billion and I wouldn’t be surprised if… More.

It’s a trap

I need a vacation. My last one was in May, last year. I only know this because I stumbled upon pictures on my phone with me in them on a Balearic beach, dated May 2015. But other than that, I have no recollection of it… More.

Live to die another day

They say moving house is the second most stressful experience in life, right after the death of a loved one. Being in the middle of a move right now I can relate. I haven’t seen the official Most Stressful Life Experiences list, but if you… More.

Smoke and mirrors

I have no idea what to write about. Which, for someone making their living as a copywriter, probably isn’t a good thing. Back in the day when I was still an account director, I remember rolling my eyes at creatives who whined about how you… More.

The Top Gun Deliverance

If like me you grew up in the eighties, chances are you either wanted to be a fighter pilot when you grew up or a prostitute falling in love with Richard Gere. I wanted to be the former. I figured there couldn’t possibly be a… More.

Am I evil?

Last week, I received a phone call from my downstairs neighbour. It seemed an indoor version of Niagara Falls was coming down her kitchen wall. As it turned out, the waterfall originated somewhere in my bathroom floor. And so I did what any man with… More.

Get to the point

We’ve all met him. The guy at parties that just keeps on telling stories that have neither point nor panache. He’s the guy that makes you down your drink in one go just to find a reason to get away from him. He simply talks… More.

Euro sign of the times

I bought a Bitcoin. In fact, I bought two. For those of you having lived on the moon for the last couple of months: Bitcoin is a digital currency that isn’t regulated by any government, pretty much untraceable and therefore used primarily by bad people… More.

In memoriam: Steven Craenmehr

Yesterday I woke up to the news of an incident at SXSW. Some drunken idiot had run through a barricade and into a crowd. Two people were killed, many others badly injured. I found myself doing a quick check to see if there was anyone… More.

What would Walter White do?

For anyone looking to try life as a freelancer, there are certain basic principles to adhere to. Ground rules that can turn you a raving success if you stick to them or a hopeless failure if you choose to ignore them. As I only started… More.