David Snellenberg

David Snellenberg
David Snellenberg is a writer, creative director and founder of Dawn (2008), an Amsterdam based strategic/creative agency. His agency makes 'brands matter in today's culture' with a strong focus on social relevance and impact. High end execution is an integral part of every project.

Migration in the Americas

Many people know Kadir van Lohuizen for his photo documentary uncovering the diamond industry. but now he did something completely different. over the course of a year, he traveled form the southernmost tip of south america to the northernmost tip of Alaska, visualizing migration along… More.


What is the summit of manliness? I think football players and soldiers are on top of the list. The fact that the Dutch army and Dutch football squad took part in the canal parade during Amsterdam’s Gay Pride was a real boost for everyone who fights… More.

Two days of enlightenment

We live in an era of great cultural change. Also in our profession. Every good designer, art director, writer, strategist or developer is preoccupied with what his or her added value is. In the past, our industry was dominated by opportunism. The people with the… More.

Jacco Gardner

The biggest risk you can take is to not experiment. I think this thought typifies these days rather nicely. Since existing routes, systems and formats can stifle creatives, agencies and brands need to try something new. To seek uncharted terrain in the hope of discovering… More.


Storytelling has become an increasingly important part of our profession. And it’s also one of the hardest. You have to tell a story that people will want to look at – and one that also makes sense. Wieden+Kennedy is the King Midas of storytelling. Always… More.

De Van Waveren Tapes

I recently saw Wim van der Aar’s film De Van Waveren Tapes. It is yet more proof that the fine creative minds that inhabit the advertising world have more to say. For example, their own story. And a story that must be told. If we… More.

The republic of Amsterdam

Usually street name signs in Amsterdam include the name of the district in which the street is located. In this case that should be ‘Centre’. But unknown banksyesque persons have declared Amsterdam to be independent. What makes some places on earth pull away from the rest?… More.