Erkki Izarra

Erkki Izarra
Erkki Izarra works at Nokia as the Director of Portfolio Marketablility and Propositions. For 6 years Erkki lived in Amsterdam working for his own multi-disciplinary creative agency called 358 and for KesselsKramer. Before that he made a quick gig at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami. Now he waits for the snow to fall in Helsinki or if he’s lucky – on a mountain.

Let the music do the talking

The idea of this TV spot for “Radio Aalto” is simple – a screenplay compiled of unrelated classic pop song one-liners. What really takes this to the crème of this year’s commercials is the surreal execution. Imagine the movie Drive and put it into a… More.

Spoofing the spoof

Before you decide to click away this commercial because it looks like just another ‘Hitler-finds-out’ spoof (taken from Der Untergang), don’t! If only to watch how well this film, promoting the “Love and Anarchy” film festival in Finland, is executed. But what I really like about it is how it borrows from popular culture and sparks… More.

Dinner with an aftertaste

Yes, there was a hint. The name of Stockholm’s new Michelin level restaurant “Dill”, came from the letters of “Lidl”. The always-hugry-for-the-new-and-the-hipp Swedes fell for it … until it was revealed that it was actually a stunt by the supermarket chain. All ingredients used in… More.

Monster score

This commercial, dubbed monsters, and for the first time aired a year ago, won three awards at the Golden Drum Festival in Portorž, Slovenia, last week – among which a Grand Prix for PR and a Virtuoso award for best cinematography. The film shows the world… More.

Viral with a capital Y

20 million views in a week, 50 million in 20 days… that’s 10 times the population of Norway. One can safely say that “What does the fox say” has gone viral on YouTube – what a phenomenon! So you’ve probably already seen it. But did… More.

Taxi driver politics

A chat about politics with a cab driver usually leads to a dead end. Not when you’re in a cab with the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. He may not be the best driver, but he can easily make it up with his debate skills… More.

100 meter scroll

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on our planet. Beating his record, 100 meters in 9,58 seconds, wouldn’t really be a realistic challenge for any of us. Instead, the title of “the fastest man on the Internet” is now up for grabs. The 100 Meter… More.

Swedish irony

This piece of advertising quite aptly trashes the theory that “irony is the discipline of losers.” Though at first you might wonder what it is you are looking at, this video is basically a commercial for Sweden. It was shown during the Eurovision song festival… More.

Happy landing

Danes are convinced that they live in the happiest country in the world. According to Forbes they’re pretty darn close, having made it to the 2nd place for four consecutive years. No wonder that the creatives at McCann Copenhagen spotted a Danish flag in the… More.

Sweden’s best gay ad

We Finns think all Swedes are gay. Oppositely, the Swedes think all Finns are morons. So, one of the winners at Guldägget (Golden Egg), the most important award show in Sweden, last week, didn’t surprise me. In this film a middle-aged man’s tragedy is that… More.