Jarr Geerligs

Jarr Geerligs
Jarr was born in Ermelo in The Netherlands, he studied at the HES Amsterdam and at the Hallo_© Academy for applied creativity. He worked at BSUR, DraftFCB, CCCP, Selmore and is currently freelance Art Director. Besides being busy with his day job he blogs posters on his 'Posters in Amsterdam' initiative, created a poetry book with his team mate Kim Triesscheijn and makes social commentary art.

The new magic of instant analogue

For their new analogue instant camera Impossible Project asked Teenage Engineering to design the I-1. “Reinventing instant photography for the digital age” as Impossible Project calls it. The possibility to control the analogue camera with the I-1 App, let’s you have fun with digital effects in an analogue environment.… More.

Trend Backcasting

Yesterday I was invited for a trendlunch by the Dutch Flower Council in Baut Zuid. We had a great meal – a bisque, a pea burger and a fairy forest for dessert. Aafje Nijman, trendwatcher at Bureau Nijman + Van Haasteren talked us through her… More.


Dutch musician Chagall has been discovering this handstrument for more than a year now. It is called the Mi.Mu gloves. Chagall was asked by the Creative Industry Fund NL to develop a live audio-visual show for the Amsterdam Dance Event this year. She will be controlling… More.

Young Pussy’s

Lernert and Sander created a new videoclip for the song Manon of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. It is drenched with pussy. In their very minimalistic style they made the title of the song useful for their furry cast. There can’t be enough cats on the… More.


I was in Cannes this week and found out that the famous Backpacker Intern Mark Van Der Heijden is going professional by upscaling his trade. In Cannes – where he was an official speaker –  Van der Heijden pitched his startup Wanderbrief. According to the website Wanderbrief is a… More.

Design like you give a damn

The audience in the Stadsschouwburg taking Jeroen Junte’s design oath; ‘we will design like we give a damn’ For two days designers took refuge in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam to get infected with the gospel of design. The fifth edition of What Design Can Do… More.

Are there any questions?

‘Are There Any Questions’ is an inspirational lunch at Mata Hari organized by the restaurant and studio Docko. Every lunch starts with the questions that is normally asked at the end of a speech. Last months lunch speaker was Thimon de Jong. An expert in the… More.

Making fast food even faster

People have no time. They are busy. Always. That’s why freelance art director and conceptor Marc ter Horst and Ingrid Koenen created “Livin’ Fast,” a fast food blended deluxe that can be consumed even faster – but in style. Three menus blended into three cocktails,… More.

Raw material

Photographer Oliviero Toscani is a legend. We all know him through his Benneton campaigns, Fabrica and COLORS magazine. In his talk at the Balie last Tuesday he confronted us with our laziness. Our fears. And lack of responsibility for the state of the world today. Though… More.


Fitzroy changes its interior every year. And throws one of the best parties in town to celebrate this. Each year, just before the party, new artworks are painted on the Fitzroy walls. Why go through all this trouble? Fitzroy, named after the captain of Darwin’s… More.