Jarr Geerligs

Jarr Geerligs
Jarr was born in Ermelo in The Netherlands, he studied at the HES Amsterdam and at the Hallo_© Academy for applied creativity. He worked at BSUR, DraftFCB, CCCP, Selmore and is currently freelance Art Director. Besides being busy with his day job he blogs posters on his 'Posters in Amsterdam' initiative, created a poetry book with his team mate Kim Triesscheijn and makes social commentary art.

One big design ad

Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven is one big ad for Dutch Design and its Design Academy. That said, it is a very engaging and inspiring one. Maybe the power of Dutch Design is stripping something to its bare essentials without loosing the imagination. Contradictory it seems. But so is the term Dutch Design. Inspiration comes… More.

Media Laboratorium for kids

For those of you who are not working this week (it’s “Herfst vakantie”); go visit Cinekid Medialab till 18 October at the Westergasfabriek. Always a nice surprise. This year there are a few Oculus Rift installations. One lets you fly. Another one lets you be Indiana Jones. You can even build an Oculus Rift from… More.

Manually enhanced posters

Team Thursday created really nice simplistic posters for Moving Futures. Loes van Esch and Simone Trum of Team Thursday made a single poster design and enhanced every print of the poster with a red marker. The result is powerful and divers. It is very noticeable when you drive through the city. Great work Loes and… More.

World Cup colours to lick

More World Cup inspired design. This time from Maan Design Studio based in Portugal. Maan (Moon in Dutch) designed stamps representing the 32 national teams competing in the World Cup. You can take a closer look here. The agency put the different countries together in an envelope based on their respective playing Groups. The patterns… More.

Dutch Designed Football Shirts

The World Cup keeps inspiring designers. Last week I wrote about the Tricolor font. Since Holland is playing in the semi-finals tonight (against Argentina), I want to share a piece about the beautiful font on their shirts. Nike collaborated with the famous Dutch designer Wim Crouwel – a legend when it comes to Dutch Design. It… More.

Tripper Tricolor

To stay in the atmosphere of FIFA World Cup, something soccery. Johan Cruyff is famous for his football and his witty remarks. The latter gave him the nickname: ‘The Oracle of Betondorp’ – a neighborhood near the old Ajax stadium, where he grew up. There is a nice ticker-tape now in the colors of the World Cup teams with… More.

Wendy van Santen

About 8 years ago I had a quiet account colleague at BSUR. Her name is Wendy van Santen. She dreamt of becoming a photographer. And then she took the leap. I am really glad she did. To me she is a heroine. Have a look on her wonderful work at her personal website.

Art School’s out!

Well almost. First the season of exam exhibitions will start. One of the first to kick off their campaign is the HKU. With help of Jona Rotting from Superglue Creatives and photographed by Léon Hendrickx they created these very clear images to come and see exam work. Every year there are special gems of talent to… More.

High Rollers

Akira clashes or crashes with Drive and a Tarantino road movie in the animated music video Stefan Glerum recently finished for the track ‘In the Middle of the Nite’ by DJ and producer RipTide. Stefan, a very talented artist and illustrator did the animations in collaboration with studio Crooked Line. There are four high rollers and a lot of spoilers… More.

Go Blanche!

This Saturday the yearly creative and surprising anomaly Nuit Blanche will be held in the Red Light District on different locations. It will be a nice unexpected inspirational ride. A night filled with all kinds of arts; performances, installations, exhibitions and much more. I can go on writing how great this Nuit will be. But… More.