Jennette Snape

Jennette Snape
Jennette Snape is an experienced global brand specialist and creative marketing director. The portfolio of international brands she has helped (re)position and build include PONY, Tomorrowland, Mysteryland (ID&T), WeTransfer, MTV Mobile, TDK, Microsoft, Heineken, Nike (EMEA) and Emirates Airlines. Founder of creative agency, Dolly Rogers (find them also on Twitter and Facebook). Jennette is an active driver in developing Holland's creative and cultural landscape. Founder and host of 'Creative Ties & Mad Hatters' - an unconventional networking program for connecting young talent & awesome mentors.

“Tasty boob show”

I’ll be honest, I had no intention of writing about this campaign. Having dismissed it as an adult male’s juvenile wet dream ejaculating into the ad world and requiring no further thought space in my brain.  However, last weekend I was cycling through Amsterdam with… More.

For the wild and adventurous

One of the things I fell in love with when I moved to Amsterdam almost a decade ago, was the lively, thriving spirit of the alternative underground scene in the city. For me it stands for art, creative spirit, free expression, anti-establishment and anything other… More.

Amsterdam’s Open Ateliers

Photo of Itamar Gilboa‘s artist studio in Amsterdam. Photo credit: Jordi Huisman. Source FvF.  Bustling below the surface of Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and grachtenhuizen is a thriving underbelly of contemporary bohemian artists. Once a year these artists open their studios to meet visitors and showcase their work… More.

Amsterdam’s Highest Cuisine

Let’s be frank, the Dutch are famous for far greater things than haute cuisine. Yet what happens when the capital’s creative class combines forces with artisanal pilgrims and lightly fuse some ‘ole fashioned Dutch adventure? Baked is a new haute cuisine concept with a distinct Amsterdam… More.

Nearly Not There…

In the bosom of Amsterdam’s historical center, snugly nestled between the Port of Call tattoo parlor and the Condomerie, is one of Amsterdam’s finest contemporary art spaces. Undetected by the swarms of tourists blinded by the flashing XXX lights, and locals who tend to avoid… More.


Amp.Sessions are hosted by the very fine folks at Amp.Amsterdam and these guys sure know how to mix business with pleasure, in just the right dosage. The Amp.Sessions are small, intimate lounge room concerts jam packed with some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights, both on-stage… More.

Beepocalypse now!

If you haven’t yet heard, our honey bees have been mysteriously disappearing on mass. Even Einstein knew that if they go, they’re taking us with them! Without going too far down this sulky road, know that help is at hand. Amsterdam is slowly but surely… More.

Take the red pill

I’d like to chaperone you to an audio visual trip of the mind, body and soul. A chamber opera for Soprano, Electric Trombone, Pilates Trapeze-table, Electronics and DJ. Kimisis is an introduction presentation by Australian Opera Director Konstantin Koukias and an entrée to the feast of original works… More.

Desperate Dave’s Love Story

Sometimes the best way to respond to some silly immigration law, is to make an amusing campaign that’s just as silly. This is Desperate Dave’s Love Story – in response to being told that the only possibility for him to legally remain in the Netherlands is… More.

I ADsterdam

This was the image that featured on the cover of UK magazine – The Drum, who recently published a 48 page supplement on Amsterdam’s advertising, design and digital industries. They spoke to some of the city’s top agencies (eh hem, including yours truly) to find out why… More.