Joep Beving

Joep Beving
Joep is music producer and head of business development and strategy at MassiveMusic. After studying music, sociology and economics Joep started working as a copywriter in advertising. His love for music quickly led him to Amsterdam based MassiveMusic where he joined the company at the end of 2003. He has helped build the international name and fame of MassiveMusic and has worked on numerous campaigns since then. In the downtime Joep likes to write music under the alias I are Giant.

This is what music will look like in the future

I guess it is fairly safe to say that most of you who read this, have a curious mind where it comes to new ideas involving things like publishing, music, tech, design and film. So, here you go. Kickstarter has proven a great tool to… More.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Everyone at MassiveMusic has a favorite noise printed on their business card. Mine says ‘Bob Ross’. Before YouTube I used to put on my headphones and sit in front of the TV whenever Bob Ross was on. It would fill me with an indescribable sensation. A… More.

New boys from Berlin

Two weeks ago I attended the Deutscher Werbefilmpreis (German ad-film awards) in Berlin. Besides the general conclusion that ze Germans are putting out quite some good work, the surprise win of the night was a film (or series of 3 actually) from Deezer made by advertising… More.

A Glowing Orb

Last week I was invited by artist Nick Verstand to come and ‘experience’ ANIMA 1 – iki: a glowing orb that simulates interactions between humans and artificial intelligence. The installation was first shown to the public during ADE, but I had missed the opportunity to… More.

Happy Deed

“Imagine a world where everybody makes a commitment to do at least one deed that brings happiness to a complete stranger and doesn’t ask for something in return. Wouldn’t that be awesome?” Enter Happy Deed: a foundation that aims to help create a better world simply… More.


A word reminiscent of long gone schooldays. At least for us Dutchies. A break between mornings and afternoons packed with dusty schoolbooks and gazing at your French teacher’s luscious cleavage. A moment to ease the brain and process the algebra of a squashed cheese sandwich.… More.

What difference does it make?

OK, I know ideally our AAB inspiration write ups revolve around Amsterdam life and people. For this one, let’s say my colleagues and myself live in Amsterdam and are considered people (well at least during working hours). People that are really psyched about the release… More.

Storytelling on Steroids

Here’s a story for you. When I was a little boy (for those who know me, yes there was such a time), I would occasionally have a sleep-over at my grandparents. Having kids myself now, I realize mum and dad needed some time for making… More.

The Tosti Factory

Urban gardening, swapping your home grown peppers for some chopped firewood for cooking. The crisis has some turn to a longing for and even pursuing a life in autarky. But what do you do when you suddenly crave for a tosti? The Tosti Fabriek set out to… More.


Party at Trouw. Copyright: XLR8R and Marjolein Scheer When AAB briefed the small group of inspiration absorbing tentacles for this section of the blog, there was as much an emphasis on ‘what surrounds you’ as on ‘Amsterdam pride’. So for this post, I really had… More.