Johan Kramer

Johan Kramer
Johan Kramer tried to be a professional football player. Then he started KesslelsKramer. Now he is a writer, director, coffee-drinker and starting a law-suit agaist a Latvian Internet Company that is already 3 years busy building Johan’s website. 2012 will be the year he starts his new -very small- company.

Leave your office, open up a garage

At The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer, we already knew that most of the time work doesn’t happen at work. Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals, explains this in a impressive speech at Ted. The real problems at work are what he likes to call the… More.

Concert hall acoustics

I like the new campaign of Het Concertgebouw; “It all sounds better in The Concert Hall.” To prove that the acoustics of the 125 year old building are pretty amazing, they are doing a series of interesting sound experiments. My favorite is the one with… More.

For the love of coffee

At The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer we LOVE coffee. Since the office is based in a – very mobile – shoebox, we can go out and drink coffee at the best places. (thank god Douwe Egberts is not part of our lives anymore.) At… More.

The return of smart work

The Helmbasilik, one of Artis’ forgotten animals – a campaign by Dawn For already too long, Dutch advertising is full of (pretty bad) humor ads, silly jokes and spots that talk to people as if they are stupid kids. How nice to see a fresh… More.

Professor Penguin

With this kind of weather it’s easy to get depressed when you walk the streets of Amsterdam, but since two days I am walking with a smile on my face, together with Professor Penguin. And it’s very stimulating, I must say. Professor Penguin is a… More.


Nowadays, lots of people have no time anymore to just walk and look. Each time, they’re out on the streets they are glued to their Iphones. It’s a pity because you miss the most beautiful things. Last week, I was shooting in Paris and each… More.