Joris Kang'eri

Joris Kang'eri
Joris Kang’eri (@joriskangeri) is a freelance art director who develops concepts to stimulate consumer interaction. After studying animation, screen and media design at the Utrecht School of the Arts he worked as a creative at S-W-H (now Indie), Euro RSCG 4D (now Havas Digital) and Arnold Amsterdam on clients ranging from food through luxury to automotive brands. He has an irrational fear of needles and so the sharpest thing he now owns is his tongue.

Hate what you love

Screenshot from the OFFF 2014 Open Titles, created by Lorum Ipsum / Atelier I remember my first assignment at my first job. A moment filled with that wondrous mixture of trepidation and bravado that only a rookie could possess. This first foray saw me try… More.

Big ideas are dead… Long live BIG ideas

Clients (and ad people of a certain generation) love bandying around the phrase ‘big idea’. Often, it’s a way to not commit to a proposal that, ironically, might actually be amazing: “it’s the right insight…but I can’t see the big idea.” Typically it’ll mean that… More.

Buzzword Bingo

Buzzwords get a bit of a bad rap. As if they’re solely responsible for the lack of creative output we see all around us. But maybe it’s because we advertising folk aren’t using them properly, or enough. People often talk about how clients and agencies… More.

Call me old-fashioned

Dear LinkedIn, You’re about to welcome your 250 millionth user, so I wanted to take a moment to contemplate the impact you’ve had on my life. I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this is registered with you, so I hope they’ll share their opinion in… More.

The end of digital

Reinvent established formats For those who don’t know, OFFF is a post-digital festival that is held several times a year, in different locations around the world. Last week it was held in Barcelona for the 13th time and I was there. You might ask yourself what the… More.