Maarten Boer

Maarten Boer
Maarten Boer is founder and sr. groove advisor at Amsterdam based agency 'Buutvrij for life'. He is a nerd (with a master's degree in Medical Computer Science), has short legs and a constant grin. Having tons of experience with social, viral and guerrilla marketing, Maarten is firmly convinced the key to succesful marketing are authentic stories that engage people on a personal level.


I learned that foreigners are less important than Dutch people, when they die. The fatal ‘Buk’ rocket killed 298 people. More than half of these were Dutch. As a consequence, all the Dutch media kept asking about the exact number of Dutch casualties. That number took over the entire conversation. How many? Everyone at the… More.

Why I Love Advertising

I Hate Advertising So many brands interfering with the things I love to do. I love music, and I detest anything interrupting it. Especially commercials. Have you ever really listened to a radio commercial? Ever noticed how scary the tone of voice is? Wow. It’s either a used car salesman, a prostitute or a psychopath… More.

Coca-Cola is gay

Some decisions are hard. Others are not. Here’s a no brainer: Should you do what you promise? (See, that was easy.) Still, the second biggest brand in the world finds it very hard to decide. The 2014 Olympic Games (held in Sochi, Russia) are heavily sponsored by Coca-Cola. In fact, Coca-Cola has been the biggest… More.

How to buttfuck a recession

This year, I have had the privilege to work with a small group of really awesome people that decided to take action and do something about the financial crisis, at great personal risk. I would like to take this opportunity to honor them. This is about the Crisis Schmisis experiment. I hope it will inspire you, as… More.

Sticky balls don’t fly

When I was nine, my annoying older brother had a birthday party and my mom came up with a great activity for us: building kites. All the kids paired up and got the basic kite building ingredients: – two sticks – a garbage bag – a ball of string – duct tape The briefing: Build a… More.

Hit or Piss (True Story)

When I was eight, I once wet my bed on purpose, to impress a girl. It didn’t work. I thought it would be a good idea to fake a nightmare during a sleepover. So, lying on a matrass on the floor next to her bed, I waited impatiently until it was very late, and she… More.

Look mom, no hands!

When I was ten, my parents bought me a VMX bike. No typo there. A VMX. A ‘Velamos’ MX. That’s right, the original VMX, fire engine red, with foam protectors and everything. My parents’ story: this is THE Velamos MX freestyle off road bicycle, on which BMX based all their designs. In truth, the bike was… More.

All you can eat

The best thing in the world is an all-you-can-eat-buffet. At least, I used to think so. When I was eight. Seriously. If someone would have asked me in 1982 what the best restaurant in the world was, I would have stated that the AC restaurant along the A28 highway near Hoogeveen was right up there. I… More.

What would MacGyver do?

I loved MacGyver. Seriously. Loved the guy. This explosives expert slash tree hugger was a major inspiration to me when I was a kid. I mean this guy could solve the most impossible problems using nothing but a stick of gum, some duct tape and a smile. Sure, the A-team could do it too, but… More.

Ad people are evil

Last weekend I was enjoying a weekend in the country at my dad’s house. 
I opened a cupboard to make pancakes and had an epiphany: Ad people are evil.
 They must be. They wield their seductive mind tricks onto the herds of unsuspecting consumers, impregnating their heads with just one impulse: BUY. BUY. BUY.
 And… More.