Marleen Wiedhaup

Marleen Wiedhaup
Marleen is a freelance (copy)writer who garnered her skills in the US as well as in Holland. She previously worked at FHV-BBDO. She loved it. Therefore, Marleen wakes up everyday pretending to still work in advertising. She will -one day- write a book about having a higly active imagination. It will become a bestseller.

Amsterdam for dummies

Recently I received a PM on Facebook from this American trooper who was planning on moving to Amsterdam to pursue his dream-career in advertising here. Realizing that all Dutch sites on the Dutch are in Dutch, and the English ones are in Comic Sans, I decided to help the dude out. And by sharing the… More.

Been there

FOMS Fear  of  Missing  out  on  Something The emotion that compels you to join your friends, colleagues or peers at a social event, when you know you shouldn’t, can’t, or actually really don’t feel like it. E.g. “I was really tired from the night before but I got a serious case of the FOMS so… More.

The ultimate city trip

Although the city of Amsterdam still bravely clings on to the brand-image as ultimate party-city, we’ve recently dropped down one whopping point on the Lonely Planet Top 10 Best City list; #2. Just before the awesome city of Hyderabad (?). As much as this fact gives me a very welcome reason to write this column,… More.

Stop badmouthing my vagina!

As a vain woman I have been feeling really offended by some of the ads that target my vagina as – an unwilling – prospect. The vajayjay has become big business on TV the past years. To be fair: Advertising has always been notorious for telling women that their bodies are unclean. But recently the… More.

Give me a commercial break!

For this column I’ve sought for inspiration extensively but found absolutely none. But since I signed up for this job I get no money for, I have to deliver. So I decided to dedicate one full night of my precious 12 hours a day of tellytime to analyze some of the current commercials I’ll come… More.

Confessions of a supermarket manager fan

Hey Marleen! I love your columns, so great to finally meet you. “Thank you. Anything for my loyal readers.” I’ve been a huge fan of your work for years now. I think it’s freaking awesome to see how your persona has developed from the early columns – when you were simply writing about your mom… More.

Orange Juice

Albert Heijn Beesie, Bavaria dress with 24 cans of beer, and ‘unique’ Heineken shirt. Meanwhile, in Holland, the Orange Fever has hit the masses like a real trooper of a virus. Orange Fever -‘Oranjekoorts’- is our word for the madness that occurs during the European Soccer Cup, and other huge sporting events. Everyone and everything is… More.

ADCN 2012; “Wow”

I love the ADCN Award-night. I really do. I think it’s awesome. It’s just pretty sweet to watch really nicely dressed-up people with little spots of red wine on their white shirts and smeared out lipstick on chins and bald heads. It’s fun to see. And participate in, obviously. Because I didn’t wear red lipstick… More.

Account sucks

In my heart and liver I feel that I am ‘a Creative’. One can differ whether I am a good one or not; but most creatives are insecure, so whatever. But: I have worked as ‘that girl from Account’ for one and a half years. I wasn’t very good at it, but it did give… More.

Smokers Suck

About half a year ago I gave up being a smoker. Apart from the fact that for a while a lot of things seemed to trigger a great sense of aggression – like crammed trams, hard-to-open cans and small dogs – it feels great not to be smoker anymore. Especially at the moment, for as… More.