Martin Pyper

Martin Pyper
Born in Bristol, UK (The Beatles - Strawberry Fields) grew up in France (Plastic Bertrand - Ça Plane pour Moi) went to art school in the UK (New Order - Leave Me Alone) worked in Cambridge, UK (The Smiths - How Soon is Now), then moved to The Netherlands (Stone Roses - Breaking into Heaven) got bored and moved back to London (The Clash - Should I stay or Should I Go) got bored and moved back to Amsterdam for a year (The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode) didn't get bored and stayed for 23 years. Started me own thing in 2005. (Four Tet - Parks)

Google Wave

Most people would recognise the ‘Google camera car’ if they saw it, these days. But how about the ‘Google camera boat’? Just over a month ago, a specially-rigged boat (low to pass under the bridges) was circling around Amsterdam for three days recording the view from the canals.… More.

2.500+ days

Local designer Ruben Steeman (a.k.a. buro rust) has been making fineliner drawings every single day for the past ten years in A5 sketch books. Ruben has kept all of these volumes and recently decided to turn them into a book containing more that 2.500 of… More.

Look. Ed!

This week inspiration wasn’t difficult to find: the well-respected Annet Gelink gallery (30 seconds walk from my studio) have opened a new space, just a few days ago. It is designated as a permanent exhibition space; dedicated solely to one of Amsterdam’s most important photographers: Ed van der Elsken. If you don’t know… More.

Not everyone’s type

I just wanted to share a great place I discovered this week; situated halfway between our appartment and my office, on the Singel near Dam Square. Letterpress Amsterdam is a small type studio that produces all kinds of exotic bespoke printed matter. The friendly owner Thomas spent some time to… More.


I recently remembered this little guerrilla idea from back in 2005. Local agency ‘bureau pindakaas’ created little yellow stickers that matched the yellow roadworks signs used around Amsterdam to deviate traffic and announce any major disruptions (of which we have had a lot in the… More.


For me Amsterdam is still a place where a lot of mad and weird people join forces and collectively come up with unconventional, surprising and progressive ideas that are (sometimes) way ahead of their time. For example this story from the fabulous ‘oud amsterdam’ facebook page about the ‘witkar’ experiment… More.

1000 years Amsterdam

I have always been an avid consumer of books, mostly fiction… lots of fiction plus some work related & design stuff. My most recent book however was on a topic I know little about: town planning. The thick volume (in Dutch) entitled ‘1000 jaar Amsterdam’ is… More.

Lifesize Lego

Like most new technology 3D printing provides easy access to previously impossible ideas and potentially allows everyone to create new things. Some of the ideas I have seen so far look promising, others less so… Like the American guy trying to establish an open-source weapon printing industry. Do it… More.

A thread of optimism

On a sunny day, somewhere in the mid 90’s I sat on a café terrace in Amsterdam and watched as two figures, a man and a woman (lovers?) floated by immersed in the water of the canal as they stared at each other intensely. Slowly the… More.

Mapping Amsterdam

I recently came across three online projects, each mapping certain aspects of the city I call home, in its own specific way: Designer Hans Gremmens’ wonderful Amsterdamdam which collates the turbulent history of the ‘Dam’ into an intriguing visual story. A real-time map of the… More.