Reuben Alexander

Reuben Alexander
Reuben Alexander loves words.

Yellow Backie

An awesome Amsterdam initiative to spark some love between Amsterdam locals and its tourists with a famous Dutch custom: riding the luggage rack of the bike. Yellow Backie is a very charming way for visitors to experience Amsterdam through the eyes of an Amsterdammer, and… More.

Awesome Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam. Almost everything about it. But just like the rest of the world, Amsterdam can always use some more Awesomeness. This week I attended the very first edition of “Awesome Amsterdam”, which is the Dutch chapter of the Awesome Foundation (“Forwarding the interest of… More.

What to do when you lose your unprejudiced view?

What do you do when you notice you lose an unprejudiced view on things? You challenge yourself. That’s what Robin de Puy thought: “I started in photography convinced that it was something that was ‘mine’, something that nobody else had anything to do with. Once I… More.


Uncommon is seeking the uncomfortable in the comfortable. Uncommon are those who dare to fly without wings. Uncommon is seeing big, in small. Uncommon is 4 agencies, 3 months each. Dawn, Natwerk SUE and Achtung! launch the first cross-agency advertising traineeship program in the Netherlands (maximum age… More.

Marktplaats Magic

Marktplaats (the Dutch e-Bay) is magic. Everyday millions of people search Marktplaats for (amongst other things) curiosities, cars or crap. I really love Marktplaats. Why? Because of the feeling you get in your belly when you find something you really like (before anyone else does) and decide to… More.

No Inspiration

Today I have NO inspiration at all. That’s why I present to you: A generic brand video. Have fun with it.

Airline Boarding Passes Suck

Innovation starts with a natural distrust of the status quo. When you’re prepared to start asking simple questions of everyday things, the world is suddenly full of possibilities.. Simple question: why are boarding passes unpractical and fucking ugly? Peter Smart started to rethink the airline… More.

Jimmy Nelson’s lessons

Jimmy Nelson has been around the world. He shot some amazing pictures of extraordinary humans. Very fond of his pictures, I could not identify myself with the tone of voice of his first video on the project. It was way too much over the top.… More.


The short film ‘Gracht (Canal) features one day in the life of Harry and his oblivious son who run a moving company together. It was made for the Utrecht School of Arts in Hilversum as a graduation project by four students: Joost de Jong, Nick… More.

Desk safari

Here we have it. Yet another funny thing to do when boring yourself to death at the office. Desksafari introduces a simple but funny way to show your creativity. Who dares to ‘safari’ his or her boss without him/ her knowing? (Photo by John Sautereaux)