Rick de Zwart

Rick de Zwart
Rick de Zwart studied graphic design and fine arts in Amsterdam. He started working as packaging designer at Cartils in 2003 and has been freelance designer since 2008 as Meneer de Zwart. With a strong focus on typography Rick is specialized in developing visual identities (among which AAB’s), posters, packaging and garment graphics.

Sigrid Calon

Sigrid Calon created an amazing riso-printed (made with a stencil machine) book in 2012, with graphics based on a simple grid, only using the characters ‘/’ ‘\’ ‘|’ and ‘–’ and the limitations and advantages of the riso printer. Unfortunately the book is sold out, but some riso-printed posters from the book are on sale in… More.


During this year’s Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven Michiel van Abbe (VANABBETOTVESSEM) shows three light-objects, as part of the Unlocked exhibition. Michiel van Abbe’s ‘Relight’ combines light and photography into light objects.  Unlocked shows work by participants of Driving Dutch Design, a platform for starting design entrepreneurs. His and others work are on show from 18 till 26 October at Strijp-T.

Image Hunters

Collecting images has been made extremely easy thanks to the world wide web. What’s more, through search the most diverse collections arise. Some collections are striking enough to exhibit. For instance, the famous ‘Pantone Merkel’ collection of Noortje van Eekelen. Or Frank Schallmaier’s men from gay dating sites, who are unrecognizable due to the camera flash. On Saturday 8… More.

Rafaël Rozendaal

Visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal usually uses the internet as his canvas. The screenshot above is taken from one of his web-based works into time.us. I was already a fan of his websites, but since recently he is also making very impressive ‘lenticular paintings.’ Some of his lenticulars are exhibited in a solo show called “External Memory” at Upstream Gallery till May 23rd. His… More.

Rope Masks

What started as experimenting with certain materials to make a carpet, became an ongoing series of masks made out of rope. As Bertjan Pot explains in this video he makes one after a busy day of meetings. When he’s been talking all day and running around he just needs to sit down and make something. Good idea and an… More.

Shit Head

Last week I stumbled upon this artwork by artist collective Pink Pony Express. Original graffiti ‘Rot Kop’ (Shit Head) is redone in classical letter carving in stone, by Gerard van Luijn. The piece can be found in the old center of Nijmegen. Photo bij Gerard van Luijn.


The crisis must have come to an end for this shop owner, dealing in old coins and banknotes. Because he either hired a graphic designer or he bought a computer for his new window sign. In any case, I prefer the old design.


Todays graphic design software gives you so many options that it’s sometimes hard to choose what to use. But why make only one design, if you can make more?

Conditional Design

Design made by a simple set of rules and players. Following these rules, the design gets an unpredictable, but inspiring outcome. That’s Conditional Design. Last week the Conditional Design Workbook was launched, which contains some step-by-step DIY design workshops. Tempting.

Katinka Lampe

Another great expo in Amsterdam, from March 16th  till 27th of April at gallery Ron Mandos. Katinka Lampe always impresses me with her portraits – partly because of the size of her paintings. Her recent works on show at Ron Mandos are inspired by teenagers showing off, promoting themselves on YouTube, and asking to rate their looks.