Robert van der Lans

Robert van der Lans
Robert van der Lans is co-founder and creative director at The Oddshop. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam. He made career at DDB before he decided to start his own agency. He believes advertising should have an edge and stand out from the clutter. Only then your brand will be the one people people will notice, love and remember.

Buy Europe now!

Grexit, Brexit, Nexit? Our European future is showing more cracks every day. We Europeans all have strong feelings of nationalism for our own country. We are proud to be German, Italian, French or Dutch. But you hardly hear anyone say he is proud to be… More.

The eye of the hurricane

“This is Lars, the new guy on the Logobar.” In the corner of the room a guy was smiling at me. ‘Hi.’ The Logobar was the design department at what was called DDB Amsterdam at the time. The Logobar was my favourite spot in the… More.

This disaster is sponsored by…

Sepp Blater left the FIFA. Good riddance. The problem is not over though. The organisation is still drenched in corruption. That’s how Russia got selected to organise the World Cup 2018 and Qatar 2022. This would have been impossible if the FIFA was lead by… More.

TV is killing my inner Al Bundy

Every once in a while I love to let my inner Al Bundy out. With a remote control in one hand and a cold soda in the other, I just sit back for an evening of old school television entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. But… More.

The highs and lows of 2014

Another year has passed and a new one is already knocking on our door. The last week of the year I always get a little sentimental and look back to see what kind of year it was. Don’t worry, no long lists here for you.… More.

Pay-off pains

The past couple of years I’ve worked on very different briefs for a wide range of clients. And believe me, it wasn’t all award winning, industry changing or a pat on the shoulder kind of work. Sometimes briefings, budgets, clients, timings, conditions or our own… More.

Become your own client

“Great idea, you should actually go for it and make this happen.” An advice we every now and then give when a student comes to The Oddshop with an idea in their portfolio that is worth a better future than staying in the Herschel bag… More.

Your portfolio is f*cking amazing!

A few weeks ago my mom started cleaning up boxes and bags stuffed with bits and pieces from my life in college. When I started sorting them out I ran into a pile of folders filled with research about the ad agencies and creative directors… More.

Let’s turn orange into Titanium

Yes, our king cheered like a 14-year-old skate hooligan. Our Olympic outfits looked like a fashion academy graduation project that went terribly wrong. And yeah, some of our men speed skaters have hair that makes them look like Slipknot fans that got stuck in puberty… More.