The Stone Twins

The Stone Twins
The Stone Twins are Declan and Garech Stone. This creative duo specialise in art-direction, writing and brand consultancy. They are authors of the critically acclaimed book ‘Logo R.I.P.’, and usually start each day by polishing their shoes.

Bye, bye, Zwarte Piet

The issue of whether Zwarte Piet is a racist stereotype or a harmless folklore character has dominated the national (and international) press for weeks, so why not a debate on an advertising blog? After all, there is a huge responsibility within the advertising and design sectors… More.

Un-Bloked Creativity

In the last week, a video clip uploaded by Dave Hakkens (a recent graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven) has achieved over 13 million views on YouTube – and still counting. Refreshingly, this viral sensation is not some ludicrous or lurid film starring a cute animal… More.

Cucumber Time

Just a few days into August, and it’s officially ‘Komkommertijd’ – or cucumber time. A silly name for a period that the rest of the world calls the silly season. A time of year when nothing is supposed to happen. When Parliament is in recess,… More.

Conference Fever

Next Saturday afternoon, we will walk onto a theatre stage as speakers of the OFFSET creative conference in Dublin. Under the blinding glare of spotlights and 2,000 alien faces, we will present and discuss our work. Needless to say, we’re shitting bricks. We’ve lectured before but never… More.

The Queen’s Not Dead, Long Live the King!

Queen Beatrix announced her abdication rather unexpectedly on Monday evening, leaving the velvet hot-seat to Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander. The news has inspired one huge ‘KA-CHING!’ from Dutch retailers. As we write, many have already switched into commemorative merchandise overdrive. Long live the bling! Expect a deluge of seriously… More.


Yesterday, Apple introduced the iPad mini. Apparently it’s a thinner, lighter iPad design that fits in one hand… It sounds ingenious. It fact, it sounds remarkably like a big iPhone. But now we’re confused. Only last month, Apple unveiled the 6th generation iPhone that comes… More.

London 2012, yeah!?

Wow, did you see it? the Olympic opening ceremony? Sideburned hobbits, a parachuting Queen, Mr. Bean on keyboards, Golden Balls in a speedboat and the much-maligned London 2012 logo? Way back in 2007, in a time before the ubiquity of Facebook and Justin Bieber, the emblem… More.

Twitter’s New Bird

Last month, Twitter’s bird mascot underwent a makeover. The restyled logo will now become the universally recognisable symbol of Twitter, and replaces the former bubbled logotype and the lower-case ‘t’ icon. Twitter’s creative director Doug Bowman explained, in a lot more than 140 characters, that the bird will be… More.