Vincent Mispelblom

Vincent Mispelblom
Vincent has been working as a headhunter in the advertising industry for almost twenty years. He majored in History (but failed to get a degree) and entered the world of the theatre, where he worked as a creative stage manager. Later, he produced movies and television. One thing led to another and he found his place in the world of advertising. Unable to resist the lure of entrepreneurship, he founded Flexfirm in 1995. He’s been in the ad world ever since, headhunting, teaching at several academies and blogging for AAB, MarketingFacts and Adformatie. He’s also a partner in Brand & Business Architects.

Is Kevin Roberts a dumbo?

Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman at Saatchi & Saatchi, was first sent on leave and then resigned after he made some comments about gender equality in his company. Although women are underrepresented in the company’s management, Roberts doesn’t want to bother with the subject anymore. He was… More.

Sorry, you’re gonna be a Creative Director

If you’re creatively inclined, you can go far (and fast) in this advertising business of ours. Each and every soldier carries the scepter of the supreme commander in his knapsack. No form of education is required. No-one blames an art director for not finishing the… More.

Vanilla advertising

At the end of 2015, a debate raged about diversity in advertising. A diversity that does not exist, by the way. Immigrants, newcomers, foreign citizens or whatever term we apply to these people, they’re all woefully underrepresented. White people, especially white men, dominate both the… More.

Well? How much do you earn?

Why is it that we Dutch people get so antsy when it comes to discussing salary? Are we afraid that others may think we earn too little (‘Loser!) or too much (‘You dirty money grabbing bastard!’)? This is all in stark contrast with our American… More.

A fresh career move (yeah, right)

Occasionally I run into to them; the candidates who have decided after much hemming and hawing to take that next career step. They invariably insist that they are in dire need of a fresh challenge. In spite of a depressed and depressing economy and unpromising… More.

Let’s heal! (with a Coke…)

During one of the many breaks in the recent Superbowl, Coca Cola made an unusual move. While we’d always been told that having a Coke made the world a happier place, we now learned a slightly more complex lesson. Coke’s commercial shows a maintenance technician dropping a… More.

No guts…

John Hegarty recently remarked that creativity in the world of advertising is dying a slow and painful death. Accountants are taking over our profession, said Sir John… And not only is creativity slipping away, we are also starting to lose the courage to stand behind… More.