Wouter Boon

Wouter Boon
Wouter (@wouter_boon) was born, raised, and studied law in Amsterdam. After a short career in Intellectual Property law, he switched to advertising in 2003 and worked as a strategist for McCann Erickson and Lowe/Draftfcb. Since 2008 Wouter works freelance as Boon Strategy. In 2008 Wouter also founded Amsterdam Ad Blog - of which he is editor-in-chief - and X-Pollination - an offline networking event for the Amsterdam creative industry. In 2011 Wouter co-founded APG Netherlands - a forum for Dutch strategists - and in 2014 he published a book about creativity (Defining Creativity).

Music’s unconscious design

Fltr: Floris Kaayk, Hadassah de Boer (presenter WDCD) and Torre Florim (from De Staat and protagonist in the clip ‘Witch Doctor’). In the background Van Kaayk’s inspiration. Photo credit: Leo Veger. Last week I visited What Design Can Do in Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. This  year’s theme – next to… More.

The human friction

I was invited this morning by the ADCN, hosting a breakfast with Creative Social‘s co-founder Daniele Fiandaca, who just came back from SXSW. After I had a fresh croissant, orange juice and coffee, Fiandaca shared his key learnings. According to Fiandaca the main trends at… More.

The choreography of the user experience

Josh Brewer: “Meetings should be a design problem” Last week I had the privilege to visit the Awwwards conference for two days and submerge myself in the world of digital. The keynote speakers talked about things like the importance of hiding yourself when shooting VR… More.

Extra Fresh

After ‘Extra Cold’ Heineken has introduced a new product: ‘Extra Fresh’. When I posted about it on Twitter, someone asked me; “Does that mean Heineken’s normal beer is stale?” I answered: “Not necessarily, but it’s definitely smartly-packaged humbug”. Cause the taste of this new product… More.

Press releases that make you look bad

At Amsterdam Ad Blog we’ve received thousands and thousands of press releases over the past years. And a large part was badly written and/or incomplete. The majority of faulty press releases is written by agencies who do their own PR. Either because it saves them… More.

My seven-year itch

It has hit me. After seven years of productively feeding Amsterdam Ad Blog with content, an estimated 4,500 hours of work, and over 300.000 written words, I am ready for some change. Seven years ago I started this blog as a sideline. But the sideline… More.

Lost in Translation

A big storm passed Amsterdam this weekend. And I’m not talking about the one that pushed over trees as if they were toothpicks. I mean the heavy back and forth between Dutchmen and (mostly) English-speaking expats about the words ‘Black Bastard’. Just a quick summary… More.

What design can actually do

WDCD’s founder Richard van der Laken (De Designpolitie) – in yellow – being interviewed on stage by moderators David Kester and Hadassah de Boer. Last week I visited What Design Can Do (WDCD) in the Stadsschouwburg. The two-day conference was celebrating its 5th anniversary and since… More.

Why a copyright bank is pretty useless

I started my career as an intellectual property lawyer and one of the most important things I learned was that claiming your intellectual property rights is much more difficult than owning them. To illustrate this, let’s say you are a small packaging design agency, who… More.

Rembrandt’s innovations

Gregor Weber sharing his extensive knowledge about Rembrandt. Last Thursday the Dutch Art Director’s Club organised a lecture by Gregor Weber, dubbed ‘Rembrandt’s Creativity’, in the auditorium of the impressive Rijksmuseum. Weber, who is the architect of the current Late Rembrandt exhibition, seemed to know everything about… More.