Xuan Thai

Xuan Thai
Xuan Thai (@sunplify) is co-founder and co-owner of Brain Freeze. An agency that delivers freshly frozen ideas and ice-cold upgrades. She gets turned on galore by everything that has to do with branding, PR, marketing, media and advertising. Specializes in creative strategies, online marketing, social media and has an unhealthy passion for creative seo friendly content marketing. During the week she is a lead creative, strategist and online marketing geek. On weekends scheming clever strategies for creative world domination, obsessive vinyl collector and plays with food. During the day hardworking business owner. At night a superhero saving the world from boredom, mediocrity and crap music.

Kris Kross makes you jump

Who hasn’t jumped around on Kris Kross’s world hit “Jump” that profusely dominated the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992? This American rap duo comprised “Mac Daddy” Kelly and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith. Though sadly, Mac Daddy died of an overdose recently, Kris Kross can teach us something. I am not talking about the duo’s musical… More.

Write drunk, edit sober

Inspiration is a vital key aspect if you work in the creative industry. But it’s an ongoing struggle to be inspired on every single day, at any given time. Same for me. Some days I have so many ideas that it feels like I could fill a TED talk, while the next day I can… More.

What would Don Draper say?

How was advertising in the sixties according to the hit television series Mad Men? A lot of booze, smoking, womanizing and sexist jokes, apparently. This hit television series centres around “Mad men”, a historical term short for “Madison Avenue” men, coined by the advertising industry itself, in typically self-promotional fashion. The hit television series in on its fifth… More.

The Happy Meal facade

Until very recently I used to like Happy Meals. A lot. I’m a grown ass (that’s right, I said ass), thirty year old woman and I still liked my Happy Meals on a regular base. Why? Because to me it represents the rare extra’s I got as a kid at birthday parties and family days… More.

May the social force be with you

With the rise of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and what not, also comes the rise of the so-called ‘social media experts’. People who surf on the wave of the hype, presenting themselves as gurus, imams and dominatrices of social media. They are the ones standing there with their nifty social whip,… More.