Capital: São Paulo

Brazilian Stache

Sexy is a Brazilian adult magazine that has been improving its graphic and editorial quality over the last few years to grow its client base in Brazil as a “harder but smarter” version of classical Playboy nude approaches. Innova São Paulo was challenged to communicate that the magazine has more than just sexual content. The agency… More.

São Paulo

Bipolar fruit

To launch the Philips Walita Avance blender, Ogilvy São Paulo offered the consumer the effect of blending fruit in a very unexpected way. They teamed up with molecular gastronomy chef Clecia Ribeiro to create fruit with two flavors. After 3 months of research Ribeiro invented the Kiwigerine (kiwi and tangerine), Bananaberry (banana + strawberry), and Pinegrape… More.

São Paulo

Powered by pee

During Rio’s Carnival both tourists and locals always face the same problem when visiting a street “bloco” (parade party): where to piss? The lack of public toilets makes that the city becomes impregnated with urine for days. The situation became so serious that last year the local authorities decided to detain people who were caught… More.

São Paulo