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Hasan & partners opens in Stockholm

May 21, 2014, AAB

hasan&partners Stockholm - May 2014In March Helsinki based hasan & partners acquired Perfect Fools. Today the agency opened its first international office in Stockholm, with internationally acclaimed founding partners Camilla Hahn Fortkord (managing director), creative directors Peter Laurelli, Jakob Swedenborg and Daniel Wall. Hahn Fortkord about the agencies formula for success: “hasan & partners has a reputation in Sweden and beyond for great work thanks to a perfect formula that combines creativity, insights, unorthodox thinking, technology and sisu – a Finnish word meaning determination, bravery and resilience.” We wish h&p Stockholm lots of sisu!

Dinner with an aftertaste

November 7, 2013,

Yes, there was a hint. The name of Stockholm’s new Michelin level restaurant “Dill”, came from the letters of “Lidl”. The always-hugry-for-the-new-and-the-hipp Swedes fell for it … until it was revealed that it was actually a stunt by the supermarket chain. All ingredients used in the restaurant were things you’d find in the cheap grocery store. If your heart pumps for advertising, you probably love it. The ad agency Ingo executed it so well, that similar concepts from the past don’t really bother me. Still, some Stockholmers left with a sour aftertaste. They don’t like being fooled. Oh, dear.

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Swedish irony

May 24, 2013,

This piece of advertising quite aptly trashes the theory that “irony is the discipline of losers.” Though at first you might wonder what it is you are looking at, this video is basically a commercial for Sweden. It was shown during the Eurovision song festival and paid for with taxpayers’ money. But worth the investment when knowing that over 100 million viewers have learned what a great sense of humor Sweden has. That’s probably why even Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt accepted to be part of it – laughing at himself and Sweden in general. What a stunt. I’ll give it “douze points.” Created by FLX and directed by Felix Herngren and Fredrik Falck.

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Sweden’s best gay ad

May 2, 2013,

We Finns think all Swedes are gay. Oppositely, the Swedes think all Finns are morons. So, one of the winners at Guldägget (Golden Egg), the most important award show in Sweden, last week, didn’t surprise me. In this film a middle-aged man’s tragedy is that he never got the letters from the teenage holiday romance, a boy (!) he met in Paris. Missed chance; he should have used the “forwarding service” (from client ‘Svensk Adressändring’). A gay fling is hardly shocking to the readers of this blog, but selling the idea – making fun of man who has stayed in the closet – to a client, would make most of us think twice. The gay agency that made this subtle ad is TBWA Stockholm – it’s their first Guldägg in 5 years. The film was directed by Max Vitali and produced by Callboy – what a gay name! Though the winning film confirms my prejudice towards Swedes, I have to admit that I’d rather be gay than a moron.

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Time for retirement

October 26, 2012, AAB

A while ago we posted about what we thought was quite a funny competition – organized by animation studio Hobby Animation. It was dubbed ‘Free the Swedish King’ and asked creatives to write a script for an animation explaining why Sweden doesn’t need a monarchy. The jury – consisting of people such as Gudrun Schyman, Mårten Knutsson and Arvid Svanvik – eventually chose Julian Hagemann & Torkild Jarnholtwere from DDB Oslo as the winners. This is the result. The film was directed by Hobby Animation’s Kristofer Ström.

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