Mr Miles travels the world

According to this commercial Mr Miles is a person who has travelled the world. And though he strongly reminds us of both Old Spice’s Isaiah Mustafa and the exotic ‘Open Your World’ Heineken ads, what makes the campaign especially interesting is that the agency has created 100 different websites, with country specific content. For example:… More.


Wish you were here?

Sao Paulo based design & animation studio Lobo created this short promo film for the 2015 D&AD Awards. It mashed up previous winners and also reinterpreted them; not a single reference can be found in its original form. To make this happen Lobo was given full access to D&AD’s massive archive of thousands of winning… More.

São Paulo

Don’t Google it…

There is a doctor that’s even more unreliable than a GP and that’s docter Google. The reason why the Belgium Centre Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBAM) has developed the independent website ‘Health and Science’ where you can find reliable information about illnesses. To draw traffic to the site CEBAM also bought adwords for the 100… More.


Let the music do the talking

The idea of this TV spot for “Radio Aalto” is simple – a screenplay compiled of unrelated classic pop song one-liners. What really takes this to the crème of this year’s commercials is the surreal execution. Imagine the movie Drive and put it into a Kaurismäki setting with Lynch-like characters. Somehow it distantly reminds me… More.


Hard not to be teased

Even if you don’t know who Alexander Wang is, this very fine commercial might persuade you to have a look in H&M’s “selected stores” on November 6th for his new collection especially designed for H&M. The two-minute film, created by H&M Redroom, directed by Tell No One, produced by Good Egg, and post produced by MPC, was… More.


Wet Dream

What a great graduation film, this fictional commercial for the bank LBS (“Whatever you have in mind”), written and directed by Djawid Hakimyar, shot by Simon Drescher and co-produced by Leithaus Filmproduktion. Hakimyar studied at the Film Academy of Baden-Wuerttemberg and was inspired, he told us, by photographers such as Ryan Schude, David LaChapelle, Tony… More.


Spoofing the spoof

Before you decide to click away this commercial because it looks like just another ‘Hitler-finds-out’ spoof (taken from Der Untergang), don’t! If only to watch how well this film, promoting the “Love and Anarchy” film festival in Finland, is executed. But what I really like about it is how it borrows from popular culture and sparks discussion by attacking a taboo. So, here we go: Our… More.


Your body is your best outfit

With the pay-off “Your body is your best outfit” the Belgium gym chain Jims wants to tell us that we should enjoy fitness. We don’t have to add much commentary, cause what you see is pretty much what you get – though we don’t think they do body paint at Jims. Interesting detail; the man… More.


Straight friendly

Queer Lisboa, Portugal’s oldest gay & lesbian film festival, asked Fuel to create a campaign for its 18th edition, following a 5-year fruitful cooperation between the two that has set the bar high with viral successes such as Mister Pink and Pride Heart. This year the agency asked itself again: “Can we do it better?” Have… More.