Straight friendly

Queer Lisboa, Portugal’s oldest gay & lesbian film festival, asked Fuel to create a campaign for its 18th edition, following a 5-year fruitful cooperation between the two that has set the bar high with viral successes such as Mister Pink and Pride Heart. This year the agency asked itself again: “Can we do it better?” Have… More.


In Her Shoes

What an impressive film. ‘In Her Shoes,’ made for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and more specifically for the ‘Run For The Cure’, let’s you literally experience what it is like to have breast cancer. It reminded us of Save The Children, also a first person narrative showing the deterioration of a child in wartime –… More.


There’s no handwriting like mine

And probably none like yours. The way we handwrite is unique and communicates a lot. But do we really give that much importance to it? This casefilm does. Imagine you’re homeless and all you have is that particular weapon to imprint a cry for help on a cardboard sign that people tend to ignore –… More.


Killer concept

Killing two birds with one stone. That’s what this new platform – “Sell an unemployed” – does (in Dutch). It is an initiative by the ACC, the Belgium Association of Communication Companies, to persuade text writers to become a copywriter in advertising – there always seems to be a shortage. That’s the first bird. Since… More.


The Universal Typeface

For ballpoint brand BIC keyboards and voice recognition must sound like digital photography to Kodak when it saw the sales of analogue film plummet. With this new website, created by DDB Düsseldorf and MediaMonks, however, BIC seems to be alive and kicking in our digital world. The ballpoint brand is crowdsourcing the “Universal Typeface” by… More.


Straight. Unbiased.

With the World Cup being only a week away, you can’t have missed that every other brand is heavily gearing up for the event. The UK’s national press is no exception and naturally they all focus on their coverage of the British team. The Guardian, however, sees things differently – click here to see full ad.… More.


Donating hope

In this campaign for the German Red Cross, some of the most famous football players from the Bundesliga donated blood to sick children and simultaneously the fighting spirit to get better. On the labels of the blood bags the young patients could see which of their football idols helped them win their fight. Of course the… More.


Hasan & partners opens in Stockholm

In March Helsinki based hasan & partners acquired Perfect Fools. Today the agency opened its first international office in Stockholm, with internationally acclaimed founding partners Camilla Hahn Fortkord (managing director), creative directors Peter Laurelli, Jakob Swedenborg and Daniel Wall. Hahn Fortkord about the agencies formula for success: “hasan & partners has a reputation in Sweden and beyond for great… More.


Overselling Europe?

It’s a pity many Europeans don’t realise that the EU is quite a solid concept – it brings convenience, stability, peace and even prosperity. And since voting is not the favourite pastime of teenagers anyway, you have to nudge them a little into the right direction, when the European Parliament elections are about to happen.… More.


Sensory Overload

How do you explain what autism is? This film highlights one of the important symptoms; sensory sensitivity. The film starts of easy with a dripping tap but soon turns in to a cacophony of sound and imagery that makes your ears bleed. The sudden silence is a welcome break. Though the call to action is hidden… More.