Hair Loss Reversed

We’re sure you don’t get such full hair at hair clinic HIMG, but we’re surely getting the picture! Created by Team Red.


Catch the Magic Hour

Wow, that’s smart, giving away free gear from your Spring/Summer collection during sunrise and sunset – ‘the magic hour’ – at outdoor locations, thus letting people experience what a ‘Peak Performance’ really feels like – see commercial here. The locations include places such as mountaintops… More.


Lights go out in Syria

Did you know that 83% of all lights in Syria have gone out since the start of the conflict there four years ago? These numbers have been distilled from satellite images of the region. For the With Syria foundation London based Don’t Panic shows strikingly what… More.


Die Auto

We like it when advertising is simple and smart. Only slightly changing your pay-off (into the female form) on billboards, on International Women’s Day (yesterday) is a perfect example. Created by DDB Budapest. Speaking of only slightly changing your visual identity; Adam&EveDDB (London), temporarily changed… More.


The right hands

With the phrase “Don’t let your Audi fall into the wrong hands” Thjnk Berlin created this stunning commercial for ‘Audi Service.’ With an overwhelming cinematic feel, a Hans Zimmer-like score and stunning visual effects, the Ad shows an apocalyptic scene (think World War Z and ‘Mountain’) where mechanics chase an… More.


All under one Parasol

Hybrid production company Parasol Island released a film to promote itself. It’s to explain to the world that it offers “a scientific yet effortless blend of all creative disciplines, uncompromised talent and super modern technology.” All under one Parasol. The film was created by Parasol Island and… More.


The Tiger Challenge

This is great stuff. Running against an Amur tiger. Virtually, that is – through an app. If you loose, you have to donate $5. And since these magnificent animals averagely run 9.6 K’s a day, it’s quite a challenge. It’s how WWF wants to raise awareness… More.


Way To Go!

UNIT 9’s Vincent Morisset created ‘Way to Go,’ an interactive experience, combining hand-made animation, music, 360-degree capture technology and webGL, thus turning it in an immersive journey that allows you to walk, run and even fly. On your desktop it might feel a bit clunky, but that’s because… More.


The making of IKEA’s ‘The Joy of Storage’

Last month IKEA launched a beautiful new TVC ‘The Joy of Storage,’ created by Mother London and directed by Dougal Wilson. A flock of t-shirts, after a lengthy journey, finds its destination; the IKEA closets at someone’s home. It’s one of those commercials that seem a little… More.


Mr Miles travels the world

According to this commercial Mr Miles is a person who has travelled the world. And though he strongly reminds us of both Old Spice’s Isaiah Mustafa and the exotic ‘Open Your World’ Heineken ads, what makes the campaign especially interesting is that the agency has… More.