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1000 posts

September 4, 2013, AAB

1000 posts - September 2013Today Amsterdam Ad Blog has reached the magical number of a 1000 posts, reviewing ads, creative initiatives, and agencies in Amsterdam – this does not include our Capital posts, Interviews, Columns, and Inspiration. We wrote the first blog post on the 27th of June 2008, about StrawberryFrog splitting up – which recently happened for a second time. Starting with only 1 or 2 posts a week, the frequency today has grown to 5 to 7 posts a week. And as more and more people write for Amsterdam Ad Blog, the frequency is slowly, but steadily increasing. If you have any feedback – positive or negative – for our blog, please don’t hesitate to let us know – it will be much appreciated.

We want you!

September 4, 2012, AAB

Though Amsterdam Ad Blog is about Amsterdam advertising, we are upscaling the blog content-wise and want to become more international. That’s why we are looking for international reporters who want to write a post every once in a while – under their own name – about the very best and innovative work coming from their own ad capital. If you live in an ad capital, have an opinion about advertising, and a catchy pen, and if you think you can write AAB-like ad reviews to share on our international ad platform, we’d love to receive your email!

Adformatie introduces ‘Ad City’

April 6, 2012, AAB

This week Dutch ad magazine Adformatie introduces a new section, Ad City, which is one page composed out of Amsterdam Ad Blog content. Susanne van Nierop: “We wanted to addresss the need of the ever growing expat community in Amsterdam to stay in touch with what happens here. A collaboration with Amsterdam Ad Blog seemed obvious, since they have been doing just that already for a few years now.” Though we are proud, we’ll just keep doing what we’ve been doing since founding AAB in 2008; touting Amsterdam internationally as “The capital of advertising” by featuring the most creative, most striking, and most attractive work coming from Amsterdam – predominantly with a positive tone of voice and every now and every now and then with a critical note.

New feature on AAB: Interiors

February 16, 2012, AAB

Yet another feature on Amsterdam Ad Blog, called ‘Interiors’. It shows the Interiors of Amsterdam ad agencies. Location photographer Vincent Houtman will visit the agencies represented on our agency page one by one and share them on our blog. The photos will also be visible on the respective agency profile pages. Houtman works on the intersection of autonomous and documentary photography and is often inspired by public spaces and their organization, repetition, and rhythm. Houtman about this project: “I have a fascination for public spaces that are neglected by the urban planner. What I like about this project is the contrast; it’s about spaces that are the opposite of negelected; they are – most of the time – very well thought of.” Today he kicks off with Tribal DDB and DDB.

New feature on AAB; Inspiration

February 3, 2012, AAB

After having introduced our new columnists last week, this week we’re introducing a new item called ‘Inspiration’; Amsterdam creatives sharing their inspiration on a weekly basis. In order of future appearance we found the following posse willing to show us what they like, what fascinates them, or what they admire on a regular basis: Jennette Snape, art director at Dolly Rogers; Jarr Geerligs, art director at Selmore; Joep Beving, creative at MassiveMusic; Rick de Zwart, designer at Meneer de Zwart (and responsible for AAB’s visual identity); David Snellenberg, copywriter at Dawn; Johan Kramer, director at 328 Stories; Martin Pyper, designer at MeStudio; Reuben Alexander, creative at Buutvrij for Life; and Christian Borstlap, art director at Part of a Bigger Plan. Of course these people do more than just what their often somewhat rigitd title suggests (in art, music, photography, etc.) but you can read about that on their profile page, once they’ve posted their first contribution. Today Jennette Snape kicks off with an art piece she created herself. The title is “Inspiration lies in the eye of the beholder”; a nice kick off for this new genre, since it philosophies on what inspiration really is.

New columnists

January 25, 2012, AAB

We’re very pleased to announce a brand new set of columnists. Before we worked with ‘Viewpoints’, allowing our readers to contribute on a casual basis, but we’ve discovered that deadlines work better than ‘whenever you like’. So we recruited a bunch of ad folk willing to write on a more regular basis. In order of future appearance; Astrid Groenewegen, strategist and founder of SUE Amsterdam; Axel van Weel, since recently freelance (long form) copywriter and ‘surf magazine journalist’; Sasha Naod, PR specialist and journalist, who worked for Philips before and recently started his own business; Gerald Hensel, strategists at Blast Radius and responsible for founding APG Netherlands; Marleen Wiedhaup, freelance copywriter; and Maarten Boer, copywriter and founder of Buutvrij for Life – the Cosumentenbond found his columns often too critical, so let’s see what he can do for us. Astrid kicks off today with the column ‘Design for excitement’, about the small, designy things in our business – rather than the ‘big ideas’ – that make us love brands.

What was and what will be?

December 31, 2011, AAB

The last day of the year, a good day for reflection. What did 2011 bring Amsterdam Ad Blog. A redesign implemented in the beginning of this year. A lot more traffic and followers on Twitter and Facebook. The traffic came from 168 countries – in total – this year. Roughly 50% of our visitors came from the Netherlands, 10% from the States, 6% from the UK, and the same percentage from Germany and France combined. The top 10 is completed by Italy, Canada, India, Brazil, and Australia, respectively. The list of countries is closed by one single visit from Mayotte, a small island that we’ve never heard of – located between Mozambique and Madagascar. Next year we’re going to introduce some new features. Among them ‘Interiors’; photos of the interiors of Amsterdam advertising agencies. Also ‘Inspiration’; what inspires Amsterdam ad creatives. We are also talking about a collaboration with another ad platform and we’re happy to announce that we found two new columnists who will be writing for AAB on a regular basis. And, finally, as always we’re open for new, interesting content from our readers. So if you have any ideas, let us know. Thanks for reading us and have a great 2012!

Amsterdam Ad Blog redesigned

January 13, 2011, AAB

As you can see our new design is live. We hope you like it. What is new? The 3D logo, wider posts (640 pixels, instead of 560), and a more elaborate sidebar. Please note that there are still many technical and visual bugs to fix – so please bear with us. In the coming weeks we’ll be working hard to get it all sharp.

Amsterdam Ad Blog in self-reflection mode…

December 31, 2010, AAB

For most people this time of year is a time for self-reflection; what went well in 2010 and what not? What should go better in 2011? We’ve asked ourselves the same questions. What went well? Traffic! The amount of absolute visitors grew 375% What went not so well? Two things: finding more columnists and finding more funding. Especially the first one should improve next year, so for anyone with a catchy (very important), English pen, send us your columns – it can be about anything as long as it has to do with advertising. In return we’ll offer you a ton of exposure around the globe! The second point of improvement, finding more funding, has to do with the fact that we hate doing sales – which is pretty ironic when you work in advertising. So, while we’re at it, if you have any banners or jobs you want to share on our site, let us know – we’ll give you a special price! The good news is that Amsterdam Ad Blog will get a redesign real soon. We were actually hoping to implement it before 2011, but some persistent bugs and a web developer that felt the need to go to Egypt (of all places), postponed things a little. Another introduction in 2011 will be the ‘Ad of the month’ and – at the end of the year – the ‘A Award’ – the latter will per definition become the most prestigious award in Amsterdam advertising. Finally, thanks for all your views, comments, and e-mails. Without you, we’re nothing. We wish you an ambitious, creative and productive 2011 and hope to see you back next year!

Amsterdam Ad Blog hits the hammock

April 23, 2010, AAB

Bounty IslandA few of us are on holidays. Therefore the coming weeks we are not able to post frequently. Please bear with us…