Introducing a newsletter

Whohoo! As from this week we’ve launched a newsletter. Originally we thought newsletters were old school, but we changed our minds. The most important reason for doing so is Facebook. Over the past year it has changed its algorithm so that the organic reach of our Fanpage has strongly declined. That’s pretty frustrating, especially since… More.


24Festival; Will it blend?

On October 7th the yearly 24Festival (previously 24 Hours of Advertising) – organised by the VEA (representing Advertising Agencies) and BVA (representing Advertisers) – takes place at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The central theme of the festival is ‘Will it blend?” Or, in different wording: how effective are today’s creative collaborations? Kingsday created a video, inspired by… More.


1000 posts

Today Amsterdam Ad Blog has reached the magical number of a 1000 posts, reviewing ads, creative initiatives, and agencies in Amsterdam – this does not include our Capital posts, Interviews, Columns, and Inspiration. We wrote the first blog post on the 27th of June 2008, about StrawberryFrog splitting up – which recently happened for a second time.… More.


We want you!

Though Amsterdam Ad Blog is about Amsterdam advertising, we are upscaling the blog content-wise and want to become more international. That’s why we are looking for international reporters who want to write a post every once in a while – under their own name – about the very best and innovative work coming from their… More.


Adformatie introduces ‘Ad City’

This week Dutch ad magazine Adformatie introduces a new section, Ad City, which is one page composed out of Amsterdam Ad Blog content. Susanne van Nierop: “We wanted to addresss the need of the ever growing expat community in Amsterdam to stay in touch with what happens here. A collaboration with Amsterdam Ad Blog seemed obvious, since… More.


New feature on AAB: Interiors

Yet another feature on Amsterdam Ad Blog, called ‘Interiors’. It shows the Interiors of Amsterdam ad agencies. Location photographer Vincent Houtman will visit the agencies represented on our agency page one by one and share them on our blog. The photos will also be visible on the respective agency profile pages. Houtman works on the… More.


New feature on AAB; Inspiration

After having introduced our new columnists last week, this week we’re introducing a new item called ‘Inspiration’; Amsterdam creatives sharing their inspiration on a weekly basis. In order of future appearance we found the following posse willing to show us what they like, what fascinates them, or what they admire on a regular basis: Jennette… More.


New columnists

We’re very pleased to announce a brand new set of columnists. Before we worked with ‘Viewpoints’, allowing our readers to contribute on a casual basis, but we’ve discovered that deadlines work better than ‘whenever you like’. So we recruited a bunch of ad folk willing to write on a more regular basis. In order of… More.


What was and what will be?

The last day of the year, a good day for reflection. What did 2011 bring Amsterdam Ad Blog. A redesign implemented in the beginning of this year. A lot more traffic and followers on Twitter and Facebook. The traffic came from 168 countries – in total – this year. Roughly 50% of our visitors came… More.