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A sound walk

April 7, 2014, AAB

The last work we featured from Google and 72andSunny was a classic case of storytelling, through a series of films about French people making their dreams come true with Google’s help. Now Google Creative Lab and 72andSunny have taken things one step further; they introduced a Promenade Sonore, a ‘sound walk’ through Marseille, at night. This documentary style film follows Julie de Muer as she explores the streets of the real Marseille (both the gritty and the beautiful), while she’s recording the local sounds. The end result is not just this film, but an interactive experience through Google Streetview – strangely enough, however, and unfortunately you don’t get to hear Julie’s voice – nor her recordings – but that of a stereotypical Frenchman, wheezing through the microphone. The good news; with this interactive experience Google might have just unlocked a complete new use for Streetview. Digital production MediaMonks.

Jacked Street Race

April 3, 2014, AAB

In September we wrote about Doritos’ stunt drive school – and we noticed that is was clearly aimed at “male teenagers.” Today ad agency Fitzroy adds another chapter to Doritos’ jacked attitude. Since 45 km/hour, the maximum speed for most of Doritos’ target group, is nothing, Fitzroy figured it should embrace the limit in style; the Doritos Jacked Street Race. Inspired by The Fast and the Furious the agency turned 3 ‘Cantas’ into true race cars. Three rappers: Mr. Polska, Jebroer en raggamuffin Skinto will race each other, and the Doritos consumer is to guess who will be first and then potentially win one of the ‘waggies’ – slang for small cars. To create more buzz around the event the team also created a music video: Hoesten als bejaarden (‘caughing like the elderly’). And the Doritos website is counting down for the official race. We hate to use the word, but ‘integrated’ was the first word that came to mind. Oh, and ‘jacked,’ of course.

Blind trade harvest

March 21, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind trade stats - March 2014A few weeks ago we wrote about Porsche’s Blind Trade campaign, created by Achtung!; trading your car for the newest model Porsche without having actually seen it. It has proved a “no-brainer” (as we predicted); already 10,000 people have offered their car for trade on this website. This infographic shows the stats of the cars that were offered. Among the harvest; 2 Aston Martin’s, 2 Ferrari’s, a Rolls, and a Lamborghini. The winner will be announced on the 31st – would be cool if it’s a 1992 Opel Corsa or something.

Update (Nov. 21 2014): The new Porsche Macan has been revealed.

Heavy labour discount

February 18, 2014, AAB

Mercedes Benz Scan your hand - February 2014

Mercedes Vitos are built for hard working men – yes, we’re sorry, you never see women drive a Mercedes Vito. According to Mercedes, especially the hardest working men deserve a discount. Hence this activation – “Heavy Labour Discount” – that determines your discount after having scanned your hand through your webcam. The more calluses, grooves, etc., the more discount – up to €9,000. Must be an ingenious piece of software that can measure those subtle things through a webcam. If your webcam works, of course – the app couldn’t find ours. Fortunately, we have manicured hands; we wouldn’t have gotten a discount anyway. Created by N=5 and built by MediaMonks.

Knitted Big Mac

February 11, 2014, AAB

McDonalds Big Mac sweater - February 2014Just like beards, nazi hair cuts, and tight jeans, knitted sweaters are back. This Big Mac sweater, created by Pera & Pasha, fits the trend. Last week the sweater was awarded to the person that could best describe why he or she deserved it. The winner said McDonald(‘s) is an anagram of Damn Cold. We preferred; “I am going to China and don’t know how to order a Big Mac.” The activation supported the ‘Warm Sweater Day,’ an initiative by Klimaatverbond Nederland and Greenchoice. Not your typical McDonald’s advertising. Maybe that’s why we kinda like it. Created by DDB & Tribal.

Nice piece of craftsmanship

December 5, 2013, AAB

125 Years Parker - December 2013In 1888 George Safford Parker literally wrote history with an innovation which was deemed impossible at the time: a pen which did not leak ink. To celebrate 125 years of Parker pens Artbox, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Geneva, created a key visual which summarizes the history and craftsmanship of the company in one single image.  The pen itself (click image for larger version) illustrates a timeline: on the left, around 1890, the pen is still in its framework. It also serves as workplace for different figures: engineers, office workers and in the end (present time) also scientists. Along with the pen also the staff becomes more modern (in appearance and methods of working) – in the meantime Mr. Parker himself can be seen looking into the future with a telescope. The small people were created by photographing real people, dressed in historical work clothing, and the images were manipulated afterwards. Then all the different elements – pack-shot, 3D construction, figures – were digitally merged into one. A nice piece of craftsmanship, just like the famous pen.


October 25, 2013, AAB

Quite a teaser this commercial made for the Ministry of Social Affairs that advertises a platform that tries to stimulate people to make more out of their working lives. The platform and its experiments have been developed together with the University of Amsterdam, which is actually why it might be a little too highbrow for the lethargic target it tries to motivate. But all in all it’s beautifully executed and a typical THEY concept; educational and well designed. The film was directed by Jeroen Annokkée (CZAR) and the site developed by MediaMonks.


October 24, 2013, AAB

Kokoro heartvertising - Oct. 2013As you probably know by now Kokoro is the winner of Amsterdam’s New Kids on the Block Award 2013, organized by Conclusion and Fonk. The agency won 300 (!) outdoor spots to advertise their brand. It has therefore asked designers, illustrators, artists and writers to design something that uses the shape of Kokoro’s heart as a core element – Kokoro means heart in Japanese – and that asks people to follow their heart. Merlijn van Vliet: “People have dreams and wishes they postpone for whatever reasons. And that is a real pity! Just like Steve Jobs once said: There is no reason not to follow your heart. That is the briefing; create an ad that urges people to follow their heart.” The winners will be displayed around town in bus and tram shelters and will also be featured in an online exposition. If you want to be a part of ‘Heartvertising,’ you can get in touch with Kokoro here.

The Big Interview

October 9, 2013, AAB

Houthoff Buruma - October 2013Crafty stuff, this website (in Dutch) – dubbed “The Big Interview” – for one of the biggest law firms in the Netherlands; Houthoff Buruma. It’s a virtual (static) world where you can prepare for a job interview at the “Big 7.” Each firm has its own building and by zooming in, you can discover how you compile a CV, dress smartly, act in an interview, etc. One thing we don’t really get is why Houthoff is doing this. First of all, if you educate students too much about interviews they might fake it into your firm. Secondly, these guys are helping their competitors as well – so the effect evens out. We know, it’s also about making the Houthoff brand more attractive. Then again, the only brand that really adds something to this site is Talent First, the recruiter that explains in a bunch of YouTube films how to prepare. So, strategically maybe a bit wobbly, but as a concept quite impressive. It comes from a collaboration between Ruby’s Glue, Taco Zuidema (art), Huib Maaskant (copy), and Maarten Versteege (artwork). The site was built “tablet-first” in HTML5 by Thispagecannotbefound.

Willy Wonka meets gratis

September 30, 2013, AAB

Marktplaats cars - October 2013Marktplaats, the Dutch Ebay, also ‘does’ cars. Since there are many other online second hand car services, the brand positions itself as the quickest route to getting rid of your car. This inspired Brandbase to park 100,000 miniature cars on Binnenrotte in Rotterdam. Only one of them – marked on the bottom – could be exchanged for a real car. Within 23 minutes the cars were gone. Willy Wonka meets gratis. A little easy if you ask us. The footage however is attractive enough to share.