Wholesale energy

Qurrent is a Dutch sustainable energy company that doesn’t strive for profit maximization, but for a world in which each of us generates the energy we use. On top of that Qurrent stimulates us to generate our own (sustainable) energy. Because Qurrent is founded for a better environment, it offers green energy for wholesale prices. So, how… More.



Yesterday Pitcher was launched, a new app conceived by Woedend! tapping into the modern trend of clients quickly switching between creative agencies. The app is inspired by Tinder and allows the marketeer, who’s not familiar enough with the agency landscape, to get acquainted with different agencies that match his/her specific assignment. The marketeer only needs to submit… More.


Long distance high five

A virtual high five between Amsterdam and New York to highlight that KLM has frequent flights between the two historically related cities and promote the World Deal Weeks. A well-timed high five – we assume they used a fiber connection – earned tickets to the other side of the Atlantic. Pretty smart. And – as advertising… More.


Share pink

Last weekend it was gay pride in Amsterdam, which means boats full of dressed up gays, loud music and quite some ecstasy sailing through the canals. Red Urban and Etcetera came up with a pink filter to be used on your smart phone around the canals to show that T-Mobile supports sharing love with whomever… More.


Radio Tour de France

If you see these taxis driving through Amsterdam; they are to promote Radio 1’s coverage of the Tour de France. When you take one you can listen to Radio Tour de France and almost feel what it’s like to be in the Tour de France – almost. Nice idea by Dear.


The Festival Reporter

Natwerk was asked to promote The Summer of Amsterdam, a theme that celebrates everything there is to do in Amsterdam this summer. The agency came up with The Festival Reporter; comedian Sina Khani will show the diversity of Amsterdam’s 300 summer festivals. And probably thanks to the success of Bart’s Fish Tales on Instagram, the agency again… More.


Your home reproduced

Not many people know that the famous ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’ painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665, is located at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Many people however have a reproduction on their wall. Combine this insight with the Mauritshuis’ request to make the chic museum more approachable and you might just come up with… More.


The Nobel Peace Prize for brands

Woerde inspiring Amsterdam ad creatives to change the world The Dutch Art Director’s Club (ADCN) is organising a ‘Summer Program’ with inspiring speakers that share their adventures in Adland. Last Tuesday it was Mark Woerde’s turn, the one speaker we were most keen on listening to. Woerde, who is a partner at Lemz, is one… More.


A sound walk

The last work we featured from Google and 72andSunny was a classic case of storytelling, through a series of films about French people making their dreams come true with Google’s help. Now Google Creative Lab and 72andSunny have taken things one step further; they introduced a Promenade Sonore, a ‘sound walk’ through Marseille, at night. This… More.


Jacked Street Race

In September we wrote about Doritos’ stunt drive school – and we noticed that is was clearly aimed at “male teenagers.” Today ad agency Fitzroy adds another chapter to Doritos’ jacked attitude. Since 45 km/hour, the maximum speed for most of Doritos’ target group, is nothing, Fitzroy figured it should embrace the limit in style;… More.