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Blind Trade
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March 4, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind Trade - March 2014Would you blindly trade your car for the newest model Porsche? A no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not, cause together with Achtung! Porsche turned it into a digital activation. Through a dedicated page you can submit your car to be traded in for the newest Porsche, without actually having seen it. That is, at first you don’t see it at all, and then slowly but surely all the details are revealed. Those of you who doubt the design skills of Porsche and still aren’t sure about the fairness of the trade, the auto manufacturer has built in a catch; the longer you wait, the less chance of winning. So, don’t wait too long. Oh, and yes, not unimportantly, the value of your trade-in and your motivation also count. Site built by Random and 3D by Renascent.

In case of love at first sight
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February 17, 2014, AAB

In case of love at first sight - February 2014“…Break glass plastic” Simple but sweet, this Valentine’s guerrilla campaign by Kingsday for the Flower Council of Holland. That’s how we like advertising. We first wondered why they would want to use an English URL ( in France, but the 1500 emergency roses spread through Paris actually carried the URL – and the text “En cas de coup de foudre. Brisez la glace,” sounding instantly more romantic when you don’t speak French.

The Circle of Grease
Amsterdam Ad Blog

January 21, 2014, AAB

Nowadays the ‘making of’ is most of the time more enticing than the commercial itself. The reason is that craftsmanship is the new mass production, and to see a craftsman at work is more interesting than seeing a brand at work. The Circle of Cheese is in itself a pretty good commercial, but when we listen to the innocent rhymy child’s voice, we quickly wonder whether it’s true that proteins, minerals, and even vitamins are so important in cheese, helping “to assist your resistance to function properly.” Now that is the brand at work. When you see the craftsmen at work, you appreciate all the effort The Dutch Pay Off and NotJustAnotherTeam (concept), Cas Prins (direction), PlusOne and Shoq Studio (production), and Audentity (sound) put into this. That’s when you think; they could have done this entirely in animation, but they actually got their hands greasy!

Cool under pressure
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December 3, 2013, AAB

A few weeks ago we wrote about the animated film for Nike that was created by Glassworks; ‘breathable warmth.’ Apparently Glassworks has made a series of three, and here is the second one. Again, a beautiful animation with a sharp eye for detail. This time it advertises the new home kit for France – the team is getting ready for the World Championship football next year in Brazil. The shirts of ‘Les Bleus’ are equipped with “cooling technology,” metaphorically translated into wind turbines. The hypnotic sound was created by MassiveMusic and Kaiser Sounds Studios.

Budget retirement
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November 13, 2013, AAB

Delta Lloyd Budget Retirement - Nov. 2013Insurer Delta Lloyd’s briefing: how do you get people to think about their pension, when “as soon as the word pension is mentioned people stop listening.” (indeed, we were quite happy to have finally learned to live in the now!) Since hoaxes are the new ‘truth ’ TBWA created a nightmare scenario (case film); an entrepreneur transforms an old jail into a fully automated budget retirement home “where the elderly are kept alive as efficiently as possible” – with small basic rooms, computerized care etc. You can easily imagine how journalists jumped on this. And then the hoax was revealed live in a talk show. This is how Delta Lloyd ‘earned’ €2.1 million in PR. Simple as that.

KLM fans for life
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October 11, 2013, AAB

It’s a plane… it’s a train… no it’s KLM! We’re impressed – up to a goosebump-level. This once more shows that if there are two companies that understand marketing and advertising, it’s KLM and Tribal DDB. What a fantastic concept; showing Disney’s Planes in a real KLM aircraft, and turning it into a three-dimensional experience. Actually, four-dimensional; these kids are fans for life.

Amsterdam Ad Blog

September 3, 2013, AAB

A typical Achtung! concept, integrating on and offline in a playful way – and digital concept of the year, if you ask us. With this “Bannerbahn” the agency brings digital to the streets, or the streets to digital – depending on how you look at it. To introduce the new Volkswagen GTI Achtung! painted the websites of  Nu, Telegraaf, Autoweek, and GeenStijl on tarmac and subsequently brought in a Stig-like character to frantically race a GTI through the banner spaces, while being filmed from the top with drones. With the exact right measurements these ‘banners’ will be uploaded on the respective websites at noon and 4pm on Friday the 13th. The readers can click the car –  as quickly as possible – and the fastest clicker gets the car. It is not the first time that Achtung! creates an on/offline race; in 2011 it organised a race between Jens Button, on tarmac, and a digital opponent, in a simulator, for Vodafone. This Bannerbahn however transports the race to a digital environment, and allows everyone to participate. It goes without saying that the execution must have been quite a hassle – here is a making of (in Dutch) that shows more or less how it was done. To realise this creative feat Achtung! teamed up with Kwasten met de gasten (paint job), Thispagecannotbefound and Adrime (digital), director Lee Ford (known for directing TopGear), Deane Thrussel (D.O.P.), Munky London and Storm Amsterdam (3D and Post), and Stable TV for the teaser – featuring copywriter Joep Drummen, for that matter.

Trojan airline
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August 21, 2013, AAB

BNR Bay & Air - August 2013The Dutch public advertising organisation, STER, doesn’t allow commercial channels to advertise in its commercial breaks – a request of the public channels. So, for BNR (Business News Radio), it would have never been possible to advertise in one of the breaks of its direct competitor, Radio 1 (the public news channel). Until BNR asked The Oddshop to do something about this. The agency came up with the idea to create an ad for the fictional airline Bay & Air, a name that is pronounced almost identically. The Bay & Air website forwarded the curious consumer – drawn in by phrases like “The wings of entrepreneurial Holland,” “BNR connects you to all the important cities in the world,” and “Always business class, from now on” – to the BNR website. A smart and valuable stunt, since it heavily circulated on the (commercial) news channels and social media.

Don’t make others pay the price
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July 11, 2013, AAB

Don't make other pay the price - July 2013This ad was conceived by Amsterdam based (Korean) agency Cheel - in the rest of the world called Cheil, meaning ‘horny’ in Dutch, which sounds better than ‘yellow’ in our opinion. For client Urgenda, an organisation that wants to make the Netherlands more sustainable, Cheel created this print ad showing a girl dancing (or posing?) in her cheapo “party dress” in front of a collapsed sewing factory in Bangladesh – which happened last April – accompanied by the perfect copy “Don’t make others pay the price.” The contrast and painful insight have quite an amount of stopping power. Makes you think twice when you buy a dirt cheap piece of clothing.

Back to the core
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June 27, 2013, AAB

Wow, we couldn’t have said it better. And that’s not just because we’re de Volkskrant’s (one of the leading newspapers in the Netherlands) mediapartner in this Creative Press Challenge. No, it’s because we fully concur with the fact that today “small ideas are blown up by big techniques and mediocre ideas carried by case movies.” So “bad ideas can’t hide in print” is a beaut of an insight. The Creative Press Challenge is an initiative by Thijs Biersteker – ex Wieden, today freelance creative – who a while ago was part of the jury of a newspaper print contest and fell in love again with the pureness of print. As partner of de Volkskrant in this Challenge, we’ll be interviewing Editor-in-chief of de Volkskrant Philippe Remarque later this summer about the state of print, in relation to advertising. And, of course, we’ll be also showcasing the eventual winner in September – without any hipster tunes, of course. The contest is invite only. First of all to make it a bit exclusive. Secondly, because the idea should be good enough to make a chance to win a Lion in Cannes – the winner will be submitted to the festival. The briefing, for that matter, is not yet released, but will be written for a charity; Free Press Unlimited – an organization that supports reliable news in countries where there’s not much press freedom. The jury will consist of Creative Directors from some of the best Amsterdam ad agencies. Finally, de Volkskrant is responsible for the professional execution, which means the concepts will be submitted and judged as sketches. Speaking of going back to the core. This promotional film, by the way, also shows that great ideas can always distinguish themselves – in any form. Not just because of the wonderful copy (Pieter van den Heuvel), but also for the craftsmanship that was put in the installation and the subtle incorporation of digital. Biersteker himself was responsible for the concept. The film was directed by Corriette Schoenaerts and shot by Hessel Waalewijn. SFX by SuperHeroes and grading by Glassworks. Sound by Amp.Amsterdam.