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Heartvertising; the exhibition

February 24, 2014,

Rik Heijmen opening the Heartvertising exhibition at HutspotRik Heijmen, founder of Kokoro, speaching at the opening of the exhibition

One heart, 12 artists, 300 outdoor panels, 100.000 Boomerang cards, and an exposition at Hutspot Amsterdam. Kokoro’s Heartvertising project is taking over Amsterdam. A lot has been written about this already, but to sum things up; the idea behind Heartvertising is to inspire people to follow their hearts and dreams instead of playing it safe. Especially in this tough economy – what’s there to lose? The exhibition of the winning designs opened last Thursday at Hutspot. A very appropriate location since the founders of Hutspot (a cross-over between an exhibition space and shop) did just that – follow their hearts. On their website: “Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shop.” Another example is Sella Molenaar, who instead of a standard photo report made ‘instant’ aquarelles of the people present at the expo opening. She too followed her passion and is now making money with what she loves to do best. The message is clear, but the question remains… are you following your heart? Check out the pictures here.

In case of love at first sight
Amsterdam Ad Blog

February 17, 2014, AAB

In case of love at first sight - February 2014“…Break glass plastic” Simple but sweet, this Valentine’s guerrilla campaign by Kingsday for the Flower Council of Holland. That’s how we like advertising. We first wondered why they would want to use an English URL ( in France, but the 1500 emergency roses spread through Paris actually carried the URL – and the text “En cas de coup de foudre. Brisez la glace,” sounding instantly more romantic when you don’t speak French.

Follow Your Heart

February 7, 2014, AAB

Kokoro Follow your heart - Feb. 2014A few months ago we wrote about Kokoro winning the new kid on the block award. The prize: free outdoor space galore to adorn with whatever you like. Kokoro chose to invite designers from all over the place to make their own interpretation of Follow Your Heart – using the silhouette of Kokoro’s logo. A smart and subtle way to spread Kokoro’s brand – and a rather stimulating message at the same time. This is (part of) the result – Kokoro made the final selection together with Bert Hagendoorn. You can study the individual submissions with the credits here. The works will also be on display at Hutspot from 18 till 23 February.

All about the colours

December 10, 2013, AAB

Nike Fuel Band SE Colette - Dec. 2013This installation, at the famous fashion house Colette in Paris, was created by Random Studio to promote the new Nike Fuelband SE (according to Gizmodo the SE is merely an iteration and doesn’t offer much more than “a splash of color on the band”). The “RGB LED infinity tunnel,” showing colourful animated light patterns, was built in collaboration with lighting specialists Jurlights and production company L’Araignée. MadMapper was used as the software to output video directly onto the LED strips. This is not the first window installation Random makes for Nike. In 2013 they won Design Gold in Cannes (together with ,… Staat and Jurlights) for another Fuel Band installation at Selfridges in London.

Billboard for Smurfs

August 13, 2013, AAB

McDonalds Smurfs - August 2013Big News. Now in the Happy Meal: The Smurfs.” Small idea, big execution – on Leidseplein. Nice. By Tribal DDB.

Missing numbers

May 29, 2013, AAB

Natwerk - May 2013Amsterdam is known for its narrow houses and alleys. In the Jordaan there used to be even smaller alleys in between the houses. These alleys often lead to run down accommodation for the poorest of the poor, hidden behind the rows of houses facing the main streets. When the ‘front row’ houses were expanded most of these alleys vanished, and with them the hidden houses. The Dolfijnengang, one of the alleys on Westerstraat, gave access to house numbers 56 to 68. Which is why today there’s a number-gap between number 54 and 70. Natwerk, known for creating stuff just for the fun of it, recreated the missing houses on the Westerstraat.

Beer on the go

May 16, 2013, AAB

Bavaria 0.0% at A4 West - May 2013With the phrase “Beer, even on the go,” Bavaria is the first beer brand in 15 years to sell beer at gas stations along the highway. Of course not their regular label, but their 0.0%. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve partly turned a gas station into a bar and dubbed it “Café A4 West.” Not the most attractive place to hang out with your mates, but a piece of ambient advertising with stopping power most definitely. Created by Selmore.

Tame peeing

April 30, 2013, AAB

Waternet Noodboot - April 2013“Wildplassen” is a typical problem during Queensday. The term, used for peeing in the streets and canals, rather than at a designated place, translates a little odd into English; wild peeing. As if you turn and twist your pelvis violently, while peeing. Anyway, Natwerk built this Noodboot (“emergency boat”) for Waternet, the company responsible for keeping the Amsterdam canals clean. The boat services the heavily drinking Amsterdammers and tourists who visit the Dam today for Queensday and can’t find a place to pee.

Prohibited for Putin

April 9, 2013, AAB

Amnesty Putin in Amsterdam - April 2013Putin visiting Amsterdam sounds like Kim Jong-un becoming a Buddhist. Since Russia is not very fond of a free press, political bands, gay rights, and human rights in general – things that are pretty common in Amsterdam – Amnesty, together with BVH Rotterdam, came up with these banners that were spread around the area where Putin was touring. Brilliant idea. Thanks, Richard Sprengers (Taxi) for the photos.

Adam in A’dam

February 8, 2013, AAB

Opel introduces a new car, named ADAM – inspired by a Fiat 500? Apparently it’s the world’s most customizable city car. And to illustrate this JWT Rotterdam – an annex of the Amsterdam office, solely servicing Opel – put the car on display in its own customizable two-level “concept store” in the heart of Amsterdam.