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The making of a claymation

April 17, 2014, AAB

Mona---April-2014A claymation, we had never heard of that. Production company The Ambassadors just made one, together with director Vincent Lammers, character designers Nick Groeneveld and Patrick Chin, and agency Selmore - responsible for the concept. Here’s how they did it – more or less. And, yes, at The Ambassadors they have a receptionist and drink coffee. Speaking of which, it’s for dessert brand Mona. You can choose your favourite dessert of the month. And the one with the most votes will reappear on the supermarket shelf. Simple and smart. You can find the final commercial here – with some catchy (Dutch) copy.

Fabric porn

April 4, 2014, AAB

We came across this ‘Climachill’ video for Adidas on Glassworks’ website. It is yet another animation zooming in on a garment’s fabric. We’ve seen this before in Glassworks’ film for G-Star and in two films for Nike (!) – the latter  about temperature regulation as well (cool / warm). It seems as if Glassworks’ director Rudiger Kaltenhauser has a skill-monopoly on these kinds of fabric-porn 3D animations. Oh yeah, and it features David Beckham – duh. The agency behind it is Meanwhile, the sound was done by Kaiser Sound Studios.

Find 7

March 28, 2014, AAB

You almost get the impression that Chinese mobile brand Oppo wants to tell us that its phones require rare earth elements, but that’s not the case. According to animation studio PlusOne the main message is that the Find 7 is brought together piece by piece. That’s not really a unique feature, of course, but when you look as smooth as the Find 7, you don’t really need a good story; you just show the product. PlusOne also sent us a breakdown of the creative process, with the storyboard, animatic, work in progress and the final film running simultaneously. Looks as smooth as the phone.


March 20, 2014, AAB

NextframeLast month we wrote about Absolut’s creative collaboration project #Nextframe, with Brazilian graphic novel creator Rafael Grampá and Red Knucles (who is behind the 3D animations for the band Gorillaz), inviting consumers to co-create an animated film. The ideas for the characters and storyline came in through the brand’s Facebook page, and were transformed from 2D characters into 3D. The final result was presented last weekend at creative hub MADE in Berlin. We didn’t really get the plot – which shows how difficult creative collaborations are – but it is a beautiful film nevertheless.

Co-creation with Rafael Grampá

February 20, 2014, AAB

A a few months ago we interviewed the creators of the new Absolut campaign by Sid Lee Amsterdam. The campaign now has a follow up, called #Nextframe, a collaboration with one of the artists that was featured in the launch; Rafael Grampá. Apart from this film (sound by Audentity), the campaign takes place on Absolut’s Facebook page and encourages consumers to collaborate with Grampá and co-create his story. To help him transform his 2D characters and script into 3D, Grampá has teamed up with Red Knuckles London, the acclaimed animators who brought the Gorillaz characters to life. Once complete, Grampá will transform the suggestions into a 3.30’ animated film, which will premiere at MADE Berlin Gallery on March 15th.

Jonas and the Sea

February 19, 2014, AAB

Jonas and the Sea - February 2014Or rather: 100% Halal would like to present: Jonas and the Sea (for English subtitles in the teaser video, click the CC button). The agency is working on a short animated film and has (as of today) 30 days left  to raise sufficient funds to be able to give the project a happy end. Jonas and the Sea ”is a classic story about a man who casts aside everything and everybody in pursuit of his dream. A dream we all share: the quest to find the place you can call home, wherever it is – even if it’s underwater.” The film will be the debut for Marlies van der Wel, illustrator and animator from Amsterdam. Jonas’s concern for the environment and his quest to find his way home come straight from her: “When we grow up we all ask ourselves: Where do I want to be? Where am I happy? Where do I feel at home?  I find these questions fascinating.” The animation is already in production (thanks to some Dutch film funds), but the amount still to be raised would allow to actually finish the production process and pay for distribution. In return for your support you get: tickets for the premiere, credits as Associate Producer or a framed still from the film – depending on the amount you donate. Here you can show 100% Halal the money!

State of the art scrolling

February 11, 2014, AAB

GMC Sierra - February 2014Here’s a website worth sharing. GMC dedicated most of it advertising budget to a site around the new GMC Sierra, which makes it pretty state of the art. You can scroll through the experience with a first person point of view, moving in, around, and even beyond the car, showing all the special features, such as a rolled steel exterior, a cornerstep at the rear bumper (even made for extra large boots), and a quieter cabin. All these features are inspired by submarines, jet fighters, and even the Hoover Dam, making this pickup truck not just your typical Midwestern companion, but also a very modern car. For the connoisseurs; technically the site is built in HTML5, has a “dynamic Z-axis feel” (whatever that means), has “content dependent scrolling interactions,” and contains “originally produced, full-frame scrollable HD animations.” Enough words, already, it’s best to just experience it yourself. The site was created by DigitasLBi Boston and built by MediaMonks.

Raw for the Oceans

February 10, 2014, AAB

Last Saturday Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn (an eco-thread with which you can make durable clothes) announced their partnership with Amsterdam based denim brand Raw at the American Museum of Natural History. They launched ‘Raw for the Oceans,’ which aims to remove the plastic that is polluting the oceans and create Bionic denim out of it – the project is supported by a handful of researchers, scientists and ocean experts. Williams will co-design the clothing. This amazing partnership – that will most likely be putting eco-clothing finally and seriously on the map – required an amazing promotional film. No wonder they teamed up with Part of a Bigger Plan and Glassworks to produce it.

The Circle of Grease
Amsterdam Ad Blog

January 21, 2014, AAB

Nowadays the ‘making of’ is most of the time more enticing than the commercial itself. The reason is that craftsmanship is the new mass production, and to see a craftsman at work is more interesting than seeing a brand at work. The Circle of Cheese is in itself a pretty good commercial, but when we listen to the innocent rhymy child’s voice, we quickly wonder whether it’s true that proteins, minerals, and even vitamins are so important in cheese, helping “to assist your resistance to function properly.” Now that is the brand at work. When you see the craftsmen at work, you appreciate all the effort The Dutch Pay Off and NotJustAnotherTeam (concept), Cas Prins (direction), PlusOne and Shoq Studio (production), and Audentity (sound) put into this. That’s when you think; they could have done this entirely in animation, but they actually got their hands greasy!

Cool under pressure
Amsterdam Ad Blog

December 3, 2013, AAB

A few weeks ago we wrote about the animated film for Nike that was created by Glassworks; ‘breathable warmth.’ Apparently Glassworks has made a series of three, and here is the second one. Again, a beautiful animation with a sharp eye for detail. This time it advertises the new home kit for France – the team is getting ready for the World Championship football next year in Brazil. The shirts of ‘Les Bleus’ are equipped with “cooling technology,” metaphorically translated into wind turbines. The hypnotic sound was created by MassiveMusic and Kaiser Sounds Studios.