How to ban cycle-apping?

A typical Dutch problem; many children (and adults, if we may include ourselves) use WhatsApp on their bicycle. As you can imagine this causes many accidents – in one out of 5 accidents, involving children, a smartphone was used. Since in the Netherlands cyclists are legally very well protected in traffic the government wants to… More.


Brush Busters

Brush Busters is an awesome new app created by Philips Sonicare and Achtung! teaching kids how to brush their teeth properly. The app, created for the American market, uses cartoon figures, storytelling (excuse the word) and gamification. The app is equipped with  a timer and different storylines to virtually clean the teeth of two funny characters; Bjørn… More.


Pitcher New app by Woedend!, inspired by Tinder, assists marketeers in flirting with agencies and creating a short list for their pitch


We’re on a boat

This video explains the app ‘We’re on a boat,’ created by Design studio Little Nice Things. It taps into the trend of shared ownership and seems perfect for Amsterdam; share your boat with others and get rewarded. Whether it’ll work is to be debated, since very few boats cruise around the canals to pick up strangers. But the sympathetic piece… More.


Explicit Tours

Especially for the Museum Night, this Saturday, Achtung! developed an app with which you can look at the Malevich exhibition in the Stedelijk with some layman commentary of Dutch celebs. They say things like: “He must have been on mushrooms when painting this” and “You can get all philosophical about this, but it’s not much… More.


Ride Manifesto

To be honest, the first thing we thought after seeing this lenghty 1:45 minute film was; much ado about nothing. We’re talking about an app here! But no, the Scorpio Ride is a “motorcycle connectivity platform” that will set you back at least $199. Though we’re not really convinced that it does much more than GPS tracking and… More.


Vine Something

Vine, the newest, hippest social medium on the block, allows you to make your own visual stop motion ‘tweets’. At FHV BBDO they are using it to find a new intern, who knows what’s happening online – “information specialist” they call it. Even if you can read Dutch the loop contains a little too much… More.


Waternet creates water-net

Waternet, the public utility responsible for keeping the sewer and canals clean, developed this boat app, together with Tam Tam Mobile. The app has a rich list of functionalities; it shows in realtime where the canals are busy and where not, where you can stop for food and fuel, your speed and direction (with a… More.


Blue Efficiency on mobile

Mercedes Benz together with FHV BBDO (idea), Pixplicity (technical), and Momkai (design) developed an app for your phone that centrally manages your energy usage, thus extending your battery life. Quite a nice brand utility, spreading the intelligence of Mercedes’ Blue Efficiency. On the other hand, to us it feels a little superfluous. We know how… More.


Product placement 2.0

This is product placement 2.0. A second screen app that turns product placement into a game. Developed by Achtung! for the new RTL drama series Divorce, about three guys who share an appartment, because they are all in the middle of a divorce. The game is simple; whenever you see Volkswagen car keys on TV… More.