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We’re on a boat

July 10, 2014, AAB

Little Nice Things We're on a boat - July 2014This video explains the app ‘We’re on a boat,’ created by Design studio Little Nice Things. It taps into the trend of shared ownership and seems perfect for Amsterdam; share your boat with others and get rewarded. Whether it’ll work is to be debated, since very few boats cruise around the canals to pick up strangers. But the sympathetic piece of technology is “made with love” nevertheless – helped by the friendly tunes of Lullatone.

Ride Manifesto

July 25, 2013, AAB

To be honest, the first thing we thought after seeing this lenghty 1:45 minute film was; much ado about nothing. We’re talking about an app here! But no, the Scorpio Ride is a “motorcycle connectivity platform” that will set you back at least $199. Though we’re not really convinced that it does much more than GPS tracking and social sharing, the stylish moodfilm (or “Manifesto” as it’s called with weighty words) created by Camille Herren and Ben Sandler – as a post Kennedys project – makes you smell the Californian tarmac and the dusty hills around LA. So we can imagine that for bikers, sensitive to production value, this smart gadget is clearly the way forward. The film was directed and shot by Camille Herren, produced by Altered (LA), and post-produced by Glassworks. The sound was done by Audentity.

Vine Something

June 12, 2013, AAB

FHV BBDO - June 2013Vine, the newest, hippest social medium on the block, allows you to make your own visual stop motion ‘tweets’. At FHV BBDO they are using it to find a new intern, who knows what’s happening online – “information specialist” they call it. Even if you can read Dutch the loop contains a little too much information; you need to watch it a few times to be able to read the full text. In fact, only when reading the message for the fifth time, we found out that you need to apply for this role through Vine – using the hashtag #work4fhv. But maybe our slow reading makes us unfit for the job. Anyway, quite a nice idea. It reminded us of this application procedure through Draw Something by Muse.

Product placement 2.0

January 8, 2013, AAB

This is product placement 2.0. A second screen app that turns product placement into a game. Developed by Achtung! for the new RTL drama series Divorce, about three guys who share an appartment, because they are all in the middle of a divorce. The game is simple; whenever you see Volkswagen car keys on TV (the protagonists all drive Volkwagen), you got to tap a virtual hand on your second screen. If timed right, the key appears in the virtual hand. This way you can collect them to win a Volkswagen Beetle. In the first three episodes – with an average of 1.6 million viewers – 20,000 viewers played the game. Smart innovation. Technical execution by B-Lex.

Think 3D, Think LG

August 8, 2012, AAB

LG asked Perfect Fools to show the consumer that “the best things in life are better in 3D”. So the agency picked up a platform that is “universal, loved and fun,” namely Facebook, and turned it 3D. The new application enables you to see your newsfeed in 3D. Since everything nowadays needs to be turned into video – because we’re too busy and lazy to try out apps and because video is easier to seed – it was beta trialled among “selected members of the Amsterdam creative community” and filmed. The film is not very interesting, but it at least shows more or less how the app works – saves you a trip into the app. The 3D Facebook newsfeed is the first in a series of 3D creations that Perfect Fools will create for LG. Feedback (like: “Why doesn’t this app use the colour of Facebook’s visual identity?) can be submitted on Facebook. The goal of this all is that whenever you think of 3D, you think of LG. Makes sense.

Das Interland

June 7, 2012, AAB

For those of you who don’t know who the characters in this picture are; Frank Rijkaard and Rudi Völler. The only reason we can think of for choosing them as the icons of this Euro2012 penalty kick app (both on mobile and Facebook), is that Rijkaard spit Völler in the hair during the World Cup 1990 – which was, to say the least, not very chique. In other words, for some, they are the epitome of Dutch-German football rivalry. The app allows the Dutch and Germans to take penalties against each other. For every shoot out, a Dutch player is linked to a German player – via a complicated back-end that ensures a similar experience as playing with your Playstation Network. Quite impressively 45,000 players already played 210,000 penalty shoot-outs. So far Holland is leading with 115,000 against 105,000. Oh, and not for forget, you can also win a Volkswagen Up, somehow. Created by Achtung! and built by Superhero Cheesecake.


January 10, 2012, AAB

Lab 1111 created a new iPhone app, called Boodschapp (literally: grocery), which allows you to scan products in Dutch supermarkets (for now just AH, C1000 and Jumbo) and compare them with similar products on price and quality. Out of a total of 16 different parameters (calories, fat, sugar, etc.) the product also receives an overall grade and the intuitive colour green, yellow or red. Lab 1111 worked with an independent team of professional food specialists to make sure the app is reliable. Since there are many different (quasi independent) ‘buy sensible’ logos on packaging nowadays this new ambitious project has the potential to become the overarching new standard.

KLM turns journeys into movies

December 19, 2011, AAB

Yet another cool online activational piece of advertising by KLM, created by Ice Mobile; the KLM Passport app, an app that turns traveller’s journeys into movies. This film, developed by Muse, shows more or less how it works: you choose a theme (adventure, around the world, island hopping, in the snow, etc.), select the best pictures and videos on your iPhone taken during your trip, and the app creates a need little movie. It all looks very smooth. The only downside of the concept is that most people still use a camera instead of their phone to collect travel memories, so the question is how many people will actually use it seriously. Nevertheless it shows once again that KLM understands that travelling is more than just buying a plane ticket.

Vodafone’s Grand Prix in tiny Roggel

December 7, 2011, AAB

Recently Achtung! created quite an unusual campaign to communicate Vodafone’s fiber internet; in the small town of Roggel (Limburg) a real race track was laid out around the center, where celebrity Jenson Button raced his Formula 1 car against the locals – who were racing in a simulator. The entire town was involved and a documentary was made of the event. The event was to bring Vodafone and its proposition (high speed internet) as close as possible to the user. To learn more about the story behind this campaign we asked Dick Buschman, MD and Head of Strategy of Achtung!, a few questions. More…

The appbook combines print with digital

November 25, 2011, AAB

So that’s what you get when a management consultant hires a digital agency; an ‘Appbook’. The book, titled ‘The Next Ten‘, shows us the expected challenges and opportunities of the coming 10 years by combining old skool press with an iphone (app), to be inserted in the center of the book. Some great Dutch thinkers like Robbert Dijkgraaf (on science), Rem Koolhaas (on architecture), Onno Ruding (on the economy) and Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (picture) – founder of The Next Web – (on digital media) give their view on the future and provide insights on how our life, work, and the way we interact will change. This fine book was created by Fitzroy in collaboration with Accenture, celebrating its 10th anniversary with its clients.