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Augment your lottery ticket

December 18, 2012, AAB

Since the chance that you’ll win €30 million with a lottery ticket is pretty insignificant, the State Lottery asked Doom & Dickson to make the lottery ticket more attractive. They literally did by adding some augmented reality. When you bring your ticket to life, with a special app, you can choose from 3 destinations where you’d want to be celebrating New Years’ eve: New York, Curacao or Lapland (Finland). If you take a screenshot of your augmented destination and share it, you make a chance of winning it ‘in real life.’ Compared to the normal lottery statistics a pretty attractive deal. Execution by Shop Around (content) and TWNKLS (technique).

Stamp sized augmented reality

April 5, 2011, AAB

Amsterdam agency Gummo was approached by TNT Post to design a series of stamps that would communicate some “extraordinary and yet to be completed architectural projects” in the Netherlands – click image to see all stamps. Together with the Dutch Architecture Institute (NAi) Gummo selected five visionary projects. But when Gummo realised that the size of the stamp would limit the agency in showing the projects in their full glory, it became inspired to use augmented reality – executed by DPI Animation House in The Hague. You can experience the AR on a website called Toekomst in Beweging (“future in motion”) and see a small demonstration here. There’s also a bonus AR image of the renovated NAi building when you show your webcam all the stamps at once.

May the TomTom be with you

July 14, 2010, AAB

Dutch navigation device manufacturer TomTom offers a very special set of new navigation voices in joint promotion with Star Wars. This viral – yes, we do consider it a viral – created by Pool Worldwide and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR), advertises Yoda’s voice – on sale for US $13. In May Darth Vader was released. Very funny, though we can imagine – as the commercial already shows – that this voice will (literally) drive you nuts after a while. On the TomTom website you can also listen to voice samples of the other Star Wars characters – Darth Vader, C-3PO, and Han Solo. There’s also a Star Wars game – we could almost hear the client say “let’s also do a game”. It has to do with augmented reality through your webcam, using the force and winning ‘a personalized Yoda voice’ – whatever that may be. All in all, TomTom – in difficult times because of the recession and tough (mobile phone) competition – and Pool have done a great job in turning TomTom into a more likeable brand.

Volvo’s S60 promoted through AR code search

June 15, 2010, AAB

>We quite like this teaser that smoothly combines film and animation to announce a very ‘hip’ party in London. Throughout May and June the Volvo Subject60 launch party will be touring the top 5 European cities – Berlin, London, Paris, Milan and Madrid – to promote the new “naughty” Volvo S60. These parties top off the Subject60 code search campaign; 20 cubes – giving access to the parties – were hidden in the different cities. And readers of the most influential fashion/design/music blogs were hinted about their locations on a map. Through augmented reality app Layar the exact cube locations could be unlocked. As far as we know it’s the first time that Volvo directs its brand so clearly into the direction of ‘hipness’. That sounds like a bit of a stretch. We don’t know about the rest of Europe, but in the Netherlands the sound car brand is primarily driven by doctors, accountants and other reliable folk. So here the positioning might be pushing it one bridge too far. Anyway, the campaign was created by EuroRSCG 4D – Volvo’s digital agency that already for a long time quite successfully runs Volvo’s international online account.

The first augmented reality outdoor ad with Layar

May 27, 2010, AAB

Prince of Persia - May 2010Finally, the first example of Layar – the augmented reality browser – applied in advertising. Created by TAB World Media, a company that specializes in augmented outdoor advertising. With an Android or iPhone you can watch the new trailer of Walt Disney’s ‘Prince of Persia, The sands of time’ through Layar. But of course there’s more. The Dutch AR browser also gives access to a game. The movie character Tamina speaks to the player (see image) and explains you need to answer three questions. By answering correctly the player can earn 50 ‘Movie Minutes’ – for 90 MM you can buy a DVD. The Layar also gives access to an augmented cinema locator and the option to share the game within your social network. We look forward to the future – this is just the beginning…

Rise and Fall; Arty AR webcam experience

March 22, 2010, AAB

This trailer promotes the March issue of Boards Magazine dedicated to Innovation. The Canadian magazine on international commercial production asked Theo Watson and Emily Gobeille of Nexus Productions to develop an interactive cover to articulate this month’s theme. The result is Rise and Fall; an augmented reality (AR) webcam experience. By holding the magazine cover up and down in front of your webcam, a story unfolds that rises with the birds or falls down into the ocean with the fishes respectively, accompanied by little cryptic text cues. Amsterdam based MOST was responsible for the sound effects – that clearly contribute to the arty interactive experience. The technique of using the webcam for AR advertising is becoming more and more popular. Recently we saw an impressive AR Adidas Originals sneaker ad, made by Sid Lee Montreal/Amsterdam – here’s the teaser. For those of you that don’t have this month’s Boards issue, here’s a demonstration by Theo Watson himself. And if you want to see a live demonstration, and a peak behind the scenes, you should visit the upcoming Boards Summit Europe in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on March 24.