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Symbols of recognition

April 1, 2014, AAB

ADCN Awards 2014 - Lemz and SweetieLemz winning the Grand Prix for the “most jealous making case” of the evening – presenter Eric Corton on the left and a bulb-babe on the right.

Yesterday, in Paradiso, the ADCN bulbs were divided among the best creatives in the Netherlands. More awards than ever, since Bronze had been added to the Award portfolio. The big winners were Lemz, FHV BBDO, DDB & Tribal. Lemz scored with Sweetie, an animated 10-year old webcamgirl exposing web-pedophiles. It won the Grand Prix (we predict not the last one) and Gold in the categories Activation, Integrated, and Interactive.  FHV created ‘More Crap’ to show that with Hi’s 4G you can watch all the crap you like. It won two Gold in Commercial (read: preroll) and Interactive, one Silver for Integrated, and one Bronze for Interactive. FHV also won a ‘Deelbekroning’ (please don’t ask us to explain why this is a different award) with ‘All you can tweet’ for Direction. At the time we said: “a concept that rises above itself through the awesome (art) direction – kudos for director Jeroen Annokkee.” DDB & Tribal won one Gold (Interactive), two Silver (Activation and Graphic Design) for KLM Space (“an extremely attractive experience” – AAB). The agency also won Silver for Planes and for Das Hund – among other awards. More…

Shop Around wins at European Promax Awards

March 26, 2014, AAB

Battle of the Superheroes - Shop Around - March 2014Rotterdam and Amsterdam based creative production agency Shop Around won Gold at the annual European Promax Awards in London for an online promotion campaign for UPC/Liberty Global Europe. The agency produced a series of four online posters for the yearly ‘Superheroes theme month’ of UPC Europe’s On Demand channel. For the “Battle of the Superheroes” project subscribers of the channel could vote for their favourite superhero out of two theme movies; the most voted one was aired. This is Shop Around’s second Gold at Promax. During the Promax Worldwide Award show last summer they won in the category ‘Best Movie Promotion’ with a promo for the On Demand support of the “The Avengers” movie.

Jury judges Spin entries

March 12, 2014, AAB

SpinAwards Jury 2013Last year’s jury judging the entries

As from tomorrow the different category juries of the SpinAwards will start judging the 545 cases that have been submitted this year. A new record, last year there were only 437 – the year before 410. Not just a sign that the media budgets are shifting towards digital, but hopefully also a sign that the economy is slowly climbing back up again! Most popular are the categories: Young Talent (89) – also a hopeful sign for the future, Social Media (66 entries), and Online Campaign (62). The nominations will be made public on March 22, and the (in)famous SpinAward night is on April 17. We’re looking forward to it!

Creative Press Challenge 2014

February 26, 2014, AAB

Creative Press ChallengeGood news: the Creative Press Challenge will be held again this year. The event was initiated last year by Thijs Biersteker and newspaper de Volkskrant to put print ads on a pedestal. With the copy ‘Bad ideas can’t hide in print’ the best creatives in town were invited to make an ad for Free Press Unlimited. The winning ad, by Luuk van de Put and Jurre van de Ven (Alfred), will be sent to Cannes. This year the charity is The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. According to de Volkskrant a good match, since the topics education and social participation are important to the paper. The charity supports highly educated refugees studying in the Netherlands and subsequently finding an occupation. In October the briefing will be handed out and again. Since we’re mediapartner again (together with Creatie and Marketing Tribune), we’ll be following the event closely.

ADCN becomes more accessible

February 26, 2014, AAB

Terres des Hommes - February 2014Sweetie, the CG girl created by Lemz to track down “online pedophiles,” wins three ADCN nominations.   

Yesterday, at the ADCN clubhouse, the light bulb (or ‘lamp’ in Dutch) nominations were announced. The big winners were DDB & Tribal with 35 nominations, TBWA with 29, and N=5 with 22 nominations. Especially for N=5 this is quite an accomplishment, since it is by far the smallest agency of the three. The most successful (digital) production agency was MediaMonks with 23 nominations. On the client side KLM is the big winner with 14 nominations. It is what happens when you ask every agency in town to create some sort of activation. Or rather, that’s what happens when you write inspiring briefings and choose the right agencies to work for you. Sweetie, created by Lemz for Terres des Hommes, won three nominations – a concept that is so BIG that it will probably win at every award show around the world. Two important things have changed this year; all ADCN members are allowed to vote and the ADCN has introduced a bronze light bulb, to decrease the gap between a nomination and an actual award. We can imagine that this is a tempting thing to do, handing out more light bulbs, but it will only cause inflation – that’s not us being critical, but simply how economics work. Then again, we live in the age of (digital) democratization, so maybe it’s just a natural course. The accessibility of the awards is probably also why this year, for the first time, we are allowed to leave our black ties at home when the definite winners are announced in Paradiso on 31 March. You can find the complete list of nominations here.

KLM Space big winner at Eurobest

December 11, 2013, AAB

Eurobest 2013With 1 Gold (Interactive), 4 Silver (Interactive, Design and Mobile) and 3 Bronze (Interactive and Promo & Activation) one of our personal favourites, KLM Space by DDB & Tribal and Rapp was the big winner during this year’s Eurobest – from Dutch point of view that is. DDB & Tribal themselves was the agency which stuck out already with its amount of nominations on the short list and now with its awards: seven times Silver and four times Bronze. Rapp is part of DDB & Tribal so there were even more awards to take home: another Gold and Bronze. DDB & Tribal also got awarded 3 Silver for three different commercials for Inshared and it’s nice to see that the Netherlands are back in the film category (last year we won zero in film). Another one of our favourites that we dubbed digital concept of the year Achtung!’s GTI Bannerbahn for Volkswagen left Lisbon with 2 Silver and 1 Bronze in Interactive and Promo & Activation. They also were the only winners in…radio with a Silver award for their Porsche Cayenne Kilometer - proving they’re not just a digital agency. Ogilvy’s contribution for Dela (“why wait until it’s too late”) scored the second Dutch Gold in the category Branded Content & Entertainment and 2 Bronze in Promo & Activation and Media. Last summer they already won a Media Grand Prix in Cannes. We are quite pleased with the results: in total there were 24 Dutch winners this year, compared to 19 awards last year we did better, especially in digital.

Damn You Auto Correct wins ADCN workshop

November 21, 2013, AAB

Winners ADCN-JCDecaux workshop - November 2013Èwa Oduguwa and Jolien Kappert, both students at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, won this year’s ADCN workshop. During this one day workshop 18 teams (a mix of junior agency teams and students) worked on an outdoor concept for Unilever brand Unox, a brand with a rich heritage, especially loved for its ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage), traditionally eaten with ‘boerenkool’ (kale-potato stew) in the winter season. After a briefing by Martijn Morsink (Sr brand manager Unox) the teams were coached by a group of mentors: Arjen de Jong (Animal Farm), Annemiek den Uil (freelance), Stephan Gonnissen (Etcetera and ADCN), Maarten Vrouwes (JWT) and Geert Ploeger (freelance). At the end of the day the jury, consisting of  Marc van Amerongen (JCDecaux), Martijn Morsink (Unilever) and ADCN board member Peter van Leeuwen chose Èwa and Jolien’s concept. Their idea was based on the infamous Damn You Auto Correct fuck ups. Since Unox is a decent brand, this autocorrect doesn’t talk about “shaved pussy” when “shaved pork” was really meant; instead granny talks about ‘rokwiet’ (dress ganja) instead of rookworst – showing in a nice way how Unox works for all ages. Besides the branded beanies and 15 seconds of fame, the two also won the ADCN yearbook 2013 – to be officially released on 28th of november. Congrats!

No news is bad news

November 8, 2013, AAB

Luuk van de Put & Jurre van deVen (Alfred) - November 2013That is, this news is good news for Luuk van de Put and Jurre van de Ven (Alfred), since they won the Creative Press Challenge (click image for full version). The idea behind the challenge was to show that bad ideas can’t hide in print – and vice versa – and the briefing was to make an ad for Free Press Unlimited – an organization that supports journalists in countries where there’s hardly any press freedom and thus no access to reliable information. The jury, consisting of Leon Willems (CEO Free Press Unlimited), Chris Buur (chef ‘V’ de Volkskrant), André Matarazzo (ECD Sid Lee), Alvaro Sotomayor (CD W+K) and David Snellenberg (Copywriter Dawn) chose this winner from 50 entries – all presented as a sketch to the jury. During yesterday’s Cannes Lions Show (24 hours of advertising) this one was revealed as the winner. The print ad will be featured in de Volkskrant and entered into the Cannes Lions competition. Some quotes from the jury report: “The saying ‘no news is good news’ is turned around smartly and it makes the core mission of Free Press Unlimited tangible in an outstanding way.” (Willems) “There’s something terribly catchy in this tiny variation of a well-known saying, and these five words are a spot on description of what gives Free Press Unlimited its urgency.” (Buur) “Arresting visually, stopping at an almost empty page in a crowded newspaper.” (Matarazzo) “The winner is, as always, the simplest idea. The stopping power is key.” (Snellenberg) The other participants who made the top 5 were: Huub Haarhuis and Matthijs Vrooijink (Havas Worldwide), Wesley Visseren and Vincent Beijersbergen (Etcetera), Kai Nobbe and Rick van de Ven (Red Urban) and sharing the 5th place Joost van der Schoot, Marten Meijboom (The Oddshop), Bas Derks and Rob Voortman (Ogilvy). Congrats to all.

New Kid Kokoro

November 4, 2013,

New Kid KokoroKorokoKorokoko… Kokoro – yesss, got it – invited us to ‘feel fabulous with them’ and celebrate their Best New Kid on the Block title. The party took place in their office situated in a convent – yes, an actual convent. It is hidden somewhere in an armpit of the Beatrixpark and regardless the route description on Facebook we had a really hard time finding it. Fortunately we were eventually guided in the right direction by the loud music. After a little chat with the founders of Kokoro Rik Heijmen, Wouter Vanhaeren and Merlijn Van Vliet about their goal to connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of consumers (Kokoro means heart in Japanese, you see), we followed our hearts to connect with others at the bar. Heijmen at some point showed a Powerpoint about the outdoor project they won with their ‘Best New Kid’ title, but most people by then didn’t have the courtesy to listen. Highlights of the evening? The confetti-confessional, a laser printer that could decorate your iPhone, a closet filled with Turkish bread – which seemed an interior designer’s choice – and the fridges that were relentlessly refilled with Heinekens and white wine. Photos can be found here.

Orange Lions bribes agencies

October 23, 2013, AAB

24 uur van de reclame - Bribe - Oct. 2013Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we got them…the cheeky thugs stealing the Cannes Lions from no less than 15 offices, which we revealed yesterday. It is a stunt from Orange Lions a body that propagates the Cannes brand in the Netherlands. The agencies will get their Lions back when they send their young talent to the 24 Hours of Advertising. The concept was conceived by RA*W and Jonge Honden and executed by Caviar/L-A-D-A.