Hidden Persuasion

One of the most important reasons why ad people can’t always communicate with marketeers is that they like to take decisions on gut feeling, while marketeers prefer to be convinced by evidence-based cases. There’s a bit of a Catch22 here, since creative agencies per definition try out completely new things that go unprecedented. However, if… More.


Why I Love Tattoos

Freelance art director, designer and photographer Ralf Mitsch has always been fascinated by tattoos, which is why he created the book: Why I Love Tattoos. The idea was conceived years ago at a studio in Duintjer CS in the Vijzelstraat, where he met Holger. About this encounter: “The tattoos crawling out of Holger’s shirt, immediately… More.


The art and science of great ideas

Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf, Wouter Boon and Dr. Matthijs Baas at the launch of ‘Defining Creativity.’ “You seem to be the creative type” is a strange little combination of words I hear every once in a while when I find myself getting to know someone new. What it means, I don’t know. I’ve always figured… More.


Digital ADCN yearbook shows dedication

Floris Hülsmann and Joris van Elk receive first ADCN 2013 yearbook and iPad app Last week the Art Directors Club Nederland presented its yearbook for advertising and design. Besides the fact that it was beautifully designed, this year’s book is very special since it is for the first time accessible through an iPad app. What… More.


Human targets

The KesselsKramer Useful Photography series is a collection of magazines focusing on “overlooked images taken for practical purposes.” In its 11th edition the magazine focuses on shooting targets. A selection of targets in photo form has been collected by going through tens of thousands of shooting ranges across the USA. The country with its 2nd amendment,… More.



In the Netherlands it’s called ‘inhaken,’ but Grant Hunter, regional creative director at iris and Jon Burkhart, formerly social media director, call it ‘Newsjacking.’ The duo has written a book that features over 100 case studies of the best and worst examples of newsjacking, giving core insights into the seven key principles that brands need… More.


Never sleep with the director

A few years ago Lemon Scented Tea came up with the ‘Ridiculous Rules’ concept to promote a design festival. It was so successful that today the sixth edition – again written and edited by Anneloes van Gaalen – is already out: “Never sleep with the director. And 50 other Ridiculous Film Rules.” The different rules are… More.


The appbook combines print with digital

So that’s what you get when a management consultant hires a digital agency; an ‘Appbook’. The book, titled ‘The Next Ten‘, shows us the expected challenges and opportunities of the coming 10 years by combining old skool press with an iphone (app), to be inserted in the center of the book. Some great Dutch thinkers… More.


The housecat that wasn’t lost

Very nice concept by Incl. – which stands for all-inclusive communication design. It is to promote a poster made by Rop van Mierlo, exclusively for Found by James. Found by James is a design blog and online webshop selling arty exclusiveness from around the world. The limited edition illustration of the housecat was sold out… More.


‘50 years of human space flight’; The road to Gagarin

Recently Russia celebrated the 50th birthday of the first man in space; Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968). In Russia he is still a hero and revered throughout the country. This inspired director René Nuijens (328 Stories) and writer Steve Korver to visit Russia in search of Gagarin. Nuijens and Korver created a booklet with photographs of Gagarin… More.