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A sound walk

April 7, 2014, AAB

The last work we featured from Google and 72andSunny was a classic case of storytelling, through a series of films about French people making their dreams come true with Google’s help. Now Google Creative Lab and 72andSunny have taken things one step further; they introduced a Promenade Sonore, a ‘sound walk’ through Marseille, at night. This documentary style film follows Julie de Muer as she explores the streets of the real Marseille (both the gritty and the beautiful), while she’s recording the local sounds. The end result is not just this film, but an interactive experience through Google Streetview – strangely enough, however, and unfortunately you don’t get to hear Julie’s voice – nor her recordings – but that of a stereotypical Frenchman, wheezing through the microphone. The good news; with this interactive experience Google might have just unlocked a complete new use for Streetview. Digital production MediaMonks.

Scary Wars

March 25, 2014, AAB

Kaspersky Lab - March 2014Now that the G8 (or technically G7) has put Russia in the corner, the Cold War is freezing up again. In the 80s the Cold War was a daily business. The good thing about it was that it made things clear; you had the West and the East. Today the world has become a little more complicated. Take this website that shows a dynamic 3D world map displaying the volume of viral detections in real time – ironically paying homage to 80s cold war flick War Games. The interactive WebGL environment denotes the virus detections by different colours and symbols depending on the type of threat. Some show the point of detection while others show the source of the threat, linking them with brightly coloured trajectories. The interactive globe also allows you to zoom in and out. The site was created by Minivegas for Kaspersky Lab, a fast growing IT security vendor. It shows that there’s a basic rule that always applies – whether you are fighting the East or the Middle East; when you scare people you can sell them security.

Blind trade harvest

March 21, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind trade stats - March 2014A few weeks ago we wrote about Porsche’s Blind Trade campaign, created by Achtung!; trading your car for the newest model Porsche without having actually seen it. It has proved a “no-brainer” (as we predicted); already 10,000 people have offered their car for trade on this website. This infographic shows the stats of the cars that were offered. Among the harvest; 2 Aston Martin’s, 2 Ferrari’s, a Rolls, and a Lamborghini. The winner will be announced on the 31st – would be cool if it’s a 1992 Opel Corsa or something.

Update (Nov. 21 2014): The new Porsche Macan has been revealed.

Blind Trade
Amsterdam Ad Blog

March 4, 2014, AAB

Porsche Blind Trade - March 2014Would you blindly trade your car for the newest model Porsche? A no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not, cause together with Achtung! Porsche turned it into a digital activation. Through a dedicated page you can submit your car to be traded in for the newest Porsche, without actually having seen it. That is, at first you don’t see it at all, and then slowly but surely all the details are revealed. Those of you who doubt the design skills of Porsche and still aren’t sure about the fairness of the trade, the auto manufacturer has built in a catch; the longer you wait, the less chance of winning. So, don’t wait too long. Oh, and yes, not unimportantly, the value of your trade-in and your motivation also count. Site built by Random and 3D by Renascent.

Heavy labour discount

February 18, 2014, AAB

Mercedes Benz Scan your hand - February 2014

Mercedes Vitos are built for hard working men – yes, we’re sorry, you never see women drive a Mercedes Vito. According to Mercedes, especially the hardest working men deserve a discount. Hence this activation – “Heavy Labour Discount” – that determines your discount after having scanned your hand through your webcam. The more calluses, grooves, etc., the more discount – up to €9,000. Must be an ingenious piece of software that can measure those subtle things through a webcam. If your webcam works, of course – the app couldn’t find ours. Fortunately, we have manicured hands; we wouldn’t have gotten a discount anyway. Created by N=5 and built by MediaMonks.

All about the colours

December 10, 2013, AAB

Nike Fuel Band SE Colette - Dec. 2013This installation, at the famous fashion house Colette in Paris, was created by Random Studio to promote the new Nike Fuelband SE (according to Gizmodo the SE is merely an iteration and doesn’t offer much more than “a splash of color on the band”). The “RGB LED infinity tunnel,” showing colourful animated light patterns, was built in collaboration with lighting specialists Jurlights and production company L’Araignée. MadMapper was used as the software to output video directly onto the LED strips. This is not the first window installation Random makes for Nike. In 2013 they won Design Gold in Cannes (together with ,… Staat and Jurlights) for another Fuel Band installation at Selfridges in London.

Life-size Leo

November 15, 2013, AAB

FIFA 14 LEO - November 2013Leo is a life-size avatar of Lionel Messi – created by Wieden+Kennedy for FIFA 14 – with which you can interact on a dedicated website. That is, if you have super fast internet and a powerful computer, cause at the AAB head offices (where we have pretty high computing standards) discovering Messi was a faltering affair – we could barely take a screenshot while our Macs were working hard to process the life-size data. No wonder, according to the press release Leo was built in Maya – by Amsterdam based Resn – from “hundreds of high-resolution photos of the real Messi and 3D scans, which were projection-mapped over 750 ‘bones’ to mimic and reflect human actions.” What’s more “through artificial intelligence LEO’s actions change based on how you treat him.” This sounds a little like Tamagotchi, but it’s probably more innovative than that. If you don’t get Leo to work properly on your desktop, you can also check him out on your mobile, through a custom-built HTML site. Though on mobile Leo doesn’t have the Tamagotchi skills, you can still check him out head-to-toe, cause the mobile site utilizes swipe, gyroscope and accelerometer, making for an intuitive exploration. In any case, the message that FIFA’s avatars are hyper realistic is out there.

Personal recruitment banners

November 11, 2013, AAB

SSSS & Orchestra banners - Nov. 2013When SSSS & Orchestra was looking for a digital manager, it more or less directly asked employees of the other agencies whether they were interested. By using these banners and the IP numbers of its competitors. They asked, is your MD around? When clicking ‘yes,’ the ad would change into a banner of one of SSSS’s clients, when clicking ‘no,’ it would change into a recruitment banner. Simple as that. The only reason why this might have not been successful, is that they put the ads on, which is clearly not the right umfeld for a digital strategist. Nice concept anyway. And in case you don’t hate casefilms, here’s the casefilm.


October 25, 2013, AAB

Quite a teaser this commercial made for the Ministry of Social Affairs that advertises a platform that tries to stimulate people to make more out of their working lives. The platform and its experiments have been developed together with the University of Amsterdam, which is actually why it might be a little too highbrow for the lethargic target it tries to motivate. But all in all it’s beautifully executed and a typical THEY concept; educational and well designed. The film was directed by Jeroen Annokkée (CZAR) and the site developed by MediaMonks.

A pile of internet crap

October 16, 2013, AAB

Wow, we’re seriously jealous of this stuff for Hi, created by FHV BBDO and director Joris Dommels. Hi already was the most edgy brand in the world of mobile providers, but now it has gone one step further in promoting its 4G network. With all the freedom in the world (just like 4G) FHV came up with the hashtag #morecrap (“From The Web”) and used one of the stars from the Hi commercials to create and re-create a pile of internet crap – Vines (such as this French Fries player), Gifs, and other ‘raw’ material. The separate items were first seeded on platforms like Reddit (where one of the films became the second most popular GIF in no time) and 9GAG, and then compiled in ‘proper’ formats, such as banners and the commercial featured above this post (for cinema only). Finally, there’s even an online ‘TV’ format, created together with the Kings of crap, Dumpert. Here you can find all the content. The production was done by We Are Will and the post production by Circus Family.