Dutch Animation Carousel

Making the opening titles for the Playgrounds festival, as from tomorrow landing in Amsterdam, is an honour. And we have to say that OddOne – which is directors duo Peter van de Riet and Kerry Murphy – did what was expected from them. What a great title sequence, showing: “A surrealistic re-interpretation of the animation pipeline… More.


Playgrounds is coming to Amsterdam

Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival is a festival for innovative and creative digital art. The four-day festival, taking place in Tilburg and Amsterdam, presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival, offering a program filled with artist talks, workshops, masterclasses, meet ‘n’ greets, screenings, interactive installations and live performances, kicks off on October… More.


Offline Rehab

Using Facebook’s data to give you a sneak peak into your own life has been done many times before, but this ‘game’ that collects your likes, foto uploads, check-ins etc. is quite well done. The idea is that when you’re too busy online, you need to take a trip to the great outdoors that Alberta has to… More.


Brush Busters

Brush Busters is an awesome new app created by Philips Sonicare and Achtung! teaching kids how to brush their teeth properly. The app, created for the American market, uses cartoon figures, storytelling (excuse the word) and gamification. The app is equipped with  a timer and different storylines to virtually clean the teeth of two funny characters; Bjørn… More.


Sneakers Would

Sometimes ideas are just bound to pop up. For example, yesterday we wrote about a concept turning banners into art. Today we write about Sneakers Would, an initiative by Converse, replacing banner ads by cultural opportunities – read: invitations to 70 live shows in Europe. The commercial is a bit weird, but it just might appeal… More.


3D Printed Petition

3D printers are hot. But what to do with them in advertising? You could for example 3D print a petition in the shape of an elephant at Schiphol. When you sign the petition and commit yourself to never ride an elephant (again), the elephant gains a piece of its completion – in the image you… More.


Share pink

Last weekend it was gay pride in Amsterdam, which means boats full of dressed up gays, loud music and quite some ecstasy sailing through the canals. Red Urban and Etcetera came up with a pink filter to be used on your smart phone around the canals to show that T-Mobile supports sharing love with whomever… More.


Random Denim

Amsterdam based Cartelle built a state of the art website around G-Star’s new denim collection. We could explain in great detail how the most random denim products (what’s up with the jeans maker’s obsession with running animals?) fly handsomely through your screen, but you better just experience it. One thing is sure, G-Star understands how… More.


We’re on a boat

This video explains the app ‘We’re on a boat,’ created by Design studio Little Nice Things. It taps into the trend of shared ownership and seems perfect for Amsterdam; share your boat with others and get rewarded. Whether it’ll work is to be debated, since very few boats cruise around the canals to pick up strangers. But the sympathetic piece… More.


Gorter and Ridder win two pencils at D&AD New Blood

Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder (website) last week won a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood awards. We have to admit that when we first saw their casefilm, we thought; what a great idea…but “it’s just a video” – quoting Wesley ter Haar who took part in the Cannes Cyber… More.