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3D Printed Petition

August 15, 2014, AAB

World Animal Protection 3D printed elephant - August 20143D printers are hot. But what to do with them in advertising? You could for example 3D print a petition in the shape of an elephant at Schiphol. When you sign the petition and commit yourself to never ride an elephant (again), the elephant gains a piece of its completion – in the image you see his trunk. On top of that your name is engraved in the object in a special typeface; the ‘Elephont.’ The project combines five Ultimaker 3D printers to print the elephant. We’re not sure to whom the petition will be presented, but that doesn’t really matter, cause the attention is there. The project is a collaboration of  World Animal Protection, Ultimaker, FHV BBDO, Minivegas and 3D-print designer Joris van Tubergen.

Share pink

August 8, 2014, AAB

T-Mobile Share Pink - August 2014Last weekend it was gay pride in Amsterdam, which means boats full of dressed up gays, loud music and quite some ecstasy sailing through the canals. Red Urban and Etcetera came up with a pink filter to be used on your smart phone around the canals to show that T-Mobile supports sharing love with whomever you want. A team spread physical pink filters around the canals and naturally online you could use a digital filter. On the website deelroze (‘share pink’) you can find all the social media shares using the hashtag #deelroze. Casefilm here.

Random Denim

July 28, 2014, AAB

G-Star-Raw-New-Collection---July-2014Amsterdam based Cartelle built a state of the art website around G-Star’s new denim collection. We could explain in great detail how the most random denim products (what’s up with the jeans maker’s obsession with running animals?) fly handsomely through your screen, but you better just experience it. One thing is sure, G-Star understands how a brand is built.

We’re on a boat

July 10, 2014, AAB

Little Nice Things We're on a boat - July 2014This video explains the app ‘We’re on a boat,’ created by Design studio Little Nice Things. It taps into the trend of shared ownership and seems perfect for Amsterdam; share your boat with others and get rewarded. Whether it’ll work is to be debated, since very few boats cruise around the canals to pick up strangers. But the sympathetic piece of technology is “made with love” nevertheless – helped by the friendly tunes of Lullatone.

Gorter and Ridder win two pencils at D&AD New Blood

July 8, 2014, AAB

Yme Gorter and Paul J. Ridder winning two pencils - July 2014Yme Gorter and Paul J. de Ridder (website) last week won a Yellow and Black pencil at the D&AD New Blood awards. We have to admit that when we first saw their casefilm, we thought; what a great idea…but “it’s just a video” – quoting Wesley ter Haar who took part in the Cannes Cyber jury, and explained at Pakhuis de Zwijger last Thursday that this phrase became a running gag in the jury for incredible casefilms without much proof of concept. It should be noted though that Ridder and Gorter are students at the Edinburgh Napier University, so they aren’t backed up by a big ass agency. What’s more, when we asked the team about the fact that it’s just a film, they told us they will present their case to Al Gore later this month at a closed Climate Change Summit. On top of that they will visit Google Labs this week to discuss the concept. So our sceptical thoughts were premature, these guys are making things happen! We take our hat off.

The Nobel Peace Prize for brands

June 12, 2014, AAB

"Your brand name here" Copyright; letsheal.orgOne of the slides in Mark Woerde’s presentation deck. Photo credit:

The Dutch Art Director’s Club (ADCN) is organising a ‘Summer Program’ with inspiring speakers that share their adventures in Adland. Last Tuesday it was Mark Woerde’s turn, the one speaker we were most keen on listening to. Woerde, who is a partner at Lemz, is one of the brains behind the case that will probably end up very high in the Gun Report this year; Sweetie. We were following Woerde already for a while, because in 2011 he published the book How Advertising Will Heal The World. Quite a bold statement, since advertising is still a marketing discipline that specialises in generating paid attention. But at the ADCN night Woerde convincingly showed some 40 ad creatives, how a relatively small agency can indeed change world politics. More…

Holland wins 6 Webby’s

April 29, 2014, AAB

Webby-awardsLast week the Spinawards were awarded to the best digital cases in the Netherlands. That was just a Dutch affair. You would guess that internationally the Webby’s are a better indicator. But when looking at the winners, the show doesn’t seem to represent the best of Holland’s digital work. The 18th edition awarded 3 Webby’s and 3 People’s Voice Winners. The Webby’s went to: the KLM’s ‘Social Care’ (CRM) by agency Ministry of World Domination; an interactive website by Black Magic Marker about World War II; and Achtung!’s Bannerbahn. Since the People’s Voice Awards mainly say something about how well an agency can activate its social network, we don’t take them too seriously. Having said that, we were quite surprised that KLM Space, by DDB & Tribal didn’t win more than a People’s Voice Award. Just two more months and then the Cannes Lions will reveal what really sticks internationally in digital.

A video clip with extras

April 24, 2014, AAB

Hi Making of videoclip - April 2014Here’s the ‘making of’ an interactive, mobile first video clip FHV BBDO created for Hi and Ronnie Flex’ new track ‘Pocahontas.’ The clip, especially made for mobile and featuring Hi’s famous ad character Uriah Arnhem, unlocks different storylines, easter eggs and several interactive options – like being able to scratch a record. It was made with Top Notch, Universal Music Group, Vice, Habbekrats, Yellowbird en

Putting a ring on it

April 21, 2014, AAB

2014 Spinawards DDB & Tribal on stageLast Thursday night, the 16th annual SpinAwards ceremony took place in club Panama in Amsterdam. To celebrate the ultimate creativity in digital, the SpinAwards foundation handed out 15 gold and 17 silver awards, a new record. This year the awards in the shape of big rings were redesigned and 3D printed – as you can expect from a digital award show. To quote Beyonce: “If you like it then you should put a ring on it.”

A sound walk

April 7, 2014, AAB

The last work we featured from Google and 72andSunny was a classic case of storytelling, through a series of films about French people making their dreams come true with Google’s help. Now Google Creative Lab and 72andSunny have taken things one step further; they introduced a Promenade Sonore, a ‘sound walk’ through Marseille, at night. This documentary style film follows Julie de Muer as she explores the streets of the real Marseille (both the gritty and the beautiful), while she’s recording the local sounds. The end result is not just this film, but an interactive experience through Google Streetview – strangely enough, however, and unfortunately you don’t get to hear Julie’s voice – nor her recordings – but that of a stereotypical Frenchman, wheezing through the microphone. The good news; with this interactive experience Google might have just unlocked a complete new use for Streetview. Digital production MediaMonks.