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A golden night in Panama

April 22, 2014,

Spinawards Party 2014Last week was the 16th time the SpinAwards – the awards for creativity in digital – were presented, and we were invited. With a record-breaking 15 Golden SpinAwards there was enough reason to party. Tout creative Amsterdam found its way to club Panama as the organization is known for throwing a good bash. The atmosphere was great as there was a good diversity of areas where you could reside depending on if you fancied a dance, a drink, a smoke or a chat. Nearly every area featured some sort of installation (such as the #TwitterMirror and the Lumasolator) inviting guests to take part in some form of “creative digital interactivity.” More…

Awards, hot dogs and rock ‘n roll

April 3, 2014,

ADCN-2014This week started with one of our country’s most coveted creativity awards: The ADCN Lampen (‘light bulbs’). Hosted in Amsterdam’s most famous pop-temple, the format of the night broke from tradition. This year, the show was briefed to appeal to those with even the most limited attention span, and jack-of-all-trades Eric Corton, host of the rock ‘n roll themed evening, was burdened with the task of maintaining the audience’s focus throughout the course of the show. And as we all know, that isn’t an easy one. But Corton gave it his all and at times it even seemed like the well-groomed singer, actor/dj/style icon/presenter *gasp for air* was genuinely enjoying himself. Even the snacks were fast: the mini food-court going on in the basement offered unlimited hot dogs to the peckish. ADCN didn’t skimp on any entertainment either. More…

The Gardeners celebrate fifth anniversary

March 24, 2014,

The Gardeners 5 years - March 2014With a venue such as the Vondelkerk, we have to admit you’ve got yourself a head start merely by sending the invite. Last Friday The Gardeners celebrated their fifth anniversary in the impressive church (completed in 1880) right next to the Vondelpark. On entrance, a delegation of campy little garden gnomes greeted the guests from the steps of the stairs that go up to the agency’s office space. Inside, exceptionally charming (by that we actually mean HOT!) barmen extended the theme of hospitality. More…

The art and science of great ideas

March 17, 2014,

Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf, Wouter Boon and Dr. Matthijs Baas at the launch of ‘Defining Creativity.’

“You seem to be the creative type” is a strange little combination of words I hear every once in a while when I find myself getting to know someone new. What it means, I don’t know. I’ve always figured it’s because of my curly hair and my quirky motor skills. It might just be that in fact it has nothing to do with my appearance. Nevertheless, I have noticed that I do take it as a compliment. But what the hell does it actually mean; to be creative? And, aren’t we all the creative type? This is a thought that has crossed my mind several times, as I’m sure it has crossed yours as well. For all who have wondered this, now there’s a concise little book - Defining Creativity - written by Wouter Boon that dives into “The Art and Science of Great Ideas.”

ADCE Creative Express held in Amsterdam

March 13, 2014, AAB

Creative-Express - March 2014The 2nd edition of the ADCE (Art Director’s Club of Europe) Creative Express, the creative workshop that aims to provide training and promotion to young creatives, takes places in Amsterdam this coming Friday, 14th March. The first edition took place on a train (!) last year; this year the Dutch ADCN hosts the event at its headquarters. The participants are young talents under 28 years old and with at least two years work experience. The 12 candidates, chosen by the different member countries of the ADCE, come from Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom – and at least one of them likes smoking. They will be working in teams under the guidance of senior creatives from the ADCE board. European NGO Democracy International will act as client for the workshop. The challenge: develop communication campaigns aimed at building a more democratic Europe – a Europe of its citizens. We would have suggested: show why Europe is good for its citizens, and thus make it a brand – but that’s us. Participants have also been invited to take part in the ADCE board meeting tomorrow, showing the double objective of the event: being open for the ideas of young professionals and giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced creatives.

Slamming bruscos on a school night

March 11, 2014,

Sippin Bruscos on a school-night - March 2014Seeing Natwerk‘s Frank de Ruwe, Lard Breebaart and 400 kilos of “stunt grapes” in a Fiat 500, jumping though a burning hoop, got us easily excited for the introduction of this spring’s it-drink: a Lambrusco by the name of Letsgo Brusco. After the success of Bello Limencello, Brusco is Natwerk’s newest alcoholic endeavor. The duo set out to reinvent the Northern Italian drink and improve its image  from the cheapest and sweetest alcoholic beverage we could lay our hands on in our teens, to a modern, sophisticated alternative to the characterless rose. Last Thursday it was time for a lucky few to taste the result during the launch party set in a very chic location in “the golden bend” on the Herengracht.

Fitzroy’s Annual New Year’s Bash

March 3, 2014,

Fitzroy's Annual New Year's Bash - March 2014Beacons of colored light streamed out of a row of windows along the Piet Heinkade last Thursday night. A clear indicator, together with a sea of bicycles and the thumping of a determined DJ, of Fitzroy‘s annual New Year’s bash. Who needs Google Maps when the music is so loud? A poster by the door, informing guests of the strict ‘no list, no entrance’-policy, was a bitter-sweet reminder of last year’s success. One that had raised expectations this time around. Would Fitzroy manage to live up to its reputation? Inside, miniature tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, together with Bacardi cocktails and Heinekens, were clear displays of Fitzroy’s top fast-mover clientele. One could enjoy a cocktail and a game of foosball in one room or conduct the necessary networking under the enjoyment of a glass of prosecco in the other. The latter area featured tattoo artist Papanatos, the talent behind the agency’s new wall decorations. He was working his magic by tattooing the iconic Fitzroy lighthouse drawing on, well, pigs legs. More…

MassiveTalent Night

February 28, 2014, AAB

MassiveTalent NightOn 13th of March MassiveMusic presents the 4th edition of its MassiveTalent Night at recently re-opened and renovated Odeon in Amsterdam. The night will present three showcases of international artists from the Massive Talent pool, connecting (still) unknown artists to brands and campaigns worldwide. Dieuwertje Heuvelings, A&R Manager at MassiceTalent about the upcoming edition: ”The previous editions were a big success and have introduced various new artists to a diverse audience. At the last location, Café Cox, people sneaked in through the windows since the place was so packed that we couldn’t admit more people. That’s why we have moved to a bigger location. The renewed Odeon seems ideal; it’s one of the oldest concert venues in the Netherlands with an exciting new programming.” For this talent night Massive invited English electronic music producer Everlone, multi-instrumentalist George Barnett and Dutch postrock band Square Attic. Massive gives away 3 x 2 tickets, if you let them know why you want to be on their guest list – together with your name, function, and company.

Hungry for knowledge

February 28, 2014, AAB

2014 02 RA*W and AchtungHow hungry the Dutch advertising youngsters are for knowledge, became clear when the first ‘RA*W Agency session’ of 2014 was sold out in 2 minutes. 174 people signed up via Facebook for the event that took place last Wednesday at Achtung!’s headquarters. Due to limited space only 40 could attend – though luck for the 60 hopefuls on the waiting list. The session was themed ‘Get Shit Done’ and hosted by Achtung! Vanilla Ice said it first, but Dick Buschman happily quoted him yesterday; “Stop, collaborate and listen.” Then he explained Achtung!’s way of working; (Eins) get t-shaped people who (Zwei) collaborate and (Drei) co-create. No egos, no small offices, no monopoly on creativity by creatives, just one (big) happy family that tackle projects together with the client. An approach that works well when you have 25 people on the payroll, not when you have 125. That’s why Achtung! is not interested in growing bigger, the agency only wants to grow in quality. To experience Achtung!’s process creative collaboration in a nutshell Buschman gave the workshop participants Lego. In teams of 8 they had to build a car in 20 minutes. They also needed to come up with a way to sell it to the target group; 25-year-old females. To facilitate the creative process they were provided with Breezers. The winning project was the VOUTO – a foldable car that fits into a bike-parking garage. More photos here.

Heartvertising; the exhibition

February 24, 2014,

Rik Heijmen opening the Heartvertising exhibition at HutspotRik Heijmen, founder of Kokoro, speaching at the opening of the exhibition

One heart, 12 artists, 300 outdoor panels, 100.000 Boomerang cards, and an exposition at Hutspot Amsterdam. Kokoro’s Heartvertising project is taking over Amsterdam. A lot has been written about this already, but to sum things up; the idea behind Heartvertising is to inspire people to follow their hearts and dreams instead of playing it safe. Especially in this tough economy – what’s there to lose? The exhibition of the winning designs opened last Thursday at Hutspot. A very appropriate location since the founders of Hutspot (a cross-over between an exhibition space and shop) did just that – follow their hearts. On their website: “Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shop.” Another example is Sella Molenaar, who instead of a standard photo report made ‘instant’ aquarelles of the people present at the expo opening. She too followed her passion and is now making money with what she loves to do best. The message is clear, but the question remains… are you following your heart? Check out the pictures here.