24Festival; Will it blend?

On October 7th the yearly 24Festival (previously 24 Hours of Advertising) – organised by the VEA (representing Advertising Agencies) and BVA (representing Advertisers) – takes place at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The central theme of the festival is ‘Will it blend?” Or, in different wording: how effective are today’s creative collaborations? Kingsday created a video, inspired by… More.


How Bach became ‘Wind on Bare Ass’

On the set of ‘Air on a G string’; (fltr) Timon Zijderlaan, Daphne Koenen, Janneke de Jong, Paco Kumar and Olaf van Gerwen. Tim Zijderlaan & Daphne Koenen (website here ) won the biggest JongeHonden pitch of the year; The YouTube Filmhack 2014, with three short films. Together with the runners up, Jort Wildschut (2nd) and Èwa Odugwa… More.


What happens in Vegas…

Ash Bendelow: We can actually learn something from Las Vegas’ casinos. By Rose Zandvliet …should stay in Vegas. Or shouldn’t it? In Cannes I sat in on a seminar by Ash Bendelow (MD at Brave) on how Sin City can inspire brands. Imagine the following, the casinos in Vegas all have the exact same gamble-toolbox… More.


Daniele Fiandaca: “Go out there and meet people”

Daniele Fiandaca (Cheil) during an insights sessions with RA*W at the Cannes Lions festival.  By Marieke Dekker Cannes, the ultimate place to learn about the latest and best in advertising. But what I also learned is that it can be quite a challenge to keep your eyes open. Those comfy seats and dimmed lights in… More.


5 Lessons from Cannes’ Creative Academy

By Maureen van der Lugt The Young Lions Creative Academy at the Cannes Lions festival is a six day-course, packed with the most inspiring talks, workshops and seminars, given by people you would not believe to ever meet. Guided by our dean Bob Isherwood and tutor Matias Palm Jensen, we saw, learned and experienced so much… More.


Key insights from Cannes’ Planners Academy

By Saloua el Boussaidi and Saskia Wijsman RA*W talents are part of the RA*W community because they are eager to learn and develop themselves further. In the Netherlands we don’t really have education programs to learn the skills every great planner should have. Luckily for us, Cannes Lions gave us the opportunity to attend the… More.


Kanye West: “Internet is our new Rome”

  By Wendy van Luyck RA*W’s soaking up a hell of a lot here in Cannes. As it’s too much to share in one single article, let’s just talk about Kanye West for now. Not because it’s Kanye West, but because… well, just read for yourself. Kanye entered the Grand Audi as you would expect;… More.


Why advertising requires originality

James Hurman: “The human mind reacts to ideas like a virus”  By Matthijs Koele Originality is an important aspect of a good ad campaign. At the Cannes Lions festival, original work is celebrated and discussed, but what makes a work truly original? The young talents from RA*W got the opportunity to attend some Young Lions… More.


RA*W kicks off in Cannes

Tham Khai Meng, CCO at O&M Worldwide, sharing insights with RA*W By Ciaran Woods For those of you who missed the memo: RA*W is doing Cannes this year! With a group of 28 young, talented and hungry lions, we’re attending seminars, soirées and our own RA*W sessions. Why? To soak up as much inspiration and… More.


The Nobel Peace Prize for brands

Woerde inspiring Amsterdam ad creatives to change the world The Dutch Art Director’s Club (ADCN) is organising a ‘Summer Program’ with inspiring speakers that share their adventures in Adland. Last Tuesday it was Mark Woerde’s turn, the one speaker we were most keen on listening to. Woerde, who is a partner at Lemz, is one… More.