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Next time label it

August 28, 2014, AAB

A classic piece of slapstick for Brother (remember, the typewriter brand), with a great build up, perfect timing, strong acting, and impressive production value. And the concept (and pay off), “Next time label it”, guarantees creative mileage, in business class. Created by Rosapark Paris, directed by Dutchman Bart Timmer (Czar) and shot by Sebastian Blenkov.

Joss the Boss

August 26, 2014, AAB

Shell-and-VVN---August-2014Of course the idea to turn an advertisement into a catchy videoclip is not entirely new – remember Smirnoff’s Tea Party? But this clip, “The Boss,” featuring Monsif and made especially for children that have to manoeuvre themselves through traffic on a bicycle is quite catchy. A question mark could be the effectiveness; will children change their cycling behaviour (stop for traffic lights, indicate direction, yield, etc.) after having seen this? We doubt it – “Joss” is not really the kind of cop we’d take seriously. But it’s a nice piece of content nevertheless. In fact, it is #1 in the iTunes Children’s Music Chart. Created by BrandBase for Shell and Veilig Verkeer Nederland (‘Safe Traffic NL’), because school has started again. The clip was directed by Nick Harmsen & Daan Dagevos and the music and lyrics were done by Studio De Keuken and Dangerous Kitchen Music.

IKEA Catalogue 2.0

August 25, 2014, AAB

Interactive TV was once seen as a big promise. The reason; you could watch your favourite soap, and then order the products that were featured in it – soap 2.0, as it were. But it never took off. Because no one wants to watch TV series disguised as commercials. The other way around, however, is different. Because when you go through this interactive website, dubbed “Where Good Days Start,” it is as if you’re (voluntarily) leaving through IKEA’s catalogue – for many an experience in itself – and receive the human angle as a bonus. The trailer (which we shared) and interactive experience were created by SMFB Oslo and directed and produced by MediaMonks. Interactive director, Jeroen van der Meer from MediaMonks, who collaborated with film director Tom Rijpert, about the project; “The idea was to surprise viewers throughout the film. With a score of extra content, you can diverge from the main storyline at any point during the film to learn more about the featured family members and products in short, interactive scenes.”

A better world for our children

August 18, 2014, AAB

Together with Unicef ING sponsors educational projects for children around the globe. Hence this revolving globe that puts some of the projects in the spotlight. According to the press release the story was not just told in a special way (the revolving installation was physically built), but also in a sustainable way. Together with Pedri Animation (production) and Clay! (illustration)  JWT compiled the installation with old office materials, such as the foam from an old chair and a pen (used as a drainpipe). Why? Apparently ING also wanted to slip in a bit of a distracting sustainability message; the bank claims to be climate neutral – whatever that means. The messages are tied together with “A better world for our children.” In any case, kudos for the craft – and playful copy.

Teun’s ‘epic’ 400 train station selfies

August 14, 2014, AAB

In the best case advertising copies art, somebody once wrote on this blog. This ad is not exactly copying art, but it is a good example of how advertising sometimes smartly adopts cultural phenomenons (or memes, if you like). This one, for example, is borrowing the idea of the 3 Year Epic Selfie, which of course is more or less a copy of Christoph Rehage’s work from 2009, walking through China and taking a selfie each day – you can see his beard grow. One year earlier we saw Matt Harding doing his funny little dance in almost every country in the world – 47 million hits at the moment! Harding’s idea at the time was also picked up by some FMCG brand. Anyway, meet “Teun”, an ex-student taking us around 400 Dutch Railway (NS) stations in the Netherlands. Just like the previous commercial it makes traveling with the NS look quite adventurous. And if you wonder what the message is: when you’ve finished your studies you can buy a discount card, and thus travel to every exotic shit hole in the Netherlands. We’re almost tempted. The film was created by N=5 and directed by Wim Dijksterhuis (Eyeforce).

From Tina, for the Swiss

August 11, 2014, AAB

This is weird. Tina Turner altering her personal history for Swisscom; young Tina wearing ice skates on her childhood farm, making cheese fondue for her friends and yodel on stage (!). It feels like a bit of a mistmatch. Especially when at the end it becomes clear that Swisscom is promoting an app dubbed “iO” (having to do something with privacy and free calls and texting) “from the Swiss for the Swiss.” Even if Turner last year obtained the Swiss nationality and is happily married to a Swiss, she makes the app feel rather exotic. All in all, however, we have to add that the premium production value of the film and quirkiness certainly make it stand out and provide great water cooler talk. Created by Heimat (Berlin), directed by Johan Kramer (100% Halal), shot by Wouter Westerdorp, produced by Stories (Zürich) and 100% Halal (Amsterdam) and post produced by MPC Amsterdam.

That, in a new bottle

August 7, 2014, AAB

Brand beer has a new bottle. And to celebrate this the agency asked Indie and Sunshine & Sausages to create a campaign around it. What’s more, the commercials (six 10-second films in total – all more or less the same) seem to reposition the beer. Brand always talked about quality, but in this campaign it just seems to advertise the “Dat” (meaning: that) in the entire beer category; the feeling of the first sip of beer when very thirsty. But this isn’t necessarily bad cause it makes Brand look very attractive. Also thanks to their beautiful new bottle. The Stone Twins helped with the art direction and the films were directed by photographer Krijn van Noordwijk (hazazaH).

How Bach became ‘Wind on Bare Ass’

August 4, 2014, AAB

Winning filmOn the set of ‘Air on a G string’; (fltr) Timon Zijderlaan, Daphne Koenen, Janneke de Jong, Paco Kumar and Olaf van Gerwen.

Tim Zijderlaan & Daphne Koenen (website here ) won the biggest JongeHonden pitch of the year; The YouTube Filmhack 2014, with three short films. Together with the runners up, Jort Wildschut (2nd) and Èwa Odugwa & Jolien Kappert (3rd), they did a little write up about the pitch.

JongeHonden organises pitches for students and young ad creatives and goes to Cannes every year with the winners of these pitches. For the Google pitch the ‘ad pups’ were asked to “Create a YouTube TrueView campaign for The Royal Concert Hall that attracts a new, younger target audience to the Concert Compas” (a guide that gives access to all the concerts). TrueView ads on YouTube “give viewers choice and control over which ad they watch and when. You are therefore charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch an ad.” More…

Better starts now

July 29, 2014, AAB

The Japanese watch brand Citizen was founded in 1930 and with this visual brand statement it wants to shows that it never stopped moving forward. Citizen believes that “no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better.” That sounds like a truism. More distinctively though Citizen also believes that now is always the time to do so, hence the pay off: “Better starts now.” Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo collaborated with Dutch filmmaker Johan Kramer (100% Halal) who likes to use old school cameras, such as – in this case – a hand-cranked 35mm camera and VHS camera. It works very well for this commercial, since it clearly brings back the history of the famous watch brand. What we like about it especially is that each stage of Citizen’s history has become a little work of its own. Even with its own ‘The End’ titles – designed by Young Jerks. The film was shot by Lex Brand and post produced by MPC Amsterdam.

Absolute professional

July 25, 2014, AAB

We’re not sure whether it’s because a leading brand in consumer electronics has joined the surfing arena or whether surfing is just becoming more popular – probably a bit of both – but the heroic sport is now producing blockbuster commercials (a few months ago we also featured a high value around-the-world production sponsored by O’Neill). This Samsung production shows frozen breaks in Iceland, free surfing in Fiji, a surf camp in India and surfing in the suburbs of New York; all in all 140 seconds of mouth watering outdoor action. The beautiful film – with David Bowie’s matching song – was created by 72andSunny Amsterdam and celebrates Samsung’s partnership with The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) ahead of the launch of the US Open Surfing competition, part of the ASP World Tour. The film, titled ‘Every Day Is Day One,’ features both seasoned pros and the ‘absolute beginners,’ the point being that, “whoever you are, no two days in surf are the same, and there’s always a new challenge ahead.” Directed by Mark Molloy and shot by Greig Fraser (and Chris Bryan, underwater), produced by Exit Films Melbourne and Smuggler London, edited by Marshall Street Editors (London), post produced by Glassworks and sound design by Wave Studios.