Feel the game

We’ve covered quite a few FIFA games (here’s #14) and we know by now that EA always likes to show us how we can become part of the game. Well, this immersive 2:15 (!) director’s cut, aptly shows how Fifa 15 completely enhances the player’s gaming experience – from a tackle to a shower and yellow card.… More.


Works for you

“If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated). There is also a tag-on, telling you that the bank gives… More.



Yesterday Pitcher was launched, a new app conceived by Woedend! tapping into the modern trend of clients quickly switching between creative agencies. The app is inspired by Tinder and allows the marketeer, who’s not familiar enough with the agency landscape, to get acquainted with different agencies that match his/her specific assignment. The marketeer only needs to submit… More.


MassiveTalent launches ‘Mood Selector’

The talent scout division of MassiveMusic, Massive Talent, launched a new website together with quite a crafty video showcasing how they work. A website that has been designed by their own A&R Manager and graphic designer Titia van Beckum in collaboration with Daan Spangenberg. The video gives a glimpse into the daily work of MassiveTalent’s Dieuwertje Heuvelings (left in… More.


Janssen Brothers United

Bas and Koen Janssen at work at N=5. Last week ‘The Janssen Brothers’ graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with a project called “Janssen Brothers United.” A typical advertising idea (we mean this in a very positive way!). Not a corporate one though, but one that is made for the love of creation. The… More.


Long distance high five

A virtual high five between Amsterdam and New York to highlight that KLM has frequent flights between the two historically related cities and promote the World Deal Weeks. A well-timed high five – we assume they used a fiber connection – earned tickets to the other side of the Atlantic. Pretty smart. And – as advertising… More.


Real people, for real

Since a few years one of Holland’s cheapest textile stores has been exploring ‘creative’ advertising. All of its previous efforts had quite some impact and generated lots of PR (e.g. turning a pair of boxer’s and later a t-shirt into a desirable (cult) item and secretly presenting its collection on a catwalk during the fashion… More.


The future of fashion is now

What a stylish video for De Bijenkorf! The title “The Future of Fashion is Now” might feel somewhat obligatory (if not cliché), but the wonderful video certainly lives up to the claim. Quite daring for department store De Bijenkorf. Though it is known for commercials with artistic touch (here and here for example), this one promoting De… More.


Next time label it

A classic piece of slapstick for Brother (remember, the typewriter brand), with a great build up, perfect timing, strong acting, and impressive production value. And the concept (and pay off), “Next time label it”, guarantees creative mileage, in business class. Created by Rosapark Paris, directed by Dutchman Bart Timmer (Czar) and shot by Sebastian Blenkov.

Ad of the Month

Joss the Boss

Of course the idea to turn an advertisement into a catchy videoclip is not entirely new – remember Smirnoff’s Tea Party? But this clip, “The Boss,” featuring Monsif and made especially for children that have to manoeuvre themselves through traffic on a bicycle is quite catchy. A question mark could be the effectiveness; will children change their… More.