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Absolute professional

July 25, 2014, AAB

We’re not sure whether it’s because a leading brand in consumer electronics has joined the surfing arena or whether surfing is just becoming more popular – probably a bit of both – but the heroic sport is now producing blockbuster commercials (a few months ago we also featured a high value around-the-world production sponsored by O’Neill). This Samsung production shows frozen breaks in Iceland, free surfing in Fiji, a surf camp in India and surfing in the suburbs of New York; all in all 140 seconds of mouth watering outdoor action. The beautiful film – with David Bowie’s matching song – was created by 72andSunny Amsterdam and celebrates Samsung’s partnership with The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) ahead of the launch of the US Open Surfing competition, part of the ASP World Tour. The film, titled ‘Every Day Is Day One,’ features both seasoned pros and the ‘absolute beginners,’ the point being that, “whoever you are, no two days in surf are the same, and there’s always a new challenge ahead.” Directed by Mark Molloy and shot by Greig Fraser (and Chris Bryan, underwater), produced by Exit Films Melbourne and Smuggler London, edited by Marshall Street Editors (London), post produced by Glassworks and sound design by Wave Studios.


July 15, 2014, AAB

We’re unstoppable, in our fight against Parkinson’s,” is what the copy reads. Today the ‘Nijmeegse Vierdaagse’ (4-days of Nijmegen) starts, which is a 4-day hike of 50 kilometers (or less). A Dutch tradition that is almost 100 years old. In this commercial Saatchi & Saatchi | Leo Burnett asks us to sponsor walkers who donate their collected money to the Parkinson’s Foundation – Joan van Haaften, in the film, is one of them. It’s not as distinctive as the previous commercial (Harlem Shake on Parkinson’s), but again clearly shows what Parkinson’s does to you. The song is the official Vierdaagse song.

Choose tap water

July 14, 2014, AAB

Since we hate festivals that don’t have tap water freely available, we’re heavily applauding this film created by Delight Agency for dance label ID&T. Of course ID&T is not the first party to advertise tap water – have you ever seen this wonderful video? – but a very influential one. Cause if they propagate tap water, it might just become the standard at festivals and spread awareness more quickly. The animation, titled – “It’s lonely at the tap” –  was made by David de Bruijne and the illustrations were done by Tim Boelaars.

The Festival Reporter

July 9, 2014, AAB

IAmsterdam Festival Reporter - July 2014Natwerk was asked to promote The Summer of Amsterdam, a theme that celebrates everything there is to do in Amsterdam this summer. The agency came up with The Festival Reporter; comedian Sina Khani will show the diversity of Amsterdam’s 300 summer festivals. And probably thanks to the success of Bart’s Fish Tales on Instagram, the agency again chose for this snappy medium. Maybe a little too snappy, if you watch this ‘report’ of last weekend’s Pitch festival. But then again, way more dynamic than just putting up these huge ‘IAmsterdam’ signs throughout the city.

An ode to the wind

July 3, 2014, AAB

Wow, what a beautiful animation, consisting of 7000 individual objects made from virtual paper and bringing an ode to the Dutch wind. As you can see the story explains that the wind brought the Netherlands a lot; being able to live below see level and the Dutch East Indies, for example. If you don’t speak Dutch, don’t worry, the copy gets a little lost in the middle anyway. What you should remember is that together with Eneco you can invest in wind mills, which clearly taps into a cultural and political trend. Eneco thus smartly introduces a product of this time; wind certificates. FHV BBDO and Achtung! are responsible the entire campaign. And Achtung! specifically for the animation, which was built by Colorbleed. Sound by Audentity. Here‘s a little behind the scenes.

Your home reproduced

July 2, 2014, AAB

Not many people know that the famous ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’ painted by Johannes Vermeer around 1665, is located at the Mauritshuis in The Hague. Many people however have a reproduction on their wall. Combine this insight with the Mauritshuis’ request to make the chic museum more approachable and you might just come up with the idea to bring the Mauritshuis to the people’s homes. However, Koen, together with sister Publicis, turned the activation around and brought a New York apartment into the Mauritshuis. A little odd, but that’s exactly why it sticks. And if you want your home reproduced in the Mauritshuis, you need to take a picture of your reproduction and upload it on the museum’s Facebook page. Directed by Maurice Heesen (Smarthouse) and filmed by Lennard Hillege. Sound by Robin Schlösser (Studio deKeuken) and Soundtrack Dandelion by The Black Atlantic.

A colourful collection

June 17, 2014, AAB

Following on from the appointment of KesselsKramer as the new European Brand Communications agency for C&A, we just found out that PostPanic is also part of the repositioning of the global brand. C&A Summer is the second in a series of retail films created by the PanicProgram (PostPanic’s special program nurturing young, emerging directional talent), in association with strategic branding agency Meanwhile. This film, directed by Erwin van den IJssel for instore communication, is based on the seasonal collections from C&A and follows themes in tune with the times of year. Van der IJssel chose a motion graphic animated execution based on the textures of fabrics and colourways from each seasonal clothing range. The result clearly conveys a more creative direction for C&A.

Quick and creative with Stabilo

June 16, 2014, AAB

We always associated Stabilo with simply highlighting pieces of text on dull pages. But since this weekend we know that the brand can also be used as a creative tool. Check out this topical flipbook ad featuring Van Persie’s historical header against Spain – scoring 1-1. A super fast tie-in, being created 24 hours after the Dutch humiliated Spain in the World Cup. The flipbook ad contains 200 drawings and took 8 people 24 hours to create. Within 1.5 days it got a million views and it was also broadcasted on Holland’s biggest news channels. Well done. Created by Yune.

World Cup… Hockey!

June 13, 2014, AAB

Rabobank-World-Cup---Jun-2014While the World Cup of football kicked off last night, this weekend both the (field) hockey men and women have a good chance to become world champion in The Hague. Since Rabobank sponsors the Dutch team, Kumpany was asked to create a series of commercials around the players. Together with production company 100% Halal, Kumpany created four different 2.5-minute mini-docs featuring some of the star players. The film we like best is the one about hockey international Jacky Schoenaker, daughter of the famous Dutch football international Dick Schoenaker – who represented Holland in the 1978 World Cup. It makes quite an intimate, even touching film that was shot by Andreas Pasvantis with 16mm, super8 and high speed. There are also 30s cuts that serve as (old school) commercials. Here you can find two other mini-docs; Robbert & Sander and Maartje & Minke.

Dutch Digital Design compilation

June 6, 2014, AAB

DDD stillFor those of you who have missed Dutch Digital Design in Pakhuis de Zwijger (and the write-up); here‘s an overview of the evening and here you can find the video registrations of all speakers – Wouter Boon (AAB), Jeroen Barendse (Lust), Jules Tervoort & Mischa Rozema (PostPanic), Harald Dunnink (Momkai), Bram Holzapfel (DDB & Tribal) & Wesley ter Haar (MediaMonks). Created by Lifely.