360° Nightmare

This must be scary, a virtual reality horror film that, thanks to the Oculus Rift, will give you a “360° nightmare”. “11:57” takes place in a bleak, abandoned basement in Amsterdam, “where you can scream as loud as you like, but looking away is not an option. And you’re not the spectator, but the victim.” The… More.


Dutch Animation Carousel

Making the opening titles for the Playgrounds festival, as from tomorrow landing in Amsterdam, is an honour. And we have to say that OddOne – which is directors duo Peter van de Riet and Kerry Murphy – did what was expected from them. What a great title sequence, showing: “A surrealistic re-interpretation of the animation pipeline… More.


The ‘all new’ Car2Go

How to promote a car-sharing program that hasn’t really changed? You simply come up with typical car-sharing features and give them a new name, such as W.a.R.P. SPaSS and TaP-Ass. And, more importantly, you choose a “German Robo-Vixen” – as the press release calls her – to explain them. There is one feature in the ‘all new’… More.


It’s okay to throw a plant away

This makes us think of the multi-award winning commercial (directed by Spike Jonze) telling us it is ok to throw away a lamp and buy a new one at IKEA – that was 2005 already! You’re crazy if you think a lamp has feelings. In that respect this one is slightly different. It actually does attribute feelings… More.


Halloween Tracks

Even though creative minds like to come up with unique ideas, sometimes different minds, at two opposite sides of the globe, think alike. Take this new ad for the “Halloween Tracks Special” in Het Concertgebouw (concert hall) in Amsterdam that was released this week. Not the only commercial related to Halloween and inspired by The Shining. IKEA… More.


Imagine 306 kilowatts

Electrified. A bit of a lazy pun, but that’s how we felt when watching this ad. When you normally talk about the power of a car, you talk about horsepower. And we can all, more or less, imagine what the power of a horse is. But what to envision when talking about kilowatts? Achtung! asked… More.


Meals That Get You Laid

The provocative title “Meals That Get You Laid” is the title for a cookbook created by five friends; photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, entrepreneur Otto Jurgens, ad creatives Marc Bennink and Ivar van der Zwan and designer Esther van de Steene. The book is almost finished, but to actually print it the team is trying to crowdfund the… More.


Limited Kia

A limited edition Kia painted by Herman Brood Selwyn Senatori, very nicely filmed, with one of Vivaldi’s seasons bringing the finishing touch. Created by Woedend!, directed by Aaron van Valen (Comrad), and sound by Audentity.



Sometimes it’s just nice to see a product film. No real concept, no angle, but just the product in all its polished glory. That’s what this film for the Rijksmuseum is all about. So don’t expect a pay-off; “welcome!” is all they have to say. Well, actually, there was one special element about the film; Sebastiaan Roestenburg… More.


Stretching football

Replay has a new collection of stretch jeans; Hyperflex. And the brand also happens to sponsor FC Barcelona. How to combine the two? By having the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio and the less beautiful (but stretchable) Andrés Iniesta try out the jeans in a test lab – the latter was recently also spotted in Nissan’s test lab, for that matter.… More.