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Don’t play this in your car

November 7, 2013, AAB

This game links your mobile to your desktop and makes you experience what it’s like to Tweet, chat, and Like while driving. Sounds like a convincing concept. It was created by N=5 (concept and commercial) and Media Monks (game and sound) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environmental affairs. But don’t play this in your car, cause it’s quite complicated to get it working. First we had to visit this URL on our mobile, then we had to fill out a special code, then we had to send a text message to our opponent (which was a random opponent, since we didn’t want to bother our Facebook friends), then we had to connect to Facebook on our mobile with our password, and then… ‘wrong password.’ So we gave up. But the film more or less conveys what the game is like, so we got the picture anyway.

Update: MediaMonks urged us to play the game anyway. After looking up our Facebook password, we did. We have to admit it does let you experience what it’s like to combine driving with mobile/social activities. MediaMonks is now working on a desktop-only version. But if you want to experience the real thing, try it in combination with your mobile

The last of us

July 24, 2013, AAB

180 and production company Minivegas created this 60 second commercial for Sony’s new “horror survival” game The Last of Us. It took us a while to figure what exactly is happening, but fortunatley the press release explains that the character looking anxiously into the camera is slowly turning into a personage from the game. CG-wise quite a creative challenge for Minivegas that had to merge real life images with the game graphics.

Mascotte Break Service

July 18, 2013, AAB

Mascotte game - July 2013We recently read that smoking roll up cigarets is hip again. Roll ups always were the blue collar cigarette, but since the economic crisis is still omnipresent and the government keeps increasing the tobacco taxes, roll ups have suddenly become interesting for a much wider target group again. That’s probably why Mascotte, one of the most famous brands in the Netherlands for roll up papers, has begun to climb out of its cave. And how! Together with SSSS & Orchestra and Easy4Mobile they created a mobile game, the Mascotte Break Service, a ‘service’ that lasts for about a cigarette break – obviously to charge our unconscious brain with the Pavlovian association ‘Break=Mascotte.’ The Pacman-like game features a roll up smoker that is chased by his boss or a train conductor, because he is smoking in a non-smoking area. The player unlocking the most levels, can win a golden Zippo. So, to summarize things; the more breaks you take, the more often you can play the game, the more you can smoke, the more tax-money the government earns, and the bigger the chance you’ll win a prize! With this game everyone wins – except for your lungs, of course.

Aviation empire

July 4, 2013, AAB

Yet another digital product by airline KLM that shows they want to be more than just an airline. After activations like Meet & Seat (linking your social media profile to your seat) and the Must see map (crowdsourced travel tips), the Dutch (read: French) airline now introduces a game; Aviation empire. Not some silly, irrelevant game, but one that allows you to “pilot an airline, command a fleet, and unlock rewards,” which sounds like a crossover between Flight Control and Sim City. What’s interesting about the commercial is that it might be the very first big budget commercial that advertises a branded (mobile) game. The film, shot in Amsterdam, Oman, and South Korea, was directed by Daniel Dow, shot by Mick van Dantzig and produced by DPPLR. Sound by Audentity.

The DrawSomething winner

August 15, 2012, AAB

A while ago we wrote about Muse recruiting an intern via a very original contest. They used DrawSomething to find the best artist. Over a 1000 games were played and this video shows the result. Strangely enough the winning drawing isn’t part of this film. When we asked about that Muse told us that the responsible person at Muse left and that the winning intern is on holidays. So nobody knows. Anyway, we still love it and congrats, Hidde Stokvis.

Das Interland

June 7, 2012, AAB

For those of you who don’t know who the characters in this picture are; Frank Rijkaard and Rudi Völler. The only reason we can think of for choosing them as the icons of this Euro2012 penalty kick app (both on mobile and Facebook), is that Rijkaard spit Völler in the hair during the World Cup 1990 – which was, to say the least, not very chique. In other words, for some, they are the epitome of Dutch-German football rivalry. The app allows the Dutch and Germans to take penalties against each other. For every shoot out, a Dutch player is linked to a German player – via a complicated back-end that ensures a similar experience as playing with your Playstation Network. Quite impressively 45,000 players already played 210,000 penalty shoot-outs. So far Holland is leading with 115,000 against 105,000. Oh, and not for forget, you can also win a Volkswagen Up, somehow. Created by Achtung! and built by Superhero Cheesecake.

It’s not about ze journey, it’s about ze Likes

March 30, 2012, AAB

This graphically inviting game called ‘Hitchhike with a like’ was created by Tribal DDB and Facebook. It let’s you hitch rides through Europe to different destinations with different Volkswagen Beetles. Though the copy teaches us that it’s about the journey and not the destination, the game doesn’t really show the journey. It simply tells you how many points you’ve earned after you’ve reached your different destinations. If you travel long enough, you can win a Beetle trip across Europe. Oh, and there’s also a ‘mojo’ meter that slowly runs on empty. Only by sharing your trips on Facebook you can recharge it. And that’s where Volkswagen’s briefing peeks around the corner: “Wir wollen Facebook Likes, und schnell!” As usual we weren’t patient enough to sit out the entire game, but we’re sure that if you do there’s champagne and fireworks – and if you’re lucky a grand prize. The game was produced by B-Reel, the 3D animations built by Prime Focus, and the different tunes accompanying each trip created by MassiveMusic.

Draw Something to win an internship

March 12, 2012, AAB

Muse created an ad, or rather a contest, using the app ‘DrawSomething’. The one who will make the best drawing of My Little Pony – or whatever the game asks you to draw – gets to do a creative internship at Muse. The copy is a bit clunky (“In advertising a message should be as clear as possible. We’re looking for interns who own this skill”?), so maybe they should have searched for an intern with writing skills, but we like the animation and using an existing social game app to recruit an intern is quite a smart idea.

Real life swagger

March 9, 2012, AAB

Earlier this week we wrote about EA’s Grand Slam Tennis 2, today we’re writing about yet another EA game, called FIFA Street. Just like GST2 this one also shows some in-game footage – probably a client mandatory – but what is different about it, is that it’s all about real life swagger. A dude with a bowler hat, a DJ, a monkey, a girl with white sneakers and golden legging, and some old school TV’s being smashed by the ball. And some dinstinguished copy: “Welcome to the home of hustle…to the school of swagger. Abracadabra. This is the birthplace of every move you’ve ever seen.” It feels a bit wannabe cool, though we instantly admit that we might just be getting a little too old for this stuff – we’re more the FIFA ‘normal’ generation. In any case, if you want to ‘Free Your Game’ FIFA Street is clearly the way forward. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Paulo Gandra and Steve Hudson (Hungry Man).

Total racket control

March 6, 2012, AAB

We can imagine that when you get a brief for a new EA game it will often tell you that the gameplay is new, improved, and more realistic than ever before. To demonstrate this the most obvious thing to do is to show some in-game footage and lift a little corner of the veil of gameplay. That’s what AKQA did to promote the launch of Grand Slam Tennis 2. The responsive “total racket control” is translated into a replay of the final shot at match point during some memorable Wimbledon, US Open, etc. match. We tried McEnroe (or at least an avatar that vaguely resembles McEnroe) vs Borg. And we found out that the game is so realistic that – amateur as we are – scoring the winning point against Borg proved impossible. Then again, maybe we were just too impatient. For those of you with more patience, try it out here.