Offline Rehab

Using Facebook’s data to give you a sneak peak into your own life has been done many times before, but this ‘game’ that collects your likes, foto uploads, check-ins etc. is quite well done. The idea is that when you’re too busy online, you need to take a trip to the great outdoors that Alberta has to… More.


Feel the game

We’ve covered quite a few FIFA games (here’s #14) and we know by now that EA always likes to show us how we can become part of the game. Well, this immersive 2:15 (!) director’s cut, aptly shows how Fifa 15 completely enhances the player’s gaming experience – from a tackle to a shower and yellow card.… More.



Luis Suárez has become a raging internet meme by biting his opponent Giorgio Chiellini from Italy in the shoulder during the Worldcup of football in Brazil – the third time already he’s showing this toddler-like behaviour. Achtung! successfully jumped on the opportunity creating Biteman, a contemporary version of Pacman – similarly stressful, we’ve just experienced.… More.


Destination Unknown

We don’t often come across addictive games, but here’s one. So, if you don’t want to spend another 15 minutes of your life online, don’t read this post. The game is simple; in 3 minutes you have to guess as many cities in the world, connected to Schiphol Airport, as you can. You’re offered some… More.


Advertising reclined

How to sell your new Business Class seat – designed by Hella Jongerius (!). Since everybody knows that Business Class is way too expensive for consumers, we’d guess this is a b2b ‘problem.’ Not the case. KLM lets random passengers try it out. And if they surrender to the comfortable feeling of a fully reclined… More.


Don’t play this in your car

This game links your mobile to your desktop and makes you experience what it’s like to Tweet, chat, and Like while driving. Sounds like a convincing concept. It was created by N=5 (concept and commercial) and Media Monks (game and sound) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environmental affairs. But don’t play this in your… More.


The last of us

180 and production company Minivegas created this 60 second commercial for Sony’s new “horror survival” game The Last of Us. It took us a while to figure what exactly is happening, but fortunatley the press release explains that the character looking anxiously into the camera is slowly turning into a personage from the game. CG-wise… More.


Mascotte Break Service

We recently read that smoking roll up cigarets is hip again. Roll ups always were the blue collar cigarette, but since the economic crisis is still omnipresent and the government keeps increasing the tobacco taxes, roll ups have suddenly become interesting for a much wider target group again. That’s probably why Mascotte, one of the… More.


Aviation empire

Yet another digital product by airline KLM that shows they want to be more than just an airline. After activations like Meet & Seat (linking your social media profile to your seat) and the Must see map (crowdsourced travel tips), the Dutch (read: French) airline now introduces a game; Aviation empire. Not some silly, irrelevant… More.


The DrawSomething winner

A while ago we wrote about Muse recruiting an intern via a very original contest. They used DrawSomething to find the best artist. Over a 1000 games were played and this video shows the result. Strangely enough the winning drawing isn’t part of this film. When we asked about that Muse told us that the… More.