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Ideas for Fuel

August 14, 2014, AAB

Jonay Sosa and Ideas for Fuel - August 2014We already wrote about Mark van der Heijden aka the Backpacker Intern and where his journey has taken him so far. Now we present to you a similar merger of itchy feet and a PR-minded personality; Jonay Sosa, a copywriter from Spain, who is exchanging creative Ideas for Fuel: he is traveling around Europe in a VW California van stopping at different agencies. At the moment he has parked his van in Amsterdam, where he is working for KesselsKramer. Then he’ll be traveling to Germany, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Eesti, Latvia, Lietuva, and the polar circle in Norway as destination. So far he has 5000+ km on the counter. Sosa has been working at Saatchi in Madrid the past seven years and since he loves to travel and has no family or mortgage this was the time to leave. Besides a lot of driving and working Sosa is also busy with a “Street Art Poetry” project consisting of stamps and pictures. The work in progress can be followed via his Instagram account.

In case of love at first sight
Amsterdam Ad Blog

February 17, 2014, AAB

In case of love at first sight - February 2014“…Break glass plastic” Simple but sweet, this Valentine’s guerrilla campaign by Kingsday for the Flower Council of Holland. That’s how we like advertising. We first wondered why they would want to use an English URL ( in France, but the 1500 emergency roses spread through Paris actually carried the URL – and the text “En cas de coup de foudre. Brisez la glace,” sounding instantly more romantic when you don’t speak French.

The Backpacker Intern

December 30, 2013, AAB

The Backpacker Intern - December 2013Copywriter Mark van der Heijden, about who we wrote 2 months ago for organizing Creative Cocktails & Dreams, has itchy feet. That’s why he recently quit his job at Lemz to go traveling. But not just for the fun; especially to pick up some international work experience – as this film shows. He is definitely not the first one to pull this stunt; we already covered 3 similar concepts this year: The Pop Up Agency (Hypers Island students with the same proposition), Buutvrij (trying to beat the crisis by taking in briefs for free), and most recently Café de Zaak (offering Dutch small businesses free consulting – to help them beat the crisis). Working for free just to be able to work is apparently something a crisis does to an industry walking on its last legs… Though not entirely original, his itinerary “so far” is quite impressive: Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, New York, and Reykjavick. And if you like what you’re hearing and want to add your city or agency to the list, you can contact him through Have fun, Mark, we look forward to hearing your stories when you’re back.

We got your Lion

October 22, 2013, AAB

24 Uur van de Reclame - Oct. 2013As John Hegarty puts it; in advertising 80% is idea… and 80% execution. This concept ‘We Got Your Lion’ only fulfills the first 80%. Stealing Lions from Etcetera, N=5, Indie, DDB, W+K, and Saatchi and keeping everyone up to date through short videos made by the thieves is quite a nice idea. Unfortunately the budget didn’t allow the execution to add up to 160%. Anyway, does anyone know who did this?

Prohibited for Putin

April 9, 2013, AAB

Amnesty Putin in Amsterdam - April 2013Putin visiting Amsterdam sounds like Kim Jong-un becoming a Buddhist. Since Russia is not very fond of a free press, political bands, gay rights, and human rights in general – things that are pretty common in Amsterdam – Amnesty, together with BVH Rotterdam, came up with these banners that were spread around the area where Putin was touring. Brilliant idea. Thanks, Richard Sprengers (Taxi) for the photos.

Love is in the air

February 14, 2013, AAB

Buutvrij created this downloadable A4 that needs a tick in one of the ‘Shall we’ activity boxes – for example “shall we do something with a vibrator” or “shall we rob a bank.” Then you fold it into an airplane and throw it to your (secret) love. He or she can then tick ‘sure’ or ‘never’ and throw it back. Simple as that. We *heart*.

European Excellence Award for Safe Sound Scooter

December 11, 2012, AAB

We hadn’t heard of the European Excellence Awards – probably because it’s a PR award show. But we’re paying some attention to it, because one of the better ideas we featured last year was awarded there: the Safe Sound Scooter. It was specially created for Domino’s to spread the taste; the scooter doesn’t say ‘Vroooom’, but ‘Mmmm, tasty.’ And by calling it a ‘Safe Sound Scooter’, the PR story could travel further than solely through advertising/media related titles. It also became general news, since the question whether electric scooters are allowed to make this kind of noise, triggered a broader interest. The answer was ‘yes’ and the government even changed the legislation for electric vehicles. Smart one. The agencies behind it; Indie, Mediatic, and Proudly Presents also won the ‘Best Agency Benelux’ award.

Safe sound scooter

April 19, 2012, AAB

Wow, what a nice idea; an electric (Domino’s delivery) scooter that doesn’t say ‘Vroooooom’, but “Mmmmm, lekker” (‘tasty’). According to Domino’s Pizza it is a ‘safe sound scooter,’ but to us it sounds like guerrilla advertising – or should we call it soundvertising? Anyway, conceived by Indie Amsterdam.


January 5, 2012, AAB

A guerrilla make-over to promote Holland’s largest DIY, Gamma’s wallpaper. The pay-off: “Isn’t it beautiful?” Well, if you’re asking our opinion; no this wallpaper is not beautiful. But the idea is though. Created by TBWA\Neboko.

The Citroën DS5 Twitter Race

November 17, 2011, AAB

This Citroën DS5 Twitter Race is the first race ever (as far as we know) via Twitter. The concept is quite simple; you can navigate the DS5 towards yourself via Twitter and win it. We’ve seen a similar concept by Volkswagen and Achtung!, but using Twitter as the navigation tool is new. On the dedicated Facebook page Citroën constantly gives the Twitter crowd a choice (e.g. left or right) and the ‘wisdom’ of crowds decides where it should go. A count down clock decides when the race is over and (this feels as a bit of an anti-climax) when the time is up, the car pulls over and a sign is held up with a message. The first person to tweet this message wins the DS5. At the time of publishing this post there’s about half an hour to go and the car is near Bussum – if you live there start looking out for it. We always wonder what kind of people have time to be engaged in a game that consumes most of your day, but since it’s trending on Twitter (NL) it does get the needed exposure. It was created by EuroRSCG and Perfect Fools.