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SSBA Salon: “cultural particle accelerator”

November 29, 2012, AAB

Starting today SSBA Salon will keep us up to date of all the best cultural events in Amsterdam – under the section ‘Inspiration.’ SSBA Salon calls itself the ‘cultural particle accelerator’ of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. They have an online magazine (in Dutch) and organize events. To show what they do, we turn things around and present one of their own events: Today they organize KamerVragen for TEDxAmsterdam; “A night of sustainable and innovative ideas, supported with the intellectual capital of the masses. Two initiatives of TEDxAmsterdam Award finalists will be presented along with a challenge they face. The audience is then asked to brainstorm about these challenges in small groups, presenting a stream of fresh angles.” The event starts at 8pm and SSBA Salon gives away some free tickets if you RSVP here.

Amsterdam Ad Blog

November 2, 2012, AAB

We’re launching a new item on Amsterdam Ad Blog, called ‘Talent of the month.’ The section is for talented people who have the ambition to work in advertising or have just entered the world of advetrising and want to share one of their portfolio ideas. Here’s our first pick; Daniel Disselkoen. He just finished the Royal Academy of Arts in the The Hague, where he conceived the Man-Eater. This video explains how it works. For four years Disselkoen each day took the same tram to the Art Academy. He got bored looking out of the window, seeing more or less the same thing every day. That’s how he came up with the this idea to make his and his fellow passangers’ journey more exciting. Disselkoen ends his e-mail to us with “Man-eater is coming to Amsterdam soon.” Well, we’re looking forward to it.