The Backpacker Intern

Copywriter Mark van der Heijden, about who we wrote 2 months ago for organizing Creative Cocktails & Dreams, has itchy feet. That’s why he recently quit his job at Lemz to go traveling. But not just for the fun; especially to pick up some international work experience – as this film shows. He is definitely… More.


The (rejected) Concept Briquette

Last year JWT presented us “The greatest smallest fires,” this year DDB & Tribal creates the Concept Briquette. The agency about the briquette: “A nice way to reflect on the year that’s been and to enjoy the warmth of a year’s hard work these holidays.” Doesn’t come across as very environmentally friendly, but we can imagine… More.


Personal recruitment banners

When SSSS & Orchestra was looking for a digital manager, it more or less directly asked employees of the other agencies whether they were interested. By using these banners and the IP numbers of its competitors. They asked, is your MD around? When clicking ‘yes,’ the ad would change into a banner of one of… More.


Broken Love

The Ambassadors have a ‘Playground’ program, which means creating stuff just for the fun of it. This film, dubbed Delfts Blauw (the distinctive blue pottery from Delft), is one of the results. When we asked Will Jeffers, part of the VFX team, what the pile of shards at the end means, he answered: “we wanted to leave… More.


CubePix in Amsterdam

Xavi’s Lab is Glassworks’ fully committed Special Projects division which takes on projects that fall outside the traditional post-production and digital services. Xavi’s Lab was set up by Xavi Tribo in 2011 and uses the agencies collected experience to create pieces that can fill technical requirements for shoots, installations for experiential platforms, or simply provide inspiration… More.


Bram van Alphen

Director Bram van Alphen (Caviar), recently released another one of his personal films; The Ring, a short that shows a fierce cockfight on a small peninsula on Bali, Indonesia. Van Alphen started making these kind of shorts in 2011 – other examples: The Cage, shot in NYC in 2011, and The Fairground, shot in Amsterdam… More.

Talent of the month

Human targets

The KesselsKramer Useful Photography series is a collection of magazines focusing on “overlooked images taken for practical purposes.” In its 11th edition the magazine focuses on shooting targets. A selection of targets in photo form has been collected by going through tens of thousands of shooting ranges across the USA. The country with its 2nd amendment,… More.


Cutting edge pirates

Amsterdam based jeans brand Denham regularly invites members of its creative network to join their House Guest Artist program and create a twist to their brand. Since Denham likes to cut jeans, they invite friends to take their scissors logo and ‘cut’ it into something new. This season’s collaboration came to live by chance: creative… More.


Food for thought

There are some activities that are still frowned upon; like going the movies alone, having a drink on your own or eating alone in public. Dutch social-design agency Marina van Goor and branding agency Vandejong joined together to break at least one of these social taboos by launching Eenmaal (in Dutch meaning both “one meal”… More.