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Future Lion: doing good by updating software

June 26, 2014, AAB

Future Lions - June 2014FLTR: Rei Inamoto (AKQA), students Bastian Lievers & Tim Blaney Davidson, receiving a Future Lion, and James Hilton (AKQA).

Last week JongeHonden’s Bastian Lievers and Tim Blaney Davidson were awarded with one of the five ‘Future Lions.’ We asked them about the Future Lions, their case and the possible execution.

What are the Future Lions?
The concept of the Future Lions was founded by AKQA, 9 years ago, and is now a partnership between AKQA, Google and Cannes Lions. The concept is simple; if someone asked you to come up with an idea that was impossible 5 years ago, for any brand, what would it be? This year 1760 students from over 40 counties participated, and the winners were selected at the Cannes Lions Festival.  More…

What’s next in digital?

March 20, 2013, AAB

Alistair Campbell, Carl Waldekranz, Jim Haven, Maximilian Madile and Ted Parsson

Tonight is Digital Dinner Amsterdam, an evening that revolves around the question “What’s and who’s next in digital“. The event, held at Het Pompstation and organized by Emerce, Achtung!, Bert Hagendoorn, and Pop The Campaign, has some great speakers, from some of the leading digital companies in the world; Alistair Campbell, ECD at Agency Republic, London (“A digital creative agency”); Carl Waldekranz, CEO and Co-founder of Tictail (“Start your free online store”); Jim Haven, Chief Creative Officer and partner at Creature, Seattle (“We choreograph brand experiences across the media channels”); Maximilian Madile, Team Lead at Google Creative Lab, London (“responsible for marketing Google’s products”), and Ted Persson, Co-founder of Great Works, Stockholm (“digital agency creating marketing and product design”). To get in the mood, we asked these digital heavyweights three questions about their ‘favorite piece of digital advertising’, ‘the next big thing in digital communication’, and ‘how the world of advertising will change in the future’. More…

MediaMonks’ digital design

November 1, 2012, AAB

Victor Knaap and Wesley ter Haar at ‘The Future of Digital Advertising’ - © Peet Sneekes

Last week we were at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. A wide group of creative agencies and people interestingly talked about The Future of Digital Design. One of the most entertaining presentations was that of the Dutch digital production agency MediaMonks. Victor Knaap (Partner & CEO) and Wesley ter Haar (Founder & Head of production), were clearly in their element on stage, joking and not taking their selves too seriously – “Saying that you are the biggest digital production agency in Europe works very well in the States.” MediaMonks started out in Amsterdam as a full service digital agency in 2001, but decided to focus on digital production when Knaap and Ter Haar realized they were in meetings all day. Today the agency has offices in Amsterdam, London, and New York – and “as rumour has it, in Singapore soon.” The presentation inspired us to ask them a few more questions about their success. More…

Ad Stars

September 25, 2012, AAB

Jeroen de Ruijter (left) and João Inácio – a freelance team from Amsterdam – were invited to participate in the Young Stars competition (part of the Ad Stars festival) in Busan, South Korea, last month – the team got noticed because of the awards they won at the Global Best Digital Advertising, D&AD, Young Cup, and Piaf Awards. According to the team the festival was useful, amusing, and very inspiring. It thus opened their eyes a little further and grew their international network substantially. We asked the team a few question about their stay in Busan. More…


June 19, 2012, AAB

Last week director Mischa Rozema and his production agency PostPanic launched an interesting new project on KickStarter – the crowdsource-funding platform; Sundays. It’s “a film about our future” and will be a cross-over between a trailer and a ‘short.’ Through KickStarter PostPanic wants to raise $50,000 to finance a 5-day shoot in Mexico and plenty of CG post production. Rozema is typically known for using 3D animation to enrich his cinematographic, alien worlds – as he did in the idents for MTV and the leader for OFFF that was recently nominated for the VIMEO awards and viewed 1 million times already. It’s exactly this style that will give Sundays. its distinctive look. Quite an ambitious project. A good reason to ask Rozema a few questions. More…

Bas Geelen at Sid Lee’s Boot Camp

June 14, 2012, AAB

A few weeks ago Sid Lee Montreal had its annual Boot Camp. The Dutch Bas Geelen who opened his own industrial design studio Ordo dB last year was one of the chosen ones to attend the Boot Camp – with 7 others out of  600 applicants. The eight boot campers had very different backgrounds; an architect, art director, copywriter, industrial designer, creative technologist, web designer and two graphic designers – all from different parts of the world. The assignment was to help (RED) stimulate people to be more aware of and involved with AIDS – the theme was “Inspi(RED) to Innovate.” After 240 consecutive hours, on May 24th, the Boot Campers presented the fruit of their labour on the main stage of C2-MTL, an international conference on commerce and creativity curated by Sid Lee. After his return to the Netherlands we asked Bas a couple of questions about his Boot Camp experience. More…

Jonge Honden 24-hour pitch

May 21, 2012, AAB

Last Thursday we visited the Jonge Honden (‘Ad Pups’) 24-hour pitch, held at the headquarters of ‘client’ Red Bull, in Amsterdam Noord. The prize: 3 tickets on the Jonge Honden bus to Cannes next month and representing the Netherlands in the international Young Creatives contest. Red Bull’s briefing asked the teams to create an integrated concept around nightlife. The jury consisted of Tim Voors (freelance), Mischa Schreuder (SSSS&Orchestra), Mervyn ten Dam (Achtung!), and Peter Hamelinck (EuroRSCG). Only two teams won (in picture – taken by Roy Laros – from left to right): Daniël Sumarna and Bryan Wolff (WdKA) and Ramin Bahari & Judit Kun (Tribal DDB). Joey Boeters from Jonge Honden; “These two teams clearly stuck out compared to the rest and that’s why we’ll choose the third team based on the submitted portfolio’s” The third team will be announced later this week. We visited the teams on Thursday around 4pm, just after the deadline passed and interviewed three of them. Most of contestants only slept for a few hours – if at all – so they were clearly very groggy, but also very happy to answer some questions. More…