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The only honest sales force

January 16, 2014, AAB

Simyo salesforce - Jan.-2014Mobile provider Simyo believes that its customers can best explain to you why you should use Simyo. That’s why today for 12 hours you can call (or chat with) some of Simyo’s customers. On a dedicated website you can follow the conversations. Though a technological challenge and maybe even innovative, it comes across somewhat strange; we would always prefer to talk to a Simyo employee – after all, you would guess they know more about the product than a random customer. But maybe their sales targets make them unreliable – which is something typical for mobile providers. Mmm. Anyway, today, you can check out how it works here. Created by Kokoro.

Don’t play this in your car

November 7, 2013, AAB

This game links your mobile to your desktop and makes you experience what it’s like to Tweet, chat, and Like while driving. Sounds like a convincing concept. It was created by N=5 (concept and commercial) and Media Monks (game and sound) for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environmental affairs. But don’t play this in your car, cause it’s quite complicated to get it working. First we had to visit this URL on our mobile, then we had to fill out a special code, then we had to send a text message to our opponent (which was a random opponent, since we didn’t want to bother our Facebook friends), then we had to connect to Facebook on our mobile with our password, and then… ‘wrong password.’ So we gave up. But the film more or less conveys what the game is like, so we got the picture anyway.

Update: MediaMonks urged us to play the game anyway. After looking up our Facebook password, we did. We have to admit it does let you experience what it’s like to combine driving with mobile/social activities. MediaMonks is now working on a desktop-only version. But if you want to experience the real thing, try it in combination with your mobile

A pile of internet crap

October 16, 2013, AAB

Wow, we’re seriously jealous of this stuff for Hi, created by FHV BBDO and director Joris Dommels. Hi already was the most edgy brand in the world of mobile providers, but now it has gone one step further in promoting its 4G network. With all the freedom in the world (just like 4G) FHV came up with the hashtag #morecrap (“From The Web”) and used one of the stars from the Hi commercials to create and re-create a pile of internet crap – Vines (such as this French Fries player), Gifs, and other ‘raw’ material. The separate items were first seeded on platforms like Reddit (where one of the films became the second most popular GIF in no time) and 9GAG, and then compiled in ‘proper’ formats, such as banners and the commercial featured above this post (for cinema only). Finally, there’s even an online ‘TV’ format, created together with the Kings of crap, Dumpert. Here you can find all the content. The production was done by We Are Will and the post production by Circus Family.

Waternet creates water-net

May 27, 2013, AAB

Waternet app - May 2013Waternet, the public utility responsible for keeping the sewer and canals clean, developed this boat app, together with Tam Tam Mobile. The app has a rich list of functionalities; it shows in realtime where the canals are busy and where not, where you can stop for food and fuel, your speed and direction (with a compass), and the weather forecast. The app also keeps a logbook of your routes, distances, fuel usage, etc. See all functionalities here. The only thing that bugs us a little is that a boat permit in Amsterdam is rather expensive – and the general Waternet taxes quite high, for that matter – which gives the impression that Waternet is about the only (semi-) governmental organization that is throwing with money – and let’s us pay for it. Having said that, a fun toy it is.

Blue Efficiency on mobile

May 17, 2013, AAB

Mercedes Blue Efficiency app - May 2013Mercedes Benz together with FHV BBDO (idea), Pixplicity (technical), and Momkai (design) developed an app for your phone that centrally manages your energy usage, thus extending your battery life. Quite a nice brand utility, spreading the intelligence of Mercedes’ Blue Efficiency. On the other hand, to us it feels a little superfluous. We know how to extend the battery life of our phones – e.g. by turning off the data exchange. And 20% doesn’t make a world of difference. If you’re the kind of person that is often low on battery, you’d be better off buying an extra battery. Anyway, the app is only available for Android – probably because Apple doesn’t allow apps to mess with their settings.

Great advertising, unremarkable product

February 21, 2013, AAB

Mobile provider Hi and FHV BBDO add yet another humorous commercial to the 3-friends series – earlier we featured ‘Who needs phone calls?’ and ‘Hi Likes Facebook.’ A good example of a relatively simple (in the positive meaning of the word) concept that rises above itself through the awesome (art) direction – kudos for director Jeroen Annokkee (CZAR). Minor deception is the final scene, possibly dragged in by the client; the chef chopping the mobile phone in pieces. Another – more serious – deception is the fact that ‘All you can eat’ is not really all you can eat; the subscription comes with a data limit. Which typically is the most limiting element in todays mobile subscriptions. So what’s new in this proposition? Reminds us of the saying: “Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product.

An image says more

February 6, 2013, AAB

Some people joke about the possibilities of their smart phone; “it can do anything, it even makes phone calls.” You can say the same about Samsung’s new Galaxy camera (with built in WiFi and 3G), except that it doesn’t make phone calls. To promote this camera Saatchi Amsterdam claimed the existing hashtag #goedverhaal (‘good story’), based on the insight that an image tells more than a thousand words. So, why not socially share what you’re doing through an image? The best tweets using the hashtag #goedverhaal are translated into an image by the improv comedians of Boom Chicago. Image above: “@GalaxycameraNL My granddad once more beat me up with Wordfeud. I hope there are more like him in Europe. #Goedverhaal” On top of that the best four tweets win a… *tada* … Galaxy camera! Tomorrow and the Thursday after are the last ‘live’ days during which Boom Chicago does its thing. With a live stream on the dedicated website, showing how the images are made – all from one single location.

TomTom does the robot

October 8, 2012, AAB

This online film, created by Khanna \ Reidinga (K\R) and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR), announces the arrival of TomTom’s navigation software for Android OS. It was the iconic Android robot that inspired the agency to let TomTom ‘do the robot’ – ironically enough to humanize the navigation brand. The last time TomTom tried to make its brand more likeable, it painfully failed with a dancing John Cleese. This one, with real (!) TomTom employees and a very distinctive, catchy track, works a lot better. The film also features the Danish ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ winners Nick and Jeppe – whoever that may be. According Hesling Reidinga, the short and tall guy were used in the moodfilm and looked so credibly ‘office-like’ that they decided to use them in the commercial as well. With or without them, an attractive film.

Less is more

August 9, 2012, AAB

As we all know the mobile market is as busy and versatile as a colony of ants. That’s why providers come up with new jargon and contracts regularly – to be able to say ‘new and improved.’ Take mobile provider KPN; in this online film it talks about ‘leasing, charging, and letting go’ your phone/plan. Leasing means less costs and more service and ‘charging/letting go’ means more flexibility. O.k., so that was the client talking. What we found more interesting – especially for a brand like KPN – is the form. Since this film is only distributed online it was given a lot more freedom than what KPN shows on TV. It seems as if the colour green was the only corporate given. Other than that it was able to rid itself as much as possible from all the distractible bull. But it’s not just the film. On the webpage you can very easily and intuitively follow the three steps to lease your phone. We like it. Created by TAXI Amsterdam – website in-house. Film directed by Crabsalad and produced by 100% Halal.

NightTag combines Image, Location, and Sound

July 9, 2012, AAB

In advertising mobile is still not a very dominant medium – only since this year it was introduced in Cannes as a new award category. And that’s surprising, since a mobile phone is the device to unlock SoLoMo (Social Mobile Local), a mix that easily has the potential to add relevance to a brand. Here’s an example, by Olmeca Tequila and its agency Amsterdam Worldwide; the ‘NightTag’ app – click picture to enlarge. What it does is combining a photo upload, geo-tagging and, last but not least, music recognition – through Facebook. Basically it thus adds another layer to Facebook; music. Making social sharing a richer experience. A nice step in the right direction of SoLoMo.