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Ramon Stalenhoef
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June 4, 2014, AAB

Ramon Stalenhoef - The Experience Photography ProjectRamon Stalenhoef‘s business card reads Creative Director Copy (at SSSS & Orchestra), but besides that he is also an avid photographer. Sometimes he can take his passion for photography to work – like when he did the photos for SSSS’ recent, quite distinctive Van Gils campaign. However, his love for photography really flourishes in his free time and he has thus built up quite a portfolio. That’s why ADCN chose him, among others, to exhibit his work at their special Gallery within the KunstRAI - a public art fair showcasing Dutch fine arts, styling and design. Stalenhoef’s exhibition “The Experience Photography Project,” starting today today and closing on June 9 – is a series of landscape photographs, with each piece representing a special experience. And since experiences can’t be expressed in monetary value his works are not for sale. Instead Stalenhoef asks his viewers to offer him a new photogenic experience (a special trip or project for a good cause), and in exchange they receive one or more prints in return.

In the name of Orange

March 7, 2014, AAB

Nike - In the name of orange - March 2014Left: Primary School De Boemer (Wesley Sneijder) Right: Club Spartaan ’20 (Bruno Martins-Indi)

Some really simple, smart and sexy work by Anomaly for Nike. The agency took today’s top 20 Dutch National Football players and asked them where they fell in love with their sport.  Anomaly then visited each clubhouse, pitch, square, sidewalk and turf to create a campaign paying homage to where the Dutch Lions exactly come from; “In the name of Orange.” Love it. Photography by Paul D. Scott – more from his series here.

The Standard Calendar

December 31, 2013, AAB

The Standard Hotel - Dec. 2013We love this – a worthy piece for this blog to end 2013. KesselsKramer helped The Standard Hotel to make their 2014 calendar. To show the hotel is always aiming for perfection, it took the feedback from its guests as input for the yearly calendar. But, as the hotel likes to things with twist, it used the most absurd notes dropped into the suggestion box as inspiration. The Jesus standing on water, for example, was re-enacted from this note: “Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog-eat-dog media business… I have been reborn a better man.” The photos were taken by French photographer Thomas Mailaender, on location, in the hotels.

Creative press challenge; behind the scenes

July 31, 2013, AAB

Creative Press Challenge - July 2013A month ago we wrote about the wonderful commercial advertising the Creative Press Challenge. Yesterday we received some behind the scenes photos, taken by Sofie van der Sman, that clearly convey the painstaking process of making the film.

Crazy Dance

September 25, 2012, AAB

How to make the super sales – the ‘Three Crazy Days’ or Drie Dwaze Dagen – at luxury department store de Bijenkorf look chique. A difficult task. In the past advertising agency Selmore used, among other things, wildlife predators and a special police force to metaphorically show how the crowd goes wild when hunting for cheap branded stuff. But especially now, with de Bijenkorf having more and more luxury brands on board, the ad should communicate sales, without losing aspiration. And it seems as if Selmore has cracked it. What a beautiful film. Selmore approached Nanine Linning, one of the best Dutch dance choreographers, to create this piece, called ‘Crazy Dance,’ especially for de Bijenkorf. Linning worked in close collaboration with Clara van Gool, an award winning director of dance films. The music was done by Sizzer. For print Selmore worked with dance photographer Kalle Kuikkaniemi. This shows how the world of advertising can reach greater heights when working with specialists from outside the realm of advertising.

I simply want a mom

July 17, 2012, AAB

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I don’t want you to call me a bottomless pit. I simply want a mom” – click picture to see the poster in full. Now that is a tone of voice for SOS Kinderdorpen (literally: ‘children’s villages’) that stands out! And what a great photo – made by Lars-Gunnar Svärd. Creative Wencke van Amstel, from Pink and Poodle: “we purposefully chose for an angry look, not pathetic or cheerful. These kids are pissed off about all the talking-without-doing that is symptomatic for the western world. That’s why we’re giving these children a voice in this campaign.” So all in all it nicely cuts the crap and insightfully goes for a more structural solution – for €6 a month this boy ‘Mamo’ will receive a loving home.

Album Beauty

July 6, 2012, AAB

At the moment Amsterdam photo museum Foam is exhibiting an ode to the vanishing era of the photo album told through the extensive collection of Erik Kessels, founder of KesselsKramer. The press release reads: “Once commonplace in every home, the photo album has been replaced by images that live online and on hard drives. Photo albums were once a repository for family history, often representing a manufactured family, edited for display.” Kessels is an avid photo collector, known for buying shoeboxes full of neglected photos on small flea markets everwhere in the world. He already published several books with lost/found photos. The exhibition ends October 14th.

Adidas Predator LZ

June 26, 2012, AAB

A football shoe with five different zones that support all the different foot action – shooting, running, etc. Sounds like marketing. But at least this ad, by Sid Lee Amsterdam, shows the flexibility of the shoe quite well. Photography by Marcel Christ.

Enter the world of film

March 5, 2012, AAB

“Enter the world of film” is the copy that accompanies this arty film. It was created by Vandejong, directed by Rogier van der Zwaag, and produced by 100% Halal and is to convey that Cineville is there for those who are curious and want to be taken to unknown places. Cineville was launched a few years ago as a subscription to visit all Amsterdam arthouse films unlimitedly for €18 a month. Today Cineville claims to be the website for film lovers; with news, insight stories, interviews, etc. The posters that were photography Suzanne Karsters are possibly even more impressive, cause the frozen image leaves more room for our imagination.

New feature on AAB: Interiors

February 16, 2012, AAB

Yet another feature on Amsterdam Ad Blog, called ‘Interiors’. It shows the Interiors of Amsterdam ad agencies. Location photographer Vincent Houtman will visit the agencies represented on our agency page one by one and share them on our blog. The photos will also be visible on the respective agency profile pages. Houtman works on the intersection of autonomous and documentary photography and is often inspired by public spaces and their organization, repetition, and rhythm. Houtman about this project: “I have a fascination for public spaces that are neglected by the urban planner. What I like about this project is the contrast; it’s about spaces that are the opposite of negelected; they are – most of the time – very well thought of.” Today he kicks off with Tribal DDB and DDB.