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May 22, 2014, AAB

goodhoursWith a government that continues to cut funds for the arts and cultural sector and charities, the institutions that navigate through these sectors are forced to operate more independently. Take Goodhours, an initiative by creative and cultural platform The Age Of/. Goodhours wants to connect charity initiatives and cultural institutions with freelancers, such as photographers, marketeers, designers, copywriters, producers and projectmanagers, that want to work for a minimal fee. In exchange these freelancers get the opportunity to do meaningful work and gain societal experience. The platform can also be used to put together a team for campaign development and execution, or organise the production. In the future Goodhours wants to expand its expertise to HR, coaching, legal advice and ICT. For more information on how to sign up as a freelancer check the beta version of their website, which was launched last week.

Freeforce changes its business model

May 21, 2014, AAB

thefreeforcelogoDuring the relaunch party of The Freeforce, last Thursday, the independent foundation for freelancers in advertising, presented its new logo (by Reza Harek) and announced a new phase. Apart from the new logo, the Freeforce also introduced a new website (built by Thispagecannotbefound) with improved services for members and clients. The organisation has streamlined the process of obtaining the required recommendations to become a member of The Freeforce. Another important difference is that the membership is nog longer free of charge; to be part of the platform you have to pay an annual fee of €100. Since the “managing committee,” consisting of Tim Voors, Taco Zuidema, Machteld Rijnten en Anouk Stofmeel, will continue to work pro-bono, the money will be directly invested in the platform. Clients will still be able to use the database for free. When asked, why change the formula, Machteld Rijnten answered: “With 250 freelance members and more than 200 waiting to become a member, it was time for the next level.”

RA*W University

May 15, 2014, AAB

WNF Sea Stars - May 2014RA*W, the platform that wants to educate young strategists and account managers, founded RA*W University (RU) for students who want to work in advertising. The sessions organised by RU offer in-depth and hands-on knowledge that students can’t obtain in their classrooms. Initiator Rein Bojahr (Natwerk): “As a student it’s not easy to find out what there is to do in the ad world. During my studies I missed a platform where I could gather knowledge about the industry. Via RA*W University students get to know the ad world in an informal and fun way.” Apart from Rein Bojahr, Gerben van der Zwaard (Selmore), Lex Noteboom (Publicis), Liza Hopman (NoProtocol) and Cathalijn van Hellenberg Hubar (Ogilvy & Mather) are heading the RU. The first (free of charge) edition with 40 students is centered around Ogilvy’s powerful animation ‘Sea Stars‘ – released last month – and will take place on May 27th at Ogilvy & Mather. The first session will cover: How does a campaign start and who is a part of the creative process? Invited speakers are: strategy consultant Heleen Hidskes, Account Manager Esther de Kok and creative director Darre van Dijk. The session is unfortunately already fully booked. There are some spots, however, on standby – sign up for those here.

Getting it done in a day

March 11, 2013, AAB

Get It Done is an online crowdfunding platform for small human-needs development projects all over the world. Amsterdam-based freelancers Philip Brink and Hugo van Woerden (Philip & Hugo), together with production agency CZAR, last week set up a project in Capetown, South Africa. The concept was simple; every donation (to reach a total of €10,000) was worth some singing, acrobatics, acting, or dancing, by the students of the Ubuntu Academy. Within one day (of 12 hours) they created 170 thank-you-videos. A few examples: Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis received his own song in South African, DJ Don Diablo a rap, and copywriter Johan Eleveld the Haka. See more videos here.

40 days of fasting your ass off

February 14, 2013, AAB

During the traditional 40-day post-carnival fasting period, creative agency Buutvrij introduces a special service, which starts on 17 February. It is based on soberness; everyone – not just advertisers – can submit a creative challenge and in return the agency gives back a creative solution. What’s special about it is that the client can decide what they think the idea is worth. On an ‘inverted-webshop’ site you can choose what the remuneration should be: an apple pie or maybe – if you’re more satisfied with the idea – the agency’s lunch for one year. Reuben Alexander, partner at Buutvrij: “Where it went wrong with banks causing the financial crisis is that the banks didn’t get a fair pay for their hot air services; they didn’t create real value. This is an anti-movement.” When asked, isn’t this simply a PR stunt, Alexander answers: “Yes, of course, it is too. But we also want to make a statement, a statement that maybe even has the potential to become a movement. For example, we can imagine it to be a returning event or maybe it will even inspire others, outside advertising.” Alexander answers the question ‘what if you get too many challenges?’ with: “A bunch of freelancers has already offered their help on this project – which, for that matter, shows that people simply love the idea of ‘true value creation’ – so we’re confident we’ll manage.” We like the idea so much that we herewith, in writing, would also like to offer our support.

Salon Désir

January 24, 2013, AAB

We like agencies that make their own stuff. That is, not for a client, but directly for the consumer. That’s what brand new agency Sue Amsterdam did with Salon Désir, a webshop (or “e-commerce platform”) for luxurious lingerie. According to Astrid Groenewegen, partner at Sue – and as columnist on AAB a big advocate for design for excitement, executed ideas, and the importance of porn – the agency is now practicing what it preaches. Sue is all about adding brands to the world that actually make a difference for the consumer. To do just that the platform will even inspire its consumers – “almost like a magazine.” It should also proof that the agency understands the digital age, and it will accordingly deploy a conversion driven strategy that uses all the available analytics – monitored by the other partner Tom de Bruyne – and by constantly adapting the platform to its customers’ needs. Salon Désir should thus be the proof of the pudding for Sue’s raison d’être – to stay in the French mood a little.

Junior Strategy; learn from the best

December 27, 2012, AAB

Jeffre Jackson – ex SD Wieden+Kennedy, today Open Intelligence Agency – interviewed by JS

A year ago or so Ashly Stewart and Ben Culpin – both planner at Strawberry Frog – founded Junior Strategy, a platform that aims to educate young strategists that lack a mentor within their company or are simply eager to learn some tips and tricks from the best strategists in the industry. Stewart and Culpin sent us a compilation of quotes from the ‘insider’ interviews, to celebrate their first anniversary. Congrats, guys, keep up the good work.