Budget retirement

Insurer Delta Lloyd’s briefing: how do you get people to think about their pension, when “as soon as the word pension is mentioned people stop listening.” (indeed, we were quite happy to have finally learned to live in the now!) Since hoaxes are the new ‘truth ’ TBWA created a nightmare scenario (case film); an entrepreneur… More.

Ad of the Month

KLM’s Happy Holidays flight

O.k., we’re now properly getting in the Christmas mood. In 2010 KLM, together with Boondoggle, surprised 28 passengers at Schiphol with a ‘small act of kindness’ – which was a little present for those who checked in with Foursquare at the airport. This was filmed, seeded online, and thus received quite some attention. This Christmas… More.


Silver Fleet

What a nice ‘infographic’ (click to enlarge). It depicts the best agencies in town by comparing them with different ships. We shouldn’t take it too seriously, the introduction tells us, since it is not science and “therefore absolutely not measurable.” Glad we got that straight. The infographic is quite nicely designed (though the body copy… More.



This is weird, a car brand that tries to hypnotize you to like their new car. The first case of hypno-tising we ever heard of. Last time Fitzroy tried a creepy viral that was supposedly not approved by Hyundai’s head office to sell the 3-door Velostar. This time they’re going subliminal. We can imagine that… More.


W+K creates Virtual Holiday Dinner via Skype

Here’s yet another agency that converted its creativity into a special Christmas concept. Last week Wieden + Kennedy organised a Virtual Holiday Dinner via Skype. It allowed the many expats ‘living’ at Wieden to enjoy their Christmas dinner with their relatives overseas. The software was quite ingenious, allowing the Skypers to move their own virtual… More.


SSSS & Orchestra’s “Christmas Favorites”

The compact team of SSSS & Orchestra – a name that always makes us trip between the third and fourth ‘S’ – thanks its clients with a very sympathetic Christmas present this year; a CD (read: compact disc) in black tie with the agency’s favourite Christmas classics. Since we don’t own any Christmas compilations and… More.


Empty The Web – by Boonstra and McDonald

Art Director Ewoudt Boonstra and Copywriter Zack McDonald, both working as a team at Sid Lee Amsterdam, created the website ‘Emtpy The Web’, which shouldn’t be visited when you easily get triggered into an epileptic attack – we are not kidding! Actually, even if you like to bounce at techno parties, the site might still… More.


John Doe creates smart ‘dumbphone’

This very basic phone, branded John’s Phone, was created by Amsterdam agency John Doe. As it is the most simple mobile phone you can imagine, it is dubbed ‘dumbphone’ – you cannot even text with it. But it’s also made with a sense of humour, since it carries a pen and small address book (at… More.


A catalogue of CRAP – by The Stone Twins

Since 1999 Amsterdam based The Stone Twins, ‘a creative communication agency’ – with a profound feeling for design – is run by the twins Declan and Garech Stone. This month the talented Irish brothers reached their 40th birthday and to celebrate this they published ‘A catalogue of CRAP’. It is one of the most original… More.


Meet all the banners of the web

KesselsKramer is known for every now and then creating stuff that is not necessarily made to sell products. It just makes its employees – and the world around them – happy. Take for example this website, called ‘All the banners of the web’. It was sent to us by Zack McDonald from KK, with a… More.