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Creative Press Challenge 2014

February 26, 2014, AAB

Creative Press ChallengeGood news: the Creative Press Challenge will be held again this year. The event was initiated last year by Thijs Biersteker and newspaper de Volkskrant to put print ads on a pedestal. With the copy ‘Bad ideas can’t hide in print’ the best creatives in town were invited to make an ad for Free Press Unlimited. The winning ad, by Luuk van de Put and Jurre van de Ven (Alfred), will be sent to Cannes. This year the charity is The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. According to de Volkskrant a good match, since the topics education and social participation are important to the paper. The charity supports highly educated refugees studying in the Netherlands and subsequently finding an occupation. In October the briefing will be handed out and again. Since we’re mediapartner again (together with Creatie and Marketing Tribune), we’ll be following the event closely.

Big Bang Beans

February 25, 2014, AAB

JC Decaux BigBangBeans - Feb. 2014 cropWe too were wondering what Big Bang Beans were – click picture to see full image. We’ve learned now that it’s a campaign by JCDecaux, the owner of most of the outdoor (ad) furniture in Amsterdam. It wanted to measure what an ad in their outdoor network does. Here are (some of) the results (measured on the 6th day of exposure): 10K visited directly, 22K searched for it on Google, and within these searches, 30% clicked through. These amounts don’t sound like much, since they ran the different ads in 50 towns. And the research is not even representative because it’s one of the most distinctive ads you can imagine in outdoor. But, having said that, we love it. A very nice way to ask attention for outdoor… in outdoor.

Heartvertising; the exhibition

February 24, 2014,

Rik Heijmen opening the Heartvertising exhibition at HutspotRik Heijmen, founder of Kokoro, speaching at the opening of the exhibition

One heart, 12 artists, 300 outdoor panels, 100.000 Boomerang cards, and an exposition at Hutspot Amsterdam. Kokoro’s Heartvertising project is taking over Amsterdam. A lot has been written about this already, but to sum things up; the idea behind Heartvertising is to inspire people to follow their hearts and dreams instead of playing it safe. Especially in this tough economy – what’s there to lose? The exhibition of the winning designs opened last Thursday at Hutspot. A very appropriate location since the founders of Hutspot (a cross-over between an exhibition space and shop) did just that – follow their hearts. On their website: “Hutspot searches for new and interesting brands, designers, artists and entrepreneurs, offering them the chance to expose their products in their own space within the shop.” Another example is Sella Molenaar, who instead of a standard photo report made ‘instant’ aquarelles of the people present at the expo opening. She too followed her passion and is now making money with what she loves to do best. The message is clear, but the question remains… are you following your heart? Check out the pictures here.

Follow Your Heart

February 7, 2014, AAB

Kokoro Follow your heart - Feb. 2014A few months ago we wrote about Kokoro winning the new kid on the block award. The prize: free outdoor space galore to adorn with whatever you like. Kokoro chose to invite designers from all over the place to make their own interpretation of Follow Your Heart – using the silhouette of Kokoro’s logo. A smart and subtle way to spread Kokoro’s brand – and a rather stimulating message at the same time. This is (part of) the result – Kokoro made the final selection together with Bert Hagendoorn. You can study the individual submissions with the credits here. The works will also be on display at Hutspot from 18 till 23 February.

Colourful A’dam

January 23, 2014, AAB

A'dam Banners - Jan. 2014Two weeks ago we wrote about the new Amsterdam musical/creative hotspot A’dam – opening its doors end of 2015. On Tuesday the building received two huge banners (52 x 25 meters), showing the different functions of the new building, translated in the lyrics of well-known songs. Makes a nice pic, as you can see, from the bicycle platform behind Central Station – on the other side of the IJ river. The banners were designed by The Stone Twins.

No news is bad news

November 8, 2013, AAB

Luuk van de Put & Jurre van deVen (Alfred) - November 2013That is, this news is good news for Luuk van de Put and Jurre van de Ven (Alfred), since they won the Creative Press Challenge (click image for full version). The idea behind the challenge was to show that bad ideas can’t hide in print – and vice versa – and the briefing was to make an ad for Free Press Unlimited – an organization that supports journalists in countries where there’s hardly any press freedom and thus no access to reliable information. The jury, consisting of Leon Willems (CEO Free Press Unlimited), Chris Buur (chef ‘V’ de Volkskrant), André Matarazzo (ECD Sid Lee), Alvaro Sotomayor (CD W+K) and David Snellenberg (Copywriter Dawn) chose this winner from 50 entries – all presented as a sketch to the jury. During yesterday’s Cannes Lions Show (24 hours of advertising) this one was revealed as the winner. The print ad will be featured in de Volkskrant and entered into the Cannes Lions competition. Some quotes from the jury report: “The saying ‘no news is good news’ is turned around smartly and it makes the core mission of Free Press Unlimited tangible in an outstanding way.” (Willems) “There’s something terribly catchy in this tiny variation of a well-known saying, and these five words are a spot on description of what gives Free Press Unlimited its urgency.” (Buur) “Arresting visually, stopping at an almost empty page in a crowded newspaper.” (Matarazzo) “The winner is, as always, the simplest idea. The stopping power is key.” (Snellenberg) The other participants who made the top 5 were: Huub Haarhuis and Matthijs Vrooijink (Havas Worldwide), Wesley Visseren and Vincent Beijersbergen (Etcetera), Kai Nobbe and Rick van de Ven (Red Urban) and sharing the 5th place Joost van der Schoot, Marten Meijboom (The Oddshop), Bas Derks and Rob Voortman (Ogilvy). Congrats to all.

Haunted hotels

October 21, 2013, AAB haunted group - Oct. 2013In the first ad Wieden+Kennedy made for Amsterdam based, it was already clear that this travelsite had the ambition to position itself away from the competition – though we were still looking at palm trees and a turquoise see. With these fantastic Halloween print ads (and commercial) it becomes crystal clear that W+K has educated the accommodation broker into advertising that goes beyond travel clichés. While there are so many agencies that can hire someone to make this kind of craft, the most difficult part is convincing your client that it can actually do something for you to say that your hotels are haunted (!). The beautiful posters were created by Akiko Stehrenberger, a movie poster designer who does everything herself “from concept to photo compositing, illustrating, and type layout.” Here you can see all the ‘haunted’ posters - together with some info about the hotels. The commercial was directed by Wieden’s own ECD, Mark Bernarth, shot by Maxime Alexandre, produced by Concrete Films, and post produced by MPC Amsterdam. The sound was done by Raja Sehgal from Grand Central.

Human Printing Press

September 27, 2013, AAB

Nike Turkey - Sept. 2013Speaking of craft! This commercial, showing the translation from movement into (limited edition) print art, was made through building real installations powered by athletes, such as football players Burak Yılmaz and Didier Drogba, runner Gamze Bulut, and basketball players Engin Atsür and Birsel Vardalı. It was created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for Nike Turkey together with Director James Frost – who we know from the wonderful work he did with the band OK Go. As you can imagine, “quite a full on shoot,” as Wieden’s head of production Erik Verheijen put it. Here, on Co.Create, you can read more about the making of. Directed by James Frost (Honeybadger), shot by Frederik Bäckar, and post produced by Glassworks Amsterdam.

Hans Brinker gets an upgrade

September 19, 2013, AAB

Hans Brinker - September 2013After having proudly claimed to be the “worst hotel in the world” for years, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has decided to move up in the world; it has executed a series of upgrades. The hotel keeps customer service satisfaction in mind with its sweet wrappers on pillows, fancy “Out of order” signs, and the ever-so-helpful fold in the toilet paper. The hotel has even added some luxurious suites – using wallpaper. With all these upgrades the hotel strives to compete with the best of the best, such as the five star Hotel L’Europe and London’s Savoy. Nice, to finally see some good work for Hans Brinker again – as usual by KesselsKramer.

Billboard for Smurfs

August 13, 2013, AAB

McDonalds Smurfs - August 2013Big News. Now in the Happy Meal: The Smurfs.” Small idea, big execution – on Leidseplein. Nice. By Tribal DDB.