Meals That Get You Laid

The provocative title “Meals That Get You Laid” is the title for a cookbook created by five friends; photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, entrepreneur Otto Jurgens, ad creatives Marc Bennink and Ivar van der Zwan and designer Esther van de Steene. The book is almost finished, but to actually print it the team is trying to crowdfund the… More.


“All I got was this lousy sweatshirt”

Fltr: Yorick van Baarsel (Marketing Manager Hero, Hero Benelux), Tessa van Breugel (Brand Manager Doritos, PepsiCo Nederland), Stephan Ardesch (Marketing Manager Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever) Fitzroy ‘won’ a free advertisement in Marketing Tribune. The result was not your ordinary self promotion, but a series of what Fitzroy calls “non ads” in which its clients are put in… More.


Random Denim

Amsterdam based Cartelle built a state of the art website around G-Star’s new denim collection. We could explain in great detail how the most random denim products (what’s up with the jeans maker’s obsession with running animals?) fly handsomely through your screen, but you better just experience it. One thing is sure, G-Star understands how… More.


Holán Dress

When you look at it like this, Holland is not so much different from Brazil. This commercial is the first World Cup tie-in that actually made us smile. The premium, the ‘HolánDress’, was invented 4 years ago by Selmore for the World Cup in South Africa. Back then the ‘DutchDress’ proved a killer premium, confirming… More.


Bacon Hagelslag

Chocolate sprinkles (‘hagelslag’) are quite uniquely Dutch. But if you support this crazy Kickstarter, we’ll have Bacon Hagelslag soon. “If you don’t like the sweet, choose the meat,” is how Natwerk advertises it. It is not the agency’s first silly Kickstarter project. Last year it tried to introduce the UpperCut. This project seems more doable… More.


Work to do

In the middle: Olcay Gulsen and Frank de Ruwe. After having introduced a new lambrusco, Natwerk again is doing something off the beaten advertising track. This time they participate in a program, called Werk aan de winkel (‘Work to do’). The program revitalises small businesses that are having a hard time surviving in this fast changing… More.


Slamming bruscos on a school night

Seeing Natwerk‘s Frank de Ruwe, Lard Breebaart and 400 kilos of “stunt grapes” in a Fiat 500, jumping though a burning hoop, got us easily excited for the introduction of this spring’s it-drink: a Lambrusco by the name of Letsgo Brusco. After the success of Bello Limencello, Brusco is Natwerk’s newest alcoholic endeavor. The duo set out… More.


Opel Mantra

This time KesselsKramer didn’t make the world’s shortest commercial or smallest commercial, but the world’s longest teaser. Opel Mantra (no typo) is the first solo album by Awanto3, to be launched on April 4th at Trouw. The teaser, starring Awanto3 himself, shows the mantra of the Opel Manta; it won’t start. The trailer started on February… More.



The way Frank de Ruwe (on the right in the preview) and Lard Breebaart, partners at Natwerk, reintroduce this forgotten drink makes us instantly thirsty. And it shows why we think Natwerk is the coolest agency in town; they turn an old fashioned wine – known for being tasteless, both literally and figuratively – into… More.


Brusco is coming

After Bello Limoncello, the agency where fun is part of the business model, Natwerk, is bringing us Brusco! We are looking forward to the launch party.