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Work to do

April 10, 2014, AAB

Werk aan de winkel - April 2014In the middle: Olcay Gulsen and Frank de Ruwe.

After having introduced a new lambrusco, Natwerk again is doing something off the beaten advertising track. This time they participate in a program, called Werk aan de winkel (‘Work to do’). The program revitalises small businesses that are having a hard time surviving in this fast changing world. The program, presented by Frank de Ruwe (partner and ECD at Natwerk) and Olcay Gulsen (Supertrash), helps them to present and advertise their shops in new, more distinctive and effective ways. Natwerk is responsible for the strategies, concepts and execution. April 10th the first episode will be broadcasted on BNN.

Slamming bruscos on a school night

March 11, 2014,

Sippin Bruscos on a school-night - March 2014Seeing Natwerk‘s Frank de Ruwe, Lard Breebaart and 400 kilos of “stunt grapes” in a Fiat 500, jumping though a burning hoop, got us easily excited for the introduction of this spring’s it-drink: a Lambrusco by the name of Letsgo Brusco. After the success of Bello Limencello, Brusco is Natwerk’s newest alcoholic endeavor. The duo set out to reinvent the Northern Italian drink and improve its image  from the cheapest and sweetest alcoholic beverage we could lay our hands on in our teens, to a modern, sophisticated alternative to the characterless rose. Last Thursday it was time for a lucky few to taste the result during the launch party set in a very chic location in “the golden bend” on the Herengracht.

Opel Mantra

February 28, 2014, AAB

Opel Mantra - February 2014This time KesselsKramer didn’t make the world’s shortest commercial or smallest commercial, but the world’s longest teaser. Opel Mantra (no typo) is the first solo album by Awanto3, to be launched on April 4th at Trouw. The teaser, starring Awanto3 himself, shows the mantra of the Opel Manta; it won’t start. The trailer started on February 25th and will run for 38 days – until the launch. An interesting way to draw attention, but we hope the album is more exciting than this teaser.


February 27, 2014, AAB

The way Frank de Ruwe (on the right in the preview) and Lard Breebaart, partners at Natwerk, reintroduce this forgotten drink makes us instantly thirsty. And it shows why we think Natwerk is the coolest agency in town; they turn an old fashioned wine – known for being tasteless, both literally and figuratively – into a completely new, modern product. And for the largest part; just for the fun of it. We have to wait for next week’s launch party to taste it, but we love it already!

Brusco is coming

February 21, 2014, AAB

After Bello Limoncello, the agency where fun is part of the business model, Natwerk, is bringing us Brusco! We are looking forward to the launch party.

Knitted Big Mac

February 11, 2014, AAB

McDonalds Big Mac sweater - February 2014Just like beards, nazi hair cuts, and tight jeans, knitted sweaters are back. This Big Mac sweater, created by Pera & Pasha, fits the trend. Last week the sweater was awarded to the person that could best describe why he or she deserved it. The winner said McDonald(‘s) is an anagram of Damn Cold. We preferred; “I am going to China and don’t know how to order a Big Mac.” The activation supported the ‘Warm Sweater Day,’ an initiative by Klimaatverbond Nederland and Greenchoice. Not your typical McDonald’s advertising. Maybe that’s why we kinda like it. Created by DDB & Tribal.

The Standard Calendar

December 31, 2013, AAB

The Standard Hotel - Dec. 2013We love this – a worthy piece for this blog to end 2013. KesselsKramer helped The Standard Hotel to make their 2014 calendar. To show the hotel is always aiming for perfection, it took the feedback from its guests as input for the yearly calendar. But, as the hotel likes to things with twist, it used the most absurd notes dropped into the suggestion box as inspiration. The Jesus standing on water, for example, was re-enacted from this note: “Thank you for providing a refuge to recover from the harsh world of Los Angeles and its dog-eat-dog media business… I have been reborn a better man.” The photos were taken by French photographer Thomas Mailaender, on location, in the hotels.

The (rejected) Concept Briquette

December 20, 2013, AAB

Last year JWT presented us “The greatest smallest fires,” this year DDB & Tribal creates the Concept Briquette. The agency about the briquette: “A nice way to reflect on the year that’s been and to enjoy the warmth of a year’s hard work these holidays.” Doesn’t come across as very environmentally friendly, but we can imagine it’s a good way to burn a year’s worth of frustration caused by rejected ideas.

Café de Zaak

October 17, 2013, AAB

Reinier Steures en Rik Eysink Smeets - Oct. 2013
Reinier Steures and Rik Eysink Smeets practicing their skills in consulting and drinking beer.

Respect! That’s what we thought when we saw an advertisement in Holland’s leading Financial Newspaper FD, featuring a letter by Reinier Steures (strategist at Delight and co-founder of RA*W) and Rik Eysink Smeets (retail consultant), explaining their new concept Café De Zaak (‘Bar Business’). The letter starts with: “Don’t worry, we don’t want to sell you anything.” On the contrary, these guys give away free advice to small enterprises. In a bar, for one hour per client. The advertisement was paid for by BNR (Business News Radio – who will make a program out of it) and the beer by Heineken. Simple as that. “Why?” everybody asks them – including ourselves. Well, first of all because they like to gain experience in giving business advice, which, according to Steures, is so much more practical than giving advertising advice. Steures: “We’re not going to give them a slogan, but try to find the core of their problem.” Secondly, because they want to help the economy recover by getting small businesses back on track. Wait, we hear you think, that sounds like Buutvrij, working for free this summer. “A little,” says Steures, “but we started this project already a year ago. Besides, we’re not looking for new clients. It is really about the experience.” Well, an experience it will be; the ad already created a waiting list.

Cutting edge pirates

August 29, 2013, AAB

Pirate x Denham - August 2013Amsterdam based jeans brand Denham regularly invites members of its creative network to join their House Guest Artist program and create a twist to their brand. Since Denham likes to cut jeans, they invite friends to take their scissors logo and ‘cut’ it into something new. This season’s collaboration came to live by chance: creative marketing agency Pirate gave Denham founder, and friend, Jason Denham a framed artwork combining the agency’s space-invader styled pirate and Denham’s distinctive scissor logo. “As soon as I opened it, I knew exactly what to do” says Denham, “Our team converted the artwork into a bold black-and-white T-shirt, and sent it off for sampling.” Then other goodies were designed in the t-shirt’s slipstream. The release of the scissor-pirate was celebrated at the Denham store on Prinsengracht last Thursday, and was also used as an opportunity to celebrate nearly 20 years of friendship between the brand and the agency. There is however a gentlemen’s agreement to avoid working together, says Denham, “because going to the pub would be much less fun…but we love the work that the Pirate boys do, so this is the perfect opportunity for us to come together to celebrate a longstanding union of creation and recreation!” The cherry on top of this campaign are the wide range of world class celebs wearing the t-shirt  - with such a catchy logo, you would almost believe they do.