Trojan airline

The Dutch public advertising organisation, STER, doesn’t allow commercial channels to advertise in its commercial breaks – a request of the public channels. So, for BNR (Business News Radio), it would have never been possible to advertise in one of the breaks of its direct competitor, Radio 1 (the public news channel). Until BNR asked… More.

Ad of the Month

A tribute to Bob Anderson

Click here to see full poster. Bob Anderson died on January, 1st – aged 89. He was an English Olympic fencer and renowned film (sword) fight choreographer. He also worked as Darth Vader’s stunt double in several of his many light-saber battles. Hence this tribute (click = full picture), created by David Bergmans, CD at Doorn… More.


It’s that Sub of the day

To start the week with a happy tune, we’ve uploaded some music for you;  It’s that Sub of the day – a radio commercial for SubWay. The American sandwich specialist created a different rap for every day of the week and this is a compilation – Monday till Saturday. Amsterdam agency Brand New Telly briefed… More.